Tennessee Gun Report

An astonishing rise in GunFAIL incidents this week: six accidental shootings across the state, which has to be a new record. Mostly people are just shooting themselves, which is as it should be. Maybe they’ll learn a lesson.

• February 23, 2016:

1- A man accidentally shot himself outside a Corky’s Bar-B-Que restaurant in Cordova. The victim is an employee of the restaurant.

2- Memphis police report a second accidental shooting in East Memphis. No other information is available but it doesn’t appear to be the same incident as the Corky’s Bar-B-Que shooting, based on the address and time of the shooting.

• February 22, 2016:

1- It’s almost as if more guns don’t make us safer! I know, weird, right?

Less than two months into 2016, accidental shootings have more than doubled in Tennessee from the same period a year ago, according to a report released Monday by the Safe Tennessee Project.

According to the nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing gun violence, there have been 16 accidental shootings across the state in January and February — eight involving children and eight involving adults. Of that number, two children and one adult died.

Actually, I’ve counted more than 20 so far this year — and February hasn’t even ended yet. So are more guns making us safer? Doesn’t look that way, but honestly, it’s hard to tell. Are we just seeing more accidental shootings make the news, or have there really been more incidents?

The problem is, we rely on the news media for our reporting, and that is not ideal. What we really need is thorough county by county examination of police logs, hospital records, etc. Ideally we would have the government fund studies like this, but of course the NRA is too afraid of that. And any private funding source — say, Bloomberg — would immediately be written off as “biased.” So for now we have to make do with the information we have. And sorry, but it’s not looking like “more guns make us safer.” To the contrary.

2- Somehow this Greeneville city official was accidentally shot, but from reading this story I’m just really unclear on how it all went down:

Greeneville police Detective Capt. Tim Davis said that about 10:30 a.m., Woods was in the parking lot of the medical office of Dr. Philip Thwing, 400 Y St., when a .22-caliber handgun went off.

Woods was outside the city-owned Jeep and the gun was in a coat pocket inside the vehicle when the weapon went off, Davis said.

“He was standing outside of his car and the firearm was in the car and it discharged, striking him in the abdomen,” Davis said.



The gun may have discharged as Woods placed his coat on a seat of the Jeep as he got out of the vehicle, a city official said.

I feel so much safer now.

• February 20, 2016:

A Knoxville woman was accidentally shot in the head at the TACSOG Armory and Range. The injury occurred when she was struck by a ricocheted bullet.

• February 19, 2016:

1- A Memphis man accidentally shot himself in the foot while reaching for his cell phone in an adult lingerie store. He had a handgun permit but it had expired in 2013.

• February 16, 2016:

1- A Knoxville man took his gun to work and promptly shot himself by accident in the bathroom.

2- Rutherford County Sheriff Robert Arnold blamed Beyonce when someone shot up his house, but that cynical national media thought it might have more to do with his FBI investigation for a selling-cigarettes-to-inmates racket.


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9 responses to “Tennessee Gun Report

  1. dugglebogey

    There seems to be an issue with gun owners being unable to use the restroom properly. Maybe there should be some kind of bathroom test before a permit can be acquired.

    Also, “Adult” lingerie store? I hope there are not other kinds!

  2. And SB, you are definitely on to IT, why we can not get accurate numbers of people hurt by guns FOR ANY REASON. The new U.S. Surgeon General had to wait for months before he was confirmed. The right wing lobby for gun makers refused to even interview him because of his research into having medical facilities make public all those who were treated, or seen in ERs or declared dead from guns.
    Yeah, and here in Knox County, we suffer more than our share of gun fanatics CAUSING accidents with guns.

  3. Democommie

    Hey, what happened to “Good News Friday”? Are we waiting until Trumps caught with a dead girl AND a live boy* in his bed?

    Live girl = Christy Fiorino; dead boy = Jeez, hard to pick from the POG KKKlownKKKar.