Open Primaries Suck, V. Eleventybilion

No wonder the BernieBrats want open primaries everywhere:

A third of those who voted in West Virginia’s Democratic primary say they plan to back Trump in November, according to NBC News exit polls. Sanders won those voters by a wide margin.

In fact, 39 percent of Sanders voters said they would vote for Trump over Sanders in the fall. For Clinton, nine percent of her voters say they plan to come out for Trump in the general election.

West Virginia has an open primary, meaning independents can vote in the Democratic contest. With the GOP nomination wrapped up, it’s possible mischievous Trump supporters sought to damage Clinton, the likely Democratic nominee, by voting for Sanders.

Gee, ya think? It’s not like that doesn’t happen in open primary states all the damn time. Not to mention all the other reasons why open primaries suck.

The BernieBrats are saying that exit polls aren’t based on anything so shut up, and they’re oppressed, etc. They sound an awful lot like those whining right-wing conservatives we were just talking about, don’t they?

There is no path to the Democratic Party nomination for Bernie and his continued insistence otherwise is just making his whole campaign look like one giant grift.


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9 responses to “Open Primaries Suck, V. Eleventybilion

  1. That explains Geraldo Rivera’s wet dream about exit polls indicating that Bernie Bros will support Trump.

    Here in the Golden State, our next two choices for Senator appear to be Kamala Harris and her closest democratic challenger.

  2. The BernieBrats are saying that exit polls aren’t based on anything so shut up, and they’re oppressed, etc.

    That’s strange, considering how often they’ve used discrepancies between exit polls and the final vote tallies to claim fraud when Hillary wins.

  3. Perry Aubric

    The Bernie Brats are annoying, but ultimately irrelevant. Like the spoiled, entitled, non-contributing, petulant little snots they are, many will continue their tantrum until the fall. Some, if they can get their noses out of their phones long enough, will even vote for Trump. For every one like that, three or more sane Republicans will vote for Hillary. She wins no matter what. Let them whine.

    • Democommie

      I don’t think that there are 3 sane reptilicans.

    • Jim in Memphis

      I doubt many Republicans will vote for Hillary. They may not vote for Trump either, but they won’t vote for Hillary. I won’t be voting for either Trump or Hillary. Might just write in my uncle’s name or something. My vote won’t really matter anyway, TN will go for Trump over Hillary hands down. The election will boil down to a few swing states again – FL, OH, etc.

      • Oh come on, Jim. You’ll come around in the end. You’ll end up holding your nose and voting for Trump like all the rest of the true Republicans. They’ll convince you that the Supreme Court, taxes, national security or whatever issue is more important. Happens every election.

      • Jim in Memphis

        I really doubt it. Trump is an idiot – there is no doubt about that. But like I said, there will be plenty of people in TN to give the state to Trump so my vote won’t even matter in the end.