With Friends Like These …


And now for Rep. Littleton’s side of the story, via the Nashville Scene:

“Everyone has had a bad experience with service at some point when dining out at a restaurant. It is unfortunate that my private note to the server regarding the quality of service in this instance was made public. Due to the overall experience that evening, I decided not to provide a tip.”

I’m calling bullshit. If the service was poor, why write “sorry”? Why not write, “poor service” or something of that nature?

Let me add, I’ve certainly experienced poor service at a restaurant before, but even I have never refused to tip completely. If the service is really poor I might leave a small amount. But usually my issues with restaurants have been management-related, not server-related (poor quality food, something nasty in my food, etc.) That’s not the server’s fault.

Anyway, an apparent ironic twist to this story is the server is a former constituent of Littleton’s. Which begs the question: when constituents receive poor service from their legislative reps, can we dock their pay?



It appears Rep. Littleton dined with a friend, fellow Republican Tilman Goins of Morristown:

Version 2

And he wasn’t even sorry. What a douche canoe.


Tennessee Republicans are a pretty horrid lot and nothing illustrates that better than this slap in the face a server at a downtown Nashville Hooter’s received from Republican Rep. Mary Littleton of Cheatham County (a suburb of Nashville):


“Sorry”? What is this poor server supposed to do with your “sorry”? Pay her rent or student loans or put food on the table?

Honestly, Republicans should just stop trying to pretend they’re friends to working people. I love that Littleton is a member of the Church of Christ. Maybe she needs to go to more Bible study.

Ironically, Tennessee Republican Rep. Susan Lynn was just in the news for fighting against an equal pay bill, saying it “wasn’t necessary.” And then we have Mary Littleton not giving a tip to a server. I guess the message is, stay poor.


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  1. Gammyjill

    What was that upright Christian Mary Littleton doing in a HOOTERS? Isn’t that a bit out of line, morally-wise?

  2. Judith Mann Costello

    If she hadn’t been stupid enough to write “sorry” on the tip line, I might have given her a pass — assuming that she meant to leave the tip in cash but it somehow just slipped her notice (okay, I know it’s lame, but it’s at least slightly plausible). But this is just cowardly. If she had a problem with Amanda Anderson’s service, she should have let her know at the time the problem arose and given Amanda a chance to correct whatever it was. This way, she just comes off as the cheap asshole she is.

  3. Democommie

    She is, as a “factory girl” I once knew said of certain women, ” A real ‘Cee U Next Tuesaday'”.

  4. themadkansan

    Oh come ON, Beale – SURELY you know by now that these things are all fakey-fake Photoshopped things that the lazy ol’ takers whip up in order to make the REAL wealth-makers look bad! I mean, Jeez – just LOOK at how fakety-fakey-fake that supposedly-“sorry” scribble looks!

    [/snarkthrower], *goes and takes shower in bleach to rinse off the vileness*

  5. Meanwhile in Inverness, Scotland last July…after a really nice meal, which, yes, included haggis, and several wee drams of single malts, the bill arrived and I was surprised to note that it was very reasonable, yet on the bill print-out there was no line for the addition of a tip. I asked the owner of the restaurant why this was, and he explained “In this country, we pay our wait staff a living wage which does away with the servile and demeaning practice of tipping, it gives economic certainty and respect to the waiter/waitress, however, feel free to add something if the service was exceptional, but it is not required.” I later discovered that the staff of the restaurant were paid at a rate equivalent to just over $20 an hour, with full benefits, health care and dental thrown in. We have much to learn from other countries in how we treat those who perform service jobs.

    • John

      C’mon John be honest about “your” experiences and what you are passing off as a made up anecdotal story to make a point. If this was truly your own experience you were most likely misled by the information you received (maybe the single malts impacted your understanding), if this is an anectodal story then fact check it. Scotland is part of Britain and as such everyone in Britain, citizens, non-citizen residents and guests are covered by the National Health System (NHS). The NHS covers full medical coverage and dental subsidy. If you want dental coverage you can purchase private dental coverage, but that is not provided by your employer. So if you left with the impression that the server had these things provided by their employer you were misled.

      Regarding the NHS, it is paid for by the British tax rate of about 25% of your income as well as the VAT that is added to EVERYTHING you purchase at 22%. in addition I other necessities such as fuel are taxed yet again. The end result is that the effective tax on everything everyone earns is 50%. Interesting note that many Americans that move to Britain end up leaving because they can not hack the Cost of Living there on what they earn.

      My source of information, in case you are wondering is my British wife and her family still living there and the many friends I have both British and American either currently living in Britain or have lived their live in Britain.

      • Katydid

        Interesting that my experience living there for 3 years was just the opposite; there are many Americans who have homesteaded over there because it’s actually cheaper to live over there than it is to live in the USA. In addition, when you live over there, you know you’re not one slip-and-fall-on-ice away from complete and utter poverty and bankruptcy over medical bills.

      • OhGoOnThen

        I grew up in the US and now live in the UK and I can promise you it’s not hard to live on what you earn over here, especially when all your health care costs are met by the NHS. I had a cavity last year, which cost me about £30 to get filled, even without separate dental coverage. My prescriptions cost just over £10 to fill, no matter what they are. VAT is 20% on non-essentials (so not on food or medicine). I fall into the higher tax rate which kicks in after £37,500 and is 40%; below that the rate is 25% with significant personal deduction and generous tax credits for parents and the working poor. If you include health care expenditure, retirement savings, saving for university education for children, etc. I think I’m ahead of where I would be back in the US. I know a great many US expats over here and I have never known anyone who left the UK because they couldn’t afford it; those who have gone back did so mostly because they missed other things like family and friends.

        Just to let you know what the NHS is like, a few years ago I had sudden and unexpected chest pains. I rang the free NHS phone service, who were concerned enough about my family history to advise me to go to the hospital at once (they offered to send an ambulance to my house if I didn’t have someone who could drive me). At the hospital, in A&E (the Emergency room) I saw someone within an hour, at 10 on a Saturday night. I was given a battery of tests and admitted overnight. I did not have a private room, no, but I was given lots of attention from the nurses and had my own private area with television, etc. In the morning a doctor came by on rounds and discussed my tests, saying that I was kept in as a precaution. He had me do a cardiac stress test just to be sure I was okay. After that, at about 10 a.m., a nurse came by and said my results were all fine, that my heart was very healthy, but that to be safe I should take aspirin daily and that if I had the pains again, I should carry around a nitro inhaler…and then handed me a pack of aspirin and a nitro inhaler. Then I was free to go. Not once did I touch a piece of paper or a pen. No signing in or out. No charge for the aspirin. I had EEGs and X-rays and a treadmill stress test all within 10 hours of being admitted. I had a decent breakfast of porridge with fresh fruit and a cup of tea was never far away. I love the NHS so much I could cry.

  6. Mary Hackett Graham

    I bet she wasn’t sorry a bit. I bet it gave her delusions of adequacy.

  7. All of them figure they’re too the manner born who feel no obligation to make even a pose of noblesse.

    Right wingers are all slave masters at heart.

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  9. Fran

    None of the above.

  10. There is no law saying you have to leave a tip…TIPS stands for…To Insure Prompt Service. If the service is shitty, then you don’t need to leave a tip.

  11. Silly rabbit tips are for kids

    I almost always tip 20%, that being said tips aren’t free, they are earned. If someone doesn’t earn them then they don’t deserve them. And they don’t deserve to whine about it on the Internet.

  12. Well…

    Littleton’s own beloved daughter was temporarily forced into taking a lowly service job as a waitress, so we can all be ensured that she is sympathetic to the plight of the working poor in the U.S.A.

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  15. bill sullivan

    Littleton was ‘sorry’ her sorry tipping practices went public, not sorry she didn’t leave a tip.

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