Congratulations, Martin Lawrence! You’re Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour

He needed to carry a gun with him at all times to keep himself safe. And it sure worked, except that one time:

[…] Investigators say he was getting out of his car when his gun dropped onto the ground and fired, hitting Lawrence in the leg.

He later died at the hospital.

Deputies believe the bullet traveled up Lawrence’s body and caused several internal injuries. Investigators say nothing indicates Lawrence was reckless in his handling of the weapon.

Stuff happens.


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6 responses to “Congratulations, Martin Lawrence! You’re Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour

  1. OK, and here is what is very scary. “The Gun Committee” in our Legislature has passed the newest Ron Ramsey “Guns in Colleges” Bill WITH LITTLE discussion and the House will vote on it this week. OH, but if you really care, the Legislature passed almost without much opposition, selected a War Weapon as our “State GUN”. “….just sayin’, what EVER the gun makers want in Tennessee about pushing guns in every single location, every house, church, even the Capitol Building, just ASK”…coming from the gun-owned bunch in Nashville”.

  2. Democommie

    Will people be coming to the wake to pay their respects to the “Culture”

  3. Prup (aka Jim Benton)

    Help, one of our blogs is missing. Seriously, Beale, are you OK or is there anything we can do? I understood some of the silence, but if the recent Republican follies didn’t get you posting, you must be swamped (understandable) or sick (NOT OK!). Again, if there’s anything we can do…