Yes, My Point Exactly


The above meme is making the rounds, related to this incident and Rep. Carter’s ridiculous pants-wetting when faced with military-grade firepower at his workplace.

Gee, kinda how the rest of us feel every dang day, isn’t it Rep. Carter?

To recap my post yesterday, Carter hilariously protested when Rep. Mike Stewart (a U.S. Army veteran) brought an AR-15-type weapon into a subcommittee to demonstrate the need for universal background checks:

Carter: Mr. Chairman, excuse me I don’t want to interrupt, but this gun could be loaded …

Stewart: No, it could not because —

Carter: Yes sir! You obviously don’t own one, you do not have it properly safe. Do not point that gun at me!

You can hear an audio clip of the exchange here. And as I’ve repeated since this incident first happened, Carter clearly has missed the point — perhaps intentionally, or maybe he’s just that damn stupid.

Because the point is, Rep. Stewart did own that gun. He just bought it. Without a background check, ID check, or any skills assessment, or any other requirement of any kind. Just like any asshole can go buy one of these weapons, thanks to Republicans who have allowed themselves to be bought by the NRA.

This is the landscape you people have inflicted on us, not just in Tennessee but all around the country. So Rep. Carter’s false concern about safety be damned. Fuck you, Rep. Carter. This is my reality every day as I go around my daily business, walk my dogs at Radnor Lake, go to the grocery, or do any of a hundred mundane tasks. In fact, the only place where I’m safe from this kind of bullshit is at the state legislature. Ironic.

This happened just a few blocks from my house:


I wonder how Rep. Carter would feel if he were going to Kroger and saw this guy walking down the street like it was no big deal? Or if his kid was a Hillsboro High School student who happened to glance out the math class window and saw this, knowing full well that schools have been targeted by mass shooters?

What the fuck is wrong with you people? What makes you think it’s okay for us to live with this, when you obviously can’t handle it yourselves?

Shame on you all. Hypocrites.


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10 responses to “Yes, My Point Exactly

  1. Joseph Stans

    The gent sitting next o him in the picture has some kind of unfortunate skull deformity. Is this a chronic problem in Tennessee?

  2. Kathleen

    Someone was shot at corner store one block from me last night. Neighborhood activists decry how easy it is to get guns and how cheap they are. I’m so sick of these gun worshippers.

  3. Larry Lewis

    Please let get something off my personal chest, here, and forgive the length of my comment. I was to move from Florida (yep) to the home of a very dear friend up in coastal Rhode Island. A beautiful & refined island community I truly love, where I have a job promised to me, opportunities to volunteer and live near enough to my own extended family in CT & MA. In the meantime, my friend allowed her brother (the acknowledged “baby” of the large sibling family, in his early 50’s) to take the other unit in her up/down duplex. He is: medically depressed; in constant great pain from a variety of genetic back problems; refuses to take his pain med ’cause he doesn’t want to be addicted (in spite of his conditions requiring lifelong use of the med, anyway); and an alcoholic. Oh yeah, he smokes and swears like a sailor ordered to clean the deck with a toothbrush. As the cliche goes, look up “boor” in the dictionary and there’s his picture.

    He used to live in another New England state, where his condo in a low-rent district had once been broken into. He then acquired a handgun and slept with it under his pillow, there. The island town in RI to which he’s moved has virtually no crime; just occasional DUI’s by tourists. This brother now owns 3 guns…the handgun, a rifle and a vintage weapon I’m told “probably” doesn’t work anymore.

    He keeps the handgun in the drawer of a nightstand by his bed…the drawer isn’t locked and the gun has no trigger lock. I don’t know whether its loaded or where the ammo is kept, if not in the gun.

    My dear friend has 3 beautiful granddaughters who visit her (and thus her brother, their grand-uncle) frequently. The oldest is four….and a 4th is due this May. Lots of extended family get-togethers, as the island is an attraction (it’s near Newport). She’s an intelligent, informed, progressive person in every respect, save for her relationship with this azzhat brother of hers, whom she coddes. I can’t make her understand how dangerous all “this” is and that stats bear me out, given that kids have a way of “finding things,” as informed readers of your blog acknowledge. I also cannot bring myself to move in with her on the upper level of her duplex, because I do not wish to become the subject of one of your future SB summary reports on gun negligence. The “Bullet through the common wall” category…or, “Toddler finds gun, kills sister.” Or, perhaps even, “So-and-so ‘died at home.'” (Constant pain, no meds, medically depressed and an alcoholic. Yeah, THERE’S a safe combo for you!)

    I’ve checked into the RI gun laws and found them to be fairly strict. Yet, I can’t find anything in them where I could, say, approach that town’s police chief to question whether this brother should be allowed to keep his guns, given his personal problems. I also realize I have no direct say in all this, with my friend. She & I were to be living our dream together on that island, as contributing members of a fine community…until baby brother had to have a sisterly shoulder to lean on and nurture his personal failings. Commendable of her? Yes, sure. Still, under the status quo, I’ll have to remain in Florida….as the economies of this transition would only work if I shared her place up north.

    Proof again, that family blood runs thick…..and yes, I’m implying two meanings to that cliche, here. Thank you for listening.

    • Your situation is very common across the country. I think California is the only state which has enacted a law that provides a modicum of protection — a temporary gun violence restraining order, and it may not even apply in your case. If you think someone is a danger to themselves or others a family member can have the guns removed from the house. I don’t know if Rhode Island has a similar law. Really all you can do is implore the parties involved to put trigger locks on the weapon.

      At least he doesn’t have a carry permit.

      • Larry Lewis

        Yes, state law or no law, I’ve gently implored my friend to do just that, SB; that she should tell her brother to remove the guns, show her proof and, if he won’t do so, or he brings them back into her home, he then needs to find a new place to stay. She turns a deaf ear to me.

        This brother would be the last to even try to obtain a carry permit. He’s old school…laws, in general, are for everyone else, not him. He’s been living in RI for nearly a year and hasn’t even bothered to change his car registration. I add this, because a recurring undercurrent to your news stories is the “willful ignorance” aspect….that the NRA claims it does all this good about educating the public with training programs, etc. I don’t know where they get their stats, but, if I may use this brother as an example, it just ain’t happening. Or, helping.

  4. W

    I actually ran into the fellow in the second photo walking down Charlotte in front of the capital. I was on my way to my car in the state parking lot and it was pretty disconcerting to see him. Then a few weeks later I had to speak to a detective from Metro PD’s Office of Professional Accountability because he was sueing them for taking him in. He got caught because the gun had a silencer on it.