Congratulations, William Matthew DeHayes! You’re Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour

He wasn’t arrested in 2014, and God forbid we should take his guns away because that time it was “just a tragic accident.” But this time? Lock this asshole up:

William Matthew DeHayes of Ridge Manor, who turned 37 on March 17, drunkenly fired a shotgun into the air several times while standing on his front lawn on the night of his birthday, according to the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office. He was charged with discharging a firearm in public, a misdemeanor.

In July 2014, DeHayes, who was living in Brooksville at the time, accidentally shot a friend’s wife in the head while showing them a “Western-style” trick, twirling a loaded gun around his finger. He told police that he didn’t think the gun was loaded.

Katherine Hoover, 25, of Inverness was rushed to the hospital, where she died early the next morning. She was five months pregnant with a child the couple planned to name Rehlin, who was surgically removed from his dying mother in an attempt to save his life but lived about 30 minutes.

Authorities ruled the shooting an accident and decided not to charge DeHayes with a crime.

A misdemeanor. That’s like, what, a fine and you’re good to go? No mandatory safety training course? No losing your guns for a certain period of time? I mean, if it was a DUI after a fatal DUI accident, this guy would probably be in jail. Hell, I don’t know the law in Florida but I do know that this guy is a walking advertisement for gun control. I just don’t get it.

One of the reasons gun control advocates support stronger penalties for negligence like MaKayla’s law is that, while it can’t prevent every accident, it might help identify the negligent and irresponsible gun owners who shouldn’t have firearms in the first place.

Repeat after me: With rights come responsibilities. With rights come responsibilities. With rights come responsibilities ….


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3 responses to “Congratulations, William Matthew DeHayes! You’re Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour

  1. Kathleen

    Woops!! (giggle giggle). My rights, argle bargle.

  2. As far as being an expert… I don’t know exactly how much training is really necessary with guns other than if you are in the military. I would imagine it only takes five minutes or so to familiarize yourself with a particular weapon. I know a lot of guys like to fire their weapons regularly to keep them oiled up and ready. I guess you are supposed to clean a weapon after discharging it.

    1. Don’t pull the gun out unless you really need to kill somebody.
    2. Don’t play with guns while you are drinking or on drugs.
    3. Don’t indulge in horseplay like a gun is a toy.
    4. If you really need to kill somebody, make sure that you catch them off guard. Then, just pull the trigger and aim in their general direction. If you don’t kill them or at least drop them, just fire the gun one more time into their head or torso. It really is super-easy to kill someone with a gun, just like you would imagine.

  3. Larry Lewis

    I’m the person who just commented on the gun owner living up in Rhode Island, in your previous column. I’d mentioned there that I currently live in Florida. I’m in the Tampa Bay area, about 60 miles south, as the bullet flies, of where this azzhat lives. Here in TB (perhaps the most densely populated area in all FL and certainly well-moneyed), we regularly have celebratory gunfire incidents which have injured innocent people….over each Fourth of July & New Year’s periods, it sounds like a battlefield, outside my place. You can literally hear semi-auto fire, in the distance.

    The area where DeHayes lives is the southern edge of the REAL Neanderthal-land, within our state, moving north from there and towards the eventual Panhandle. I once had business in Brooksville, the town about 10 miles west of Ridge Manor, where DeHayes had killed the woman & fetus. I was never so glad to get the hell out of a town in all my life. Majorly scary Redneckville.

    People in these areas cannot…will not….abide by laws they either think are unfair or remain willfully ignorant of. That’s why we need tougher, zero-tolerance, “You’re headin’ to jail, pal” enforcement. I don’t enjoy preaching that…or sounding like the “Hey you kids, get off my lawn” guy. It’s simply become necessary to advocate this…or more people are going to continue needlessly dying at the hands of these knuckle draggers.