Open Carrier Has Gun Stolen From Back Pocket

Check out this smooth operator, plucking a gun from the back pocket of the idiot gun humper in line at a Phoenix McDonald’s:

So much fail:

PHOENIX (KSAZ) – Police are offering a reward to help find a suspect who stole a gun from a customer at McDonald’s.

According to Sgt. James Rothschild with Silent Witness, the victim was placing an order at the McDonald’s at Central and Southern.

The male suspect came up behind him and stole the gun from his back-pocket holster and then fled the store.

The victim chased down the suspect, but the suspect then pointed the weapon at the victim, and then ran off.

Didn’t those of us arguing against guns in restaurants predict this would happen?

Incidents like this are rare, because open carry and concealed carry are pretty rare, but I would think as more people walk around in public with guns, it will be happening with increasing frequency. And it’s certainly not unheard of: this just happened in Wisconsin last week, there was this incident at a Philadelphia deli last August where a robber stole a CCWer’s gun and fled with it, this happened in a Walmart bathroom in Oregon last fall, there was this incident also in Oregon, this one in Memphis, and aww fuckit, it happens a lot more often than you think.

BTW, I haven’t seen anything reported on the gun owner. According to this, no permit is required to open or concealed-carry in Arizona. So without a permit, that means no training, which means people do stupid shit like have a handgun in their back pocket like’s it’s a damn iPhone. That was smart.


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4 responses to “Open Carrier Has Gun Stolen From Back Pocket

  1. Joe

    And how did this guy think the thief wouldn’t point the gun at him? Some serious stupidity going on there.

  2. I had to laugh. Someone dumb enough to just stand around in a line to get a hamburger with a gun in their back pocket? Like Ricky said, you can’t make this stuff up.

    Why are the police offering a reward?

  3. There is a difference between having a gun in your back pocket and having an iPhone in your back pocket. If you sit on it wrong, the iPhone won’t shoot you in the butt.