No To Sex Week, Yes To ISIS


Not surprisingly, the bill has been pulled.


What the hell is going on with the Tennessee Republican Party these days? Have they gone completely insane? Yesterday, Tennessee House Rep. Martin Daniel, Republican from Knoxville, had this to say:

While presenting a bill dubbed the “Tennessee Student Free Speech Protection Act,” Rep. Martin Daniel, R-Knoxville, fielded a question from Rep. John DeBerry Jr., D-Memphis, about whether he believed ISIS should be able to stand in the middle of university campuses and “recruit for ISIS.”

“Yes,” Daniel replied. “So long as it doesn’t disrupt the proceedings on that campus. Yes sir. They can recruit people for any other organization or any other cause. I think it’s just part of being exposed to differing viewpoints.

The remarks came after a debate about the bill, which Daniel said “would direct schools to observe freedom of speech on campus.”

ISIS is “a differing viewpoint”? That’s novel. Meanwhile, also this week:

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) – A bill that would strip the University of Tennessee’s controversial Office of Diversity and Inclusion of some – but not all – of its state funding has passed a House subcommittee. An amendment tacked on to the bill on Tuesday would also ban state funds from being used to promote the university’s Sex Week, the use of gender-neutral pronouns on campus and the promotion or demotion of any religion.

The University of Tennessee, as many know, is located in Knoxville. So let’s just get this straight: Republicans are so concerned about free speech on campus that they think it’s okay for ISIS to recruit on campus but not for students to hold “Sex Week.”

Hey, Tennessee Republicans: you guys realize how crazy this is, right?

This is your state under a Republican supermajority. I want what I want cuz I want it and it doesn’t have to make any sense.


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15 responses to “No To Sex Week, Yes To ISIS

  1. Jim in Memphis

    I think you are conflating two different topics here.
    One – should people be free to speak on whatever topic they wish in a public space such as campus? I say yes assuming they are breaking no laws in their speech. Asking people to join ISIS (or some other hated group) is not against the law. Telling people to go out and kill Jews and/or Christians would be against the law and should be prevented.

    Two – the topic of sex week is not so much whether or not the students should be allowed to have it (they should) but whether school funding (which is at least partially subsidized by state tax dollars) should be spent on it (it shouldn’t).

    • Jim, is it your position that Tennessee legislators’ only issue with UT’s “Sex Week” was how the event’s promotion was funded? You are of the belief that they are fine with the program, that their complaint is a fiscal one? That is not borne out in their complaints about Sex Week. It’s clear they are using the power of the purse to shut down the program because they don’t like its content, not because of how it’s paid for.

      • Jim in Memphis

        I was giving my opinion on things. I am sure you are right on why the legislators voted against funding for Sex Week.

  2. Perry Aubric

    You answered your own question. Yes, they are completely insane.

    • Democommie

      Perry Aubric:

      Jimbo(B) was actually regurgitating the opinion that was shovelled into his head by the idiots he listens to on FuckTheNew’cCorpse or reads in the WSJ.

      • Jim in Memphis

        Sorry, I don’t watch Fox News or read the WSJ. So Demo – are you in favor of censoring free speech that is not inciting violence on public college campuses? Would you be ok with a public university deciding they would not allow a pro choice organization to peacefully recruit members on campus?

  3. Democommie


    You don’t read FuckTheNew’sCorpse or read the WSJ? Wow, it’s hard to believe anybody could be as stupid or prejudiced as you are without a little help.

    So, you’re good with ISIS recruiting on the UT campus? Why do you hate MurKKKa, Jimbo(B)?

    • Jim in Memphis

      Why are you in favor of censoring free speech Demo? Worried your feelings are going to get hurt? Might have to run home to mom and complain that someone made you feel bad?

      • Democommie

        So, you’re good with the Klan, Al Queda and other hate groups having free rein in those situations? Oh, wait, your kids won’t be going to PUBLIC schools for college, amirite–I mean you make over a 1/4 mil per annum, if memory serves.

        Ms. Beale may be too polite to call you a fucking douchebag–I’m not.

      • Jim in Memphis

        Yes the Klan, Planned Parenthood, Al Queda, the PLA, PFLAG, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Wiccans, etc. – they all have 1st Amendment rights. Sorry to hear you don’t think that is the case.

        And yes, my eldest daughter is actually at a public university.

  4. G S Herscher

    Just got around to reading the comments here, and find, to my surprise that I seem to be in agreement with Jim in Memphis, while also holding the reservations expressed by S B as to the motives of the legislators.
    Demo, cool it.

    • democommie

      GS Herscher:

      Ummm, no. Jimbo(B) is a fucking douchenozzle. Agree with him if you like, but don’t tell me how to deal with him.


      Your daughter is at a public uni? You’re a “taker”? Whodathunk a guy like you. with a 1/4M$+/annum income would allow his daughter’s values to be assaulted by hoi polloi in some socialist cesspit masquerading as a post secondary schoo. Tsk, tsk!

      Whoops, gotta run; the socialist public library is closing for the day!

    • Demo and Jimbo are long-time commenters over here. They have a history.

      • Jim in Memphis

        A history of Demo spewing names at me with little actual discussion of topics at hand. I can’t believe Demo is against free speech seeing how free he is with his insults around here.

  5. Democommie

    Didja ever notice, Jimbo(B) that I only insult morons and assholes? As for little actual discussion; why the fuck would I bother reiterating what several other commenters (poor souls who actually think that a moronic asshole like you would actually look at any of the talking points you’re force fed–contrast and compare with like, reality, and think, “Hey, that IS bullshit!”) have already, quite patiently explained to you?