I Don’t Always Fail, But When I Do….

…. I do so spectacularly.

I’m on record about a dozen times saying Donald Trump would never, ever win the Republican Party’s presidential primary. I just had more faith in Republican voters than that.

Looks like I misjudged how crazy Republicans truly are.

Sorry, folks.


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15 responses to “I Don’t Always Fail, But When I Do….

  1. Michael Taylor

    We all failed

    Michael Sent from my iPhone


  2. I held a similar belief. Now we need to convince these Bernie Bros that we really do need their help or epic fail may be our next blues ballad. I think we can count on better than 50% of the female vote, if nothing else. 100% of the democratic vote without a doubt. Maybe as much as 85% of the Latino vote. But it will be voter turnout that will decide the general election.

    • Kosh III

      I voted for Bernie in the Primary. Assuming Hillary will be the Corpocrat….er…Democratic nominee, I will vote for Jill Stein.

      Please don’t give me that “Ralph Nader” nonsense. I can safely vote my conscience as there is no way that Clinton will get more than 40% of the Tennessee vote.

      The only thing greater than GOP insanity is their hatred of the Clintons. (and that illegal alien Muslim darkie in THEIR White House.)

  3. Larry

    But we’ll not, come November.

  4. Judith Mann Costello

    You are far from alone on this one. I don’t know anyone, including myself and dozens of political analysts, who called this. Indeed, like you, I think just about everyone said It’s a joke, he’ll implode, he doesn’t really want it, there’s no way he can recover from his latest gaffe, etc. I’m old enough to remember thinking, and truly believing, that the American people couldn’t, wouldn’t POSSIBLY vote for a B-list actor in 1980. I’ve learned to my chagrin that one must never say never in politics.

    • And the joke’s always on us, isn’t it? B-list actor, stupid fake cowboy … they’re always Republicans and we’re always wrong. Good grief, if Trump wins .. I can’t even fathom it.

  5. Joseph Stans

    I understand your disappointment but it has bee obvious since Reagan was elected that the republicans were deranged but now it appears they are batshit crazy. Hang on to your hat and girdle.

    • I wouldn’t call it disappointment by any means. I just got this one spectacularly wrong. But disappointed? No, I think this is the best chance we have to win the White House. Then again, I’ve been wrong before ….

  6. Forgiven. Judging the insanity of republicans is impossibly hard.

  7. Kosh III

    Speaking of GOP insanity, the 10 Ten Veep for Trump includes MarshaMarshamarsha…….SMDH


  8. Randy

    If it wasn’t so frightening it would be comical and we could all break out the popcorn. The WWF of Presidential Elections. GOTV!

  9. There was a time I said that Ronald Reagan would never be elected president. And he was elected for the same reason that Trump got the nomination, they’re as seen on TV. It’s what got Angus King elected governor of Maine and to the Senate, for years he had a TV show on our public TV network.

    Don’t ever underestimate the ability of TV to sell people stuff, even stuff as bad as Donald Trump.

  10. Democommie

    I was on the bus yesterday with a couple of “Lifelong Republicanz”. One of them I should support Trump and Canada has better healthcare (and she would never go there, too, also) PLUS, IT’S FRÈEEEEEEEEEEE!

    The stupid burns down to the bone.