Tennessee Gun Report

While our legislature debates guns on college campuses and Beretta opens its Tennessee facility, we’re all pretty gun happy around here these days. However, there’s always plenty of bad news, too. Without further ado:

• April 15, 2016:

A Springfield man was using his gun to pistol-whip someone when it accidentally went off:

Police say that after the argument at the Stop One Market on N. Main St., somehow the two men made their way over to Travis Lane in the Sleepy Hollow subdivision MAP where the victim was pistol-whipped and the gun discharged. Police told Smokey Barn News that the discharge of the weapon may have been accidental.

• April 14, 2016:

1- Greeneville man shoots himself in the thigh cleaning his gun. Some guns just won’t get cleaned.

2- A Dyersburg man accidentally shot himself and then lied to police about it.

3- Shots were fired at the Planned Parenthood clinic in Memphis.

• April 8, 2016:

But wait, I thought more guns made us safer?

NASHVILLE, Tenn.– According to the gun safety advocacy group Safe Tennessee Project, Tennessee has already totaled as many accidental shootings this year as the state totaled in all of 2015.

It’s almost as if allowing guns everywhere wasn’t such a smart idea.

• April 7, 2016:

A man accidentally shot himself at a Memphis Walgreen’s.

• April 6, 2016:

East Nashville woman inside her home is struck by a stray bullet from outside.

• April 4, 2016:

A 19-year-old Franklin man pulled a gun on the occupants of another car on I-65 in a road rage incident.


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4 responses to “Tennessee Gun Report

  1. Democommie

    The only thing that can stop an idiot with a gun is a wholesale turnover of the state leg.

  2. When I heard Haslam crowing about getting the Beretta factory, I wondered whether he was a sociopath or a fool. Fool, I think.

    Of course, if we’re going to have guns everywhere in Tennessee, it’s more environmentally responsible to have them manufactured here – saves fuel on shipping.

    Maybe the legislature can debate changing our slogan from “the Volunteer State” to “the Merchants of Death State.”

  3. Not in Tennessee, but this seems right up the gun stupidity angle:

    Alaska Man Fatally Shot While Filming People Firing Guns At Makeshift Range

    I mean hoocoodanode that a makeshift firing range with no rules or order could possibly be dangerous. Oh yeah, one of the people quoted in the article.