What The Hell Is Wrong With Rep. Courtney Rogers?

I’m asking because Tennessee State Rep. Courtney Rogers of the “faith, family, freedom” caucus gave a seriously unhinged rant on the House floor Monday night and I’m starting to wonder what’s wrong with her. It came long after the House decided to defund UT’s Office of Diversity & Inclusion and redirect the money toward “In God We Trust” stickers for police cruisers. I know, that’s pretty crazy in and of itself, it’s the kind of hippie-punching nonsense the idiots in our legislature waste time on every day. But near as I can tell, Rogers had nothing to say when debate over that actual legislation was going on. But long toward the end of the day when business was concluding, she offered this ridiculous rant on the topic.

Thank you, Madam Speaker. I know I’ve been visibly agitated on the House floor tonight, and for that I apologize, but I have an announcement from the Hawaiian caucus tonight.

You know, it’s not easy being a minority, I get it. But try being an endangered species. A Hawaiian in Tennessee. You know, my grandmother in Hawaii would go offer her lava rock offerings to the family god, the Aumakua. And then she would go to missionary school and pray to good lord Jesus because she didn’t want to offend all the gods, so she kinda missed the point. But that being said, missionary school taught servitude to minorities, and the Hawaiians had to fight for education, for English, for math, for science, and we got it.

And as I can see, here are minorities. They have it. If you want to help minorities then what I wanted to say here was yes, continue to shut down those specific diversity offers that waste dollars to teach us ways to somehow sexually abuse our bodies or tell us what not to believe. I would fight any office that would tell me I cannot pray to my family Aumakua, even though I don’t, or to the good lord Jesus. You know as much I would say no Christmas, no Buddha, No Allah, I don’t pray to any of those, but we have a thing called ideological freedom here in America.

If you want to help minorities then quit pushing this intellectual rubbish and start supporting those diversity offices that are recruiting the best, from light meat to dark meat, across the entire spectrum, and start pushing hard work and mental accuity. Those things bring about progress and success and equality. Mahalo.

What the hell is she smoking? Light meat to dark meat? Hawaiians in Tennessee are endangered? Minorities in Tennessee have everything they need so just shut up?

You can see her rant somewhere around the 2 hour and 58 minute mark here, during the announcements. What’s even more alarming is that she appears to be holding a piece of papers as she’s talking, so I wonder if she wrote this drivel down in advance.

Anyway, this is a whole new level of wackadoodle that I can’t even explain.

And yes, this is the same Courtney Rogers who wants to arm college students because of Kent State.


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11 responses to “What The Hell Is Wrong With Rep. Courtney Rogers?

  1. MY humble diagnosis: She is a flake and models her behavior from the words and actions of Sarah The Palin. What district does she represent? Those poor voters did not have any idea WHAT they voted into office..

  2. Michael

    She looks haole to me.

  3. Well, this one “Hawaiian” just moved out of Tennessee. Actually my mom was from Rogersville MANY decades ago and I was born in Hawaii. TN (Knoxville area) is great to visit and stay awhile…then you get tired of all the FOX watchers and Southern Baptists. A gal can only take sooooo much. Six years is enough.

  4. Democommie

    So,, will Tennesess stop accepting double sawbucks as legal tender when Harriet Tubman replaces Mar’s Jackson?

    • Jim in Memphis

      Why would anybody be upset with replacing a white supremacist Democrat with a black gun toting Republican on the $20 bill?

      • I know, right? How hilarious is that? I can only think of one reason the conservatwits don’t want Tubman on the $20. Can’t be that she was a gun-lover. Not that she was a Republican. Must be something else. Thinking … thinking….