Berning Down The House

What to do with a problem like Bernie? He has no chance of winning the nomination and yet he keeps telling his supporters otherwise. There is no “Bernie Sanders movement,” just the same wealthy, white liberal arts college elites and Hollywood lefties who have always represented the ideological far-left.

He and his surrogates are ginning up resentment and discord on the left, stoking those ideological fires that have unfortunately refused to spark a revolution. But still they won’t quit. They are increasingly resembling a cult, a dangerous and creepy one.

Why? Because the purpose of Bernie Sanders’ campaign is not to elect Bernie president. The purpose is to tear the Democratic Party down to its studs so it can be rebuilt in their Socialist image.

Jamelle Bouie nailed it months ago when he astutely observed that Hillary Clinton is running to lead the Democratic Party while Bernie Sanders is running to remake it.

And I hate to break to the DNC but no, “seats on a key convention platform committee” are not going to make these people happy. Nothing short of a complete overhaul of the Democratic Party back to what they see as its “New Deal ideals” will suffice. Bernie doesn’t want to be president so much as he wants to burn down the house.

I’m not sure this is the way to do that. I’m not sure death threats and lost elections are going to accomplish that goal. But keep dreaming, Berners.


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14 responses to “Berning Down The House

  1. The Revolution IS coming, the question is who will lead it, and I would rather have Sanders than Trump, not that I would EVER vote for Trump. This is not about now; Hillary is more than likely to win the nomination. However, if she wants to win back the House and the state legislatures, she has to find a way to reach the Sanders people, at least some of them. Otherwise, it’s just 8 more years of gridlock, because they are NOT going away any time soon.

    • Please show me some evidence of said revolution.

    • Where exactly are the down ticket candidates who are as left as Sanders?

      • Why is that even an issue? Why do they need to be “as left as Sanders” for him to want to help them get elected? You’re not going to get “as left as Sanders” elected to Congress in Tennessee, Oklahoma, South Carolina. You get that in California and Vermont and a handful of already blue states. That does nothing to flip Congress out of Republican hands. And how the fuck is he going to get any piece of his ambitious agenda through Congress with Tea Party REPUBLICANS in charge?

        This is why Sanders and his ilk annoy me. Rigid ideology is great for an awesome blog rant but it accomplishes nothing in practical terms. Sanders is going to need a Democratic House and Senate to do anything. That happens by getting Democrats of all stripes elected … those as far left as he is, those to the right. But no, that’s not going to work for him. Because he doesn’t want to accomplish anything real. He just wants to complain. He wants to tear the party down and he thinks people in states like mine are clamoring for socialism because they’re on food stamps.

        He’s an idiot in a bright-blue bubble.

  2. That’s the first time I have heard anyone predict a second term for Hillary. Keep up the positive thinking. Hopefully the revolution will still contain a female component. California has an interesting race for Barbara Boxer’s seat in the senate now led by two of my favorite democrats, Loretta Sanchez and Kamala Harris. It seems to me that we have had a male Speaker of the House for way too long by now. More girls is what we need. We need republican women as well. Until they gain a foothold in the party of old, white men again, (lately the party has reverted to its roots,) there will always be gridlock. Democratic representation by women has been slipping almost as fast. How would Bernie reduce gridlock? How many bible-belt, fundamentalist prostitute-seekers are going to see eye-to-eye with him.

    Right now, the only way to govern is to push the republican party up against the ropes yet again. It’s time to kick some serious ass. There is a lot at stake.

  3. I just wonder how much of the froth of righteous indignation and aggrieved intransigence in the Bernie ranks is due to very astute fifth column subversionary tactics and exploitation of generational differences between supporters of the Democrat nominees by agent provocateurs and dirty tricksters in the tradition of Lee Attwater? Folks we have to get real…no revolution is coming, only a shite storm called Trump unless we pull together!8

  4. Bob Fischer

    The party exists to serve its members. The members do not exist to serve the party. Bernie gets it. Hillary does not.

    • Bernie and his followers are not members of the party. Never have been. OH I forgot, he suddenly became a member 5 minutes before entering the presidential race. He’s spent the rest of his career trashing the party, has refused to raise money for the party, and has only endorsed three down-ticket races.

      In other words: Not a Democrat. Never has been. Doesn’t want to be.

      As a life-long Democrat, I say: FUCK THAT SHIT AND THE HORSE IT RODE IN ON.

      • Kosh III

        Bernie and his followers are not members of the party

        Blanket statements are always wrong. I’ve voted D since McGovern, there are plenty others as well of all ages.
        But it’s more fashionable to join the mainstream media in bashing the new young folks flocking to Bernie than to actually do–you know: “journalism.”
        If his new to voting supporters are turned off by all the bashing then the neoliberals and corpocrats like the Clintons don’t have to worry about losing their power.
        I am voting Jill Stein in Nov because no matter who is the D candidate, the R will carry this state by a large margin because we surrounded by idiots.

    • Democommie


      You’re completlely full of shit. Bernie, the MR. OUTSIDE of MR. OUTSIDES is turning into NaderNadir. Like Ralph in 2000, Bernie seems to have been convinced (by whom and with what logically impaired arguments is unclear) that HE and HE alone deserves the nomination by a party he has, by turns, castigated/ignored since he was elected the first time.

    • No, Bernie doesn’t get it. The majority of members have voted for Hillary, not Bernie. Why should we ignore what the members want and go with the candidate they’ve rejected?

  5. Basically what we have here is Bernie Sanders attempting to stage a coup on the Democratic Party and not being successful. And oh, whaah. He’s so oppressed. Apparently not enough Democrats want his particular brand of horse shit or he’d be winning more primaries. But oh, I forgot, every primary he lost is because Hillary stole it, every primary he won is because “revolution.”

    Give me a fucking break.