Choose Your Enemies Wisely….

… for you shall become just like them:


Gee, whatever happened to single payer healthcare and free college tuition? Now it’s Fox News “scandals” and regurgitated conspiracy theories. Nice revolution you have there.


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8 responses to “Choose Your Enemies Wisely….

  1. People have already seen through Sanders malignant behavior. The conceit and arrogance are at Trump’s level, in fact, even beyond.

  2. Bob Fischer

    This is not the sort of thing the Democratic primary needs to be about at this time. Frankly, we have a ton of work to do on the platform and policy and these sorts of distractions pull away from what should be our focus. Typically, these sorts of accusations have proven to be overblown, if not outright lies, put out by people away from the actual candidates themselves. But this is not the direction we should head as a party. I haven’t seen Senator Sanders endorse this sort of campaigning and I would be wary of buying into a line being put out by rogues and pretenders.

  3. Democommie

    I haven’t seen Trumps endorse them either.

  4. And now Bernie himself says the Superdelegates need to consider Hillary’s emails.

    So much for healthcare and all that other crap.

  5. Bob Fischer

    Senator Sanders was responding to a direct question in an interview. How would you expect him to handle it? I agree with Sanders at three levels.

    First and foremost, this is not what his campaign is about. His campaign is issues oriented and circumstances such as Secretary’s e-mail issue divert focus from the issues.

    Second, electability should be a factor at the convention. Senator Clinton has a high negative rating for a variety of reasons. These should be considered when we are trying to determine who our candidate should be for the general election.

    Finally, this is a problem of Secretary Clinton’s own making (she herself admits that) and she should handle it expeditiously. It shouldn’t be the issue it is, and clearly, Sanders does not have the pull with the press to determine how its handled.

  6. Kosh III

    The ideal solution is for no one to win the first ballot and by the third ballot the nominee is Elizabeth Warren.