Guns On Campus FAIL


Apparently the officer’s accidental discharge was caught on camera. H/T Larry in comments.


Did you hear the one about the armed woman threat on the campus of the University of Central Florida yesterday?

The library was evacuated and there was a massive police response. Well, ha ha, funny story about that:

The threats turned out not to be true, and the only gun that went off was that of a police officer, who accidentally discharged the weapon.

The school’s police department tweeted: “We received a social media report of a gunwoman at library. We’re responding to scene, and library is evacuated.”

Hilarious. Some asshole decided to make things interesting during finals week by creating chaos over social media, and a campus police officer accidentally fired his or her gun, just to keep it real.

This seems relevant because campus-carry appears ready to become law in Tennessee, unless Gov. Haslam vetoes it, which I think is unlikely. So here we have an incident where trained law enforcement can’t respond to an armed person threat without accidentally firing a gun, but we’re expecting teachers and other staff of dubious training and skill levels to do better? This is gonna be fun. I mean, it’s worked so well in Utah, Texas, Idaho, etc. etc. etc.


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8 responses to “Guns On Campus FAIL

  1. Larry Lewis

    Please watch the two video news clips linked within TV station’s story, here. 1) The UCF spokesperson should apply for a position in Trump or Cruz’s campaigns. She’s gifted at avoiding answering direct questions. The reporters should have pressed her more and shame on them. 2) The video with the raw news footage on which you can clearly hear the gunshot, just yards off-camera) and then see how truly close that’d happened to the students wandering all over the lawn….that’s gotta go viral, if there’s any justice today.

  2. Jim in Memphis

    So the only gun on campus this time was carried by an on duty police officer? Are you suggesting that police officers not respond with weapons when called out? Maybe if there was a law against filing a false police report things like this would not happen. Hopefully whoever posted the false information is prosecuted.

    • Larry Lewis

      Jim…first, I agree that, in the likely case this incident was based on a hoax, then the person(s) involved should be prosecuted. Second: I doubt anyone doesn’t want officers armed. However, more incident details emerged in a report from today’s Orlando paper of record. These, along with yesterday’s on-camera avoidance of substantive detail from campus spokesperson Gilmartin yesterday (aka, “I don’t really know anything; can you tell?”) clearly indicate that the police dept(s)…campus and city forces…did not have a plan to deal with an active shooter situation at UCF. Please watch the “live reporting” raw video link I’d posed, above…..tons of people milling around, just yards from the cruiser in which the AR-15 round went through its roof. Heck, there are 5 students seen standing right behind the cruiser, holding a skateboard.

      Campus police chief Beary said his officers were inside the library checking out the report, but 3 officers are seen standing at the cruiser…and, from the instant the round is heard and the camera then immediately follows the reporter thru the crowd (about 25 seconds), there are no officers seen doing crowd control. Had that police AR-15 round gone horizontal, this story might very well have gone tragically national.

      For me, the ongoing undercurrent of SB’s gun posts is that a gun round is forever….you can’t take back negligence. This police unit was remiss and, as its Chief Beary noted today, “”At the end of the day, our response was not perfect, but we are going to continue to do better.”

      In this day & age, campus & city police depts should have detailed procedures worked out for something as simple as keeping back students at the scene of a potential mass school shooting. What happened at UCF yesterday was inexcusable…but no one involved has the balls to admit to it. Not Gilmartin, not Beary.

  3. Larry Lewis

    Looking now at whole ‘nother aspect of this incident, based on new info from the Orlando Sentinal today. After the immediate social media report of a shooter, 911 calls then erupted, describing a Muslim-garbed woman acting suspiciously inside the library….she had a gun, she was fidgety, she knelt to pray, etc. No such person was ever located. Maybe those calls were part of the hoax; although that’s pretty dumb, given their traceability.

    Or, perhaps people just got caught up in the moment and started inventing with their minds….which reminds me of a famous Twilight Zone episode, “The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street.” Where the alien advises his partner, “You just sit back and watch the pattern. They pick the most dangerous enemy they can find…and it’s themselves.” That was on TV about 55 years ago…and we haven’t learned anything, since. There must always be a bogeyman under our collective bed.

  4. Larry Lewis

    And, as SB notes, some legislators, by virtue of their votes, want to inject campus-carry Johnny-On-The-Spot Waynes into the scene viewed in that raw TV news footage…or inside the library. I’m an agnostic, at best..but, Jesus wept.