TN Rep. Wants Students Armed So They Can Shoot At Natl. Guard


And now we have a media link to Rogers’ ignorant statement, not my cheesy screen grab of a Tweet.  For verification. And freedom, of course.

Your humble scribe does not make this shit up.


Meet Rep. Courtney Rogers of Sumner County, sponsor of a bill that would allow guns-in-trunks on college campuses in Tennessee. She cited Kent State as a justification for her bill:


Kent State. When the National Guard fired on unarmed students. So if I have Rep. Rogers right, she wants the students armed so they can shoot back?

She is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Tennessee Firearms Assn.:


Oh, the bill passed. Of course it did. Why do you ask?


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8 responses to “TN Rep. Wants Students Armed So They Can Shoot At Natl. Guard

  1. Mary Wilson

    Hey, SB, another gun-makers bill that will endanger students and educators and employees on college campuses.  The sponsor, Courtney Rogers was not even born during the early 70s, nor does she understand why students were victims of gun violence on the Kent State campus.  Parents of college students, at ANY College campus, should stand up against this danger.

  2. greennotGreen

    College is a time of significant stress for many people. It’s also the time when serious mental illnesses like schizophrenia may first become apparent. Adding guns to the mix is like storing your matches next to your gasoline and oxygen tanks.

  3. Yup, no way anything can go wrong with that plan. Wow.

  4. Democommie

    meanwhile, no gunz at CPAC or Trump events.

    • Joe

      Or here in Ohio, at our statehouse. Yup, gooser and gander aren’t anywhere to be found.

      • Joe

        Don’t see a place for correcting my post – of course, that should be “goose”. The legislators are goosing us enough on their own.

    • Or NRA events, for that matter. Loaded guns are also prohibited at most gun shows. It’s as if the people who know and care the most about guns are complete hypocrites about whether they actually make our lives safer.