This Is Just Sad


He’s gone from sad to sadder:

Sanders could skydive into Calif. rally

Bernie Sanders could make quite the entrance at his rally Friday in Cloverdale, Calif.

Jimmy Halliday, the president at NorCal Skydiving, said he was told by Sanders staffers Thursday that they would offer the Democratic presidential candidate the option of parachuting into his rally, according to The Press Democrat.

“I’ve been told they will run the idea by Bernie,” Halliday said. “I can’t confirm that’s the plan. I know that’s a possibility.”

Halliday said a staffer for Sanders on Wednesday asked about the use of his facility. On Thursday, Halliday did a tandem jump with a Sanders campaign team member.

What the actual fuck? Your campaign donations at work.


Watching the steady decline of Bernie Sanders has perhaps been the most disappointing political drama of the 2016 presidential campaign. This is what happens when you stay at the dance too long: your makeup starts to run, you get holes in your stockings, the corsage wilts.

Bernie started out with a tremendous amount of good will on the part of pretty much everyone, myself included. We all respected him, admired his stance on issues of income inequality and reigning in Wall Street and the big banks. But man, shit got ugly, fast.

It started with the attacks on the presumptive nominee, and his ludicrous claim that he was only losing because the primary was rigged. Now he’s just outright lying.

I just can’t respect anyone willing to squander their reputation, their career in public service, and their supposed belief system on what has clearly become an exercise in ego-gratification. And it makes me really sad, because six months ago I really liked Bernie Sanders. I respected him. Now, I’m ready to donate to his Democratic opponent for the Vermont Senate.

I went from “I like Bernie Sanders, I really do,” back in January to advising Bernie supporters to

…stop looking for a silver lining if the worst President in American history took office…

and instead

…get busy and start working to elect like-minded people to Congress and state legislatures. Take over the Democratic Party, if you think you can. If that sounds too boring and establishment for you, well, sorry. That’s how change happens. Not by hoping things get so bad for so many that they finally “wake up.”

But that was back in March. By May I was saying that Bernie’s campaign is “increasingly resembling a cult, a dangerous and creepy one.”

Six months in I’ve gone from calling myself a proud progressive to saying I want nothing to do with progressives, who by all appearances are thin-skinned, reality-challenged denizens of a cult of personality.

Stephen Stromberg nailed it when he observed,

But the truth is that Sanders does not deserve a movement, and his losing campaign does not deserve unusual deference and concessions. His tale about American oligarchy is simplistic, his policy proposals are shallow, his rejection of political reality is absurd, his self-righteousness and stubbornness are unbecoming. And, yes, he has lost.

You’ve lost, Bernie. And the longer you and your supporters stay in denial about this, and try to eke out concessions over some non-existent leverage you think you have, the more of a national joke you become. That doesn’t just affect you. It affects your supposed “movement,” the left-wing of America’s liberal party. You’re doing real damage with this nonsense, the kind of damage that sets back the progressive agenda for years. I predicted this back in March and it appears to be happening.

Stop it.


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  1. Thanks, SB. And I agree with most all the points you make. And I was so taken by the same article you quote here, by Stephen Stromberg. Every day now this country is exposed to even MORE fanatical nonsense from Trump that the REST of the WORLD is now afraid he MIGHT win.

  2. greennotgreen

    What you said.

  3. Prup (aka Jim Benton)

    Bravissimo, Bella Beale, though I think you could have been even stronger. It has been at least a month since I came to the conclusion that he is and always has been a phony and a hustler — the left wing equivalent of the far rightist who supports numerous obviously impossible proposals on things like abortion and guns — Jody Hice is a particularly good example — not because he cares, but because not only does he know these policies will always get him votes but he also knows they have no chance of actually happening, and therefore he can never be called to account for their failure, but can always blame ‘the other side’ for blocking them.

    I felt about him much the way you did at first, and for a while bought into the narrative about ‘the Saint Bernard and the Bad Puppies.’ Bernie was really quite okay, it was just his cray kid followers who were so obnoxious. (Of course, what this says about his own lack of leadership qualities was also interesting. How easy would it have been to tell those followers to stop telling lies about Hillary, to stop treating her as the enemy rather than the opponent, and to work together — as rivals, yes, but combined to stop Trump, Cruz, or whoever was the main Republican of the moment?)

    But then I noticed that he would never talk about electing Democrats to get his projects accomplished — but at the same time he didn’t even work to get a Sandersite successor for his House seat. Even as unlikable a man as Ted Cruz has his devoted followers in the House, even if his colleagues in the Senate hate him. But who in the House has the same relationship to Bernie?

    Then came the lies, much earlier than you refer to, and lies that were reminiscent of Romney, of Tom Cotton (still my prediction for Republican candidate of 2020) and even of The Donald Himself. These — and the racism that also came out — deserve a separate comment entirely.

    • “Of course, what this says about his own lack of leadership qualities was also interesting. How easy would it have been to tell those followers to stop telling lies about Hillary….”

      Yes that was a stunning failure on his part. And now some of those “bad puppies” are telling me they will need to be coaxed, coddled, begged to the polls in November. Um, no. Sorry but if you can’t see that Hillary is a million times better than Donald Trump, I’m not wasting my time on you. Enjoy the corner you’ve painted yourself into.

  4. So, it’s time for the Sanders supporters to say the hell with it and go Green now? Gotcha. This is not a swing state, and it has always been an option, but since you don’t want his people in the Party, it’s time to leave and let the Party die on its own. I think they would liked to have stayed to move it back where it was from 1933-1976, but since you want neoliberalism to prevail, ok then.

    When you can’t regain Congress because you ran off the very people who would help you get it back, remember this post.

  5. And that doesn’t necessarily mean I will go Green, because I am an old Democratic hack from way back, who is likely to fall in line when all is said and done. However, I am sick of the Bernie-bashing. If she is such a great candidate, how come she is barely winning in the largest Democratic state in the union, California?

    If she can’t finish off a cranky 74-year-old Democratic Socialist, how the hell can she beat Trump? Trump’s voters are out and out haters, and they will stand through hours in a blizzard to vote against someone they hate.

    #NeverTrump #MaybeHillary

  6. And, to finish my point, the people that Bernie has turned out to vote for him, there is a real question where the Independents will go. some of them, sadly, will go for Drumpf, others will write in Bernie (which makes no sense to me), vote for Jill Stein (the option in non-swing states like this one), and a very few will vote for Hillary. The Democrats, like me, will fall in line; the question is how many of them are there?

  7. Prup (aka Jim Benton)

    The lies didn’t start recently. The first ones were after the first four primaries when we got Bernie’s claim that he was bringing out a new, previously detached from politics voter — usually from the ‘white working class — who were lining up to vote for him.

    And in true Romneyesque fashion, when it was pointed out that, in fact, turnout was down in all the primaries that had been held so far, instead of explaining or adjusting his original statement, he kept on repeating it, knowing more people would hear him than would hear his correctors — and that has begun to be a pattern, your example is merely the latest — but a VERY good one — in a parade.

    Now I’ve mentioned in the past that another of my daily blogs is ZANDAR VS THE STUPID, run by a Black Millennial who, when I showed up, was arguing that Bernie’s only plan had to be to play for the white working class, the Trump voters, and to throw blacks and POC under the bus.

    “Never,” I swore, Bernie might be a fool, someone who has no idea of how to get his policies enacted, no idea that an executive needs to have some gratitude to count on when he needs to get a vote from someone whose district hates that vote, no idea — despite having been in Congress for twenty-five years — that Congress sometimes ignores gigantic majorities favoring legislation — like sane gun control and SSM and even the right to choose. All that was true, but a racist? Nevah!

    Then his surrogates began to explain how Hillary’s margins in the South didn’t really count because these states were lost causes, too conservative to go Democratic in the general. Which would be arguable, but a possible position to hold if you weren’t, at the same time, celebrating caucus victories in states like Utah, Montana, Idaho and Montana. They even argued that they hadn’t ‘really’ tried for those Southern states — another rapidly disproven lie.

    Admittedly, it was only the ‘puppies’ — then — that were coming out with the malignantly insulting statement that (in effect, they’d never quite say it) that blacks were too stupid to realize they were voting for someone who had sold them out and would continue to — all 90+ percent of them, with the numbers going up the older the blacks were, and the more experience they actually had with real phony sell-outs, and who also knew from personal experience what actual segregation — drinking fountains and toilets included — felt like.

    This got me questioning how much Berne had done after he ‘marched with Dr. King and got arrested for protesting segregation. John Lewis didn’t think there had been much.

    Which ties in with the last part of this screed, the “Bernie is polling better than Hillary against Trump,” howl that is his last thin grasp at the nomination — if he’s ever really wanted it. And that too deserves a separate comment.

    • Prup (aka Jim Benton)

      First, I wrote the last before I saw the comments by sjs1959, But it, and my response below will answer why I do not find your arguments exactly compelling.

  8. I personally believe that it’s nuts to attempt to flip superdelegates unless the constituents of a particular SD voted more for Bernie than Hillary, and frankly, I am not sure there are many of those. I think that should stop.

    However, it rankles me to no end that Sanders should give up and hand it to her on a silver platter before she has earned it. If, after CA and NJ, she has the delegates needed to earn the nomination, then it is over. period. Not one second before, though. If she has to wait to the Convention to claim the nomination and that causes her to lose to Trump, then she was not going to beat Trump in the first place.

    Of course, then there is this from the Field Poll, which is to California what Ann Setzer is to Iowa –

    • Where is the silver platter? Bernie has lost. It’s over. Nothing’s being handed to anyone, the voters decided weeks ago. There is no mathematical formula by which Bernie wins. At all. Sorry to California and the other states who haven’t had their primaries yet, that’s just the way the schedule cookie crumbled. That’s not Hillary’s fault or anyone else’s. That the state party setting its primary schedule and boo fucking hoo.

      Bernie is not accomplishing anything by staying in the race except hurting himself and his movement.

      • Considering what Hillary Clinton has had to put up with, from the Republicans holding hearing after futile dishonest hearing, making false accusation after false accusation, grilling her over and over again, grilling her staff and friends over and over again, the FBI investigations, the privately funded investigations, lies placed in the press, everything from the New York Times down to the lowest sub sewer level hate-talk radio venue, Regnery and the rest of the right-wing sewer publishing outfits, Jerry Falwell peddling videos about how she murdered Vincent Foster, dopey Maureen Dowd, etc. etc. etc. and now having the newly self-declared Democrat Bernie Sanders representing the left Hillary Haters (I could make quite a list of those going back as long as the others)….

        Some royal road to a coronation. You can contrast how Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have spent the past three decades that they figure is their hard row to hoe to the White House.

  9. Prup (aka Jim Benton)

    The racism was really getting to me but there were three things that shoved me into looking far more closely at Bernie, not just now, but in the past. One was his attempt to “Kim Davis” the Pope — less than three months after the original attempt.

    (And this, literally, just hit me, but even with Pope Francis the Great and Jane being a Catholic (mixed marriage, eh?) would she have even pretended to try for his support unless Berne was a little less pro-choice than we think he is –not that he’s made it an issue.)

    The second was when he filled his boots with mud from the Rubicon, the moment after the Fox Town Halls when Bret Baier asked if he thought ‘Secretary Clinton was honest and trustworthy.’ Bernie should have said ‘in my experience she’s always been so’ or ‘none of us is perfect, but overall I’d say she was,’ or even hedged with ‘for the most part, yes.’ (The best answer would have been an unambiguous and true ‘to the extent possible, she’s been one of the more truthful peole I’ve worked with’ or just a ‘yes.’)

    Instead of saying those, all he said — and he’s never walked this back to my knowledge — was ‘we’ll let the voters decide on that.’ And having said it, there was no way that he could or would bring his supporters into the Clinton fold. (The attacks on Barney Frank and Dan Malloy, and the insistence at putting Cornel West on the platform committee showed me recently that he had no desire to even try, but I’m skipping those because this is already too long and I’m not done yet.)

    But the third thing was the constant clamor that Bernie was showing higher numbers against Trump than Hillary was. No surprise. Hillary was running a campaign on the issues, not on personal attacks, so she wasn’t digging up the dirt the Republicans would if he was the nominee, and he was doing their work for them by running up her negatives, so they weren’t going to attack him.

    He acted as if there was nothing in his past that could hurt him. (He apparently never heard about swift boats, Bill Ayres, phony birth certificates, claims that Obama was a Muslim, and other Republican lies, or about Whitewater, Vince Foster, and claims that not only was Obama involved in Justice Scalia’s ‘murder’ but that the Clintons were involved in dozens of murders, and by some accounts, were the center of the cocaine trade for the border states. Republicans don’t need truth to season their attacks.

    Then the tape came out, with his praise of Castro and the ortegas — and that didn’t need to be lied about. Seems like I better do some vetting of my own…

  10. Prup (aka Jim Benton)

    Where do I start? One fact alone is enough to rule him out, at least for anyone old enough to remember the Iran Hostage Crisis. He allowed his name to be used as an elector for the Socialist Workers Party in 1980. Now even during my Vietnam Marching days I knew that the only group you didn’t want anywhere near you was the cranky, divisive, deliberately in your face provocative, manipulative SWP, who were practically the model of the sort of leftist that other leftists shunned. They were always more trouble than they were worth in numbers.

    But in 1980 they had an additional problem. Even then, long after the Ayatollahs had taken full control, they were still announcing their solidarity to the Iranian Revolution — as Americans were being held hostage. Meention that ONE fact and there goes a large proportion of Bernie’s votes.

    Throw in the rape porn he wrote, supposedly as a ‘dark satire’ but did anyone see it as such them. Or his statements that the Revolution begins thee first time a child disobeys his parents and runs around naked, the first time a girl disobeys her parents and has sex with her by friend. (I might be even a little sympathetic to those positions, but a lot o parents wouldn’t be — especially from someone who was one of the very few Representatives who voted against the Amber Alert system.)

    There’s plenty more, but some I need to check out better, like the questions about the suit against Jane for land deals that wound up bankrupting and putting out of business the college she ran — and something more about her previous tenure at another college. There are reports that local blacks felt that if they had something they wanted, they’d go someone else for help, not Bernie. There is something about radioactive waste from Vermont Yankee being shipped to a majority Hispanic District, reports of him throwing protestors out of his office. I’ll wait on judging these…

    …but Republicans won’t. And give them a week and Bernie will be third in a three cornered race, and we’d be supporting Johnson-Weld as the only way to beat Trump. But now, why attack their own attack dog?

    • I didn’t know that about the SWP. They’re a bunch of useless idiots, AFAIC. It was just 8 years ago that any Democrat running for office was labeled a Communist, Socialist, etc. (as if they’re interchangeable, I know they’re not, but most Americans don’t distinguish.) And NOW the Bernie people think we can just beat that criticism by saying, “Well, he’s really a Democratic Socialist.” Like that even fucking matters?


      • Prup (aka Jim Benton)

        Eight years? I’ve already heard it about both Bernie and even Hillary — this year.

  11. Bob Fischer

    At the risk of exposing my own geezerdom, I can tell you what this election is about to me. Pension rights and reforms. Hillary’s Social Security proposals, though a good thing, largely don’t affect me. The pension I’ve spent my life earning is on the chopping block and Hillary is neutral (at best) on the issue. I don’t even want to think about the worst case scenario. I didn’t believe, as a voter, that she would prove to be so stubborn and obstinate on as many issues as she is, but, it’s her campaign. Health care (single payer) and tuition for qualified students are two other issues that fall under this category. It’s never been Sanders or Clinton, it’s about where the country is headed. She has chosen to court the moderate conservative instead of the progressive and is now demanding progressives all fall in line. This is just the reality of the situation and the natural outcome of that decision.

    • Jim in Memphis

      Bob – is your pension based on work for a private employer or a government entity?

      • Bob Fischer

        I have over twenty full time years vested in the Teamsters Central States pension plan. I have a part time pension as well as a full time UPS pension also. It’s a fairly complex issue and one that will be pushed all the way to the convention. We want Hillary on our side to the degree Bernie is, we’re just not there yet. The government bailed out the thieves that stole our money, but they won’t bail out the victims of the theft.

    • But here’s my problem: the “progressive” position on every issue you mentioned isn’t going to become reality with Bernie Sanders. It just isn’t. Bernie doesn’t have coat-tails. He doesn’t have the skills to make it happen. He’s an outsider, it’s part of his whole personae, but outsiders don’t have political capital so they can’t get shit done. All he can do is gripe. Thousands will show up to hear him gripe because his gripes are valid and people share his gripes. But, complaining is not a solution. THAT is the reality we are dealing with.

      He has spent 30 years in office and the past, what, 8 months on the campaign trail, right? But he hasn’t changed any minds about single payer, “free” college tuition, etc. His ideas have not caught on within the larger political sphere. In fact, support for his proposals drops when people learn how much it costs.

      And I can hear you saying, “But Hillary won’t give me x, y, z on these issues,” but the fact is, she will give you some of what you want, and she won’t lose you ground. Trump will actually lose you ground on every single issue you mentioned.

      Single payer is such a good example, because Hillary started out supporting single-payer. That’s when she first got slammed with the whole “Hillary Care” BS. Remember that? And what happened? Democrats lost Congress because of it, and Republicans have been spreading lies about her ever since. If Hillary was fighting for single-payer so many years ago, when she was First Lady and not a politician with an agenda, why would anyone think she wouldn’t support it now if it was something that could actually get done?

      Obama started out as a single-payer guy, too. But before he even took office the other side started gearing for battle. Remember “Conservatives For Patients Rights?” Here’s what I wrote about them back then. And where was Bernie during all of this, and during the whole Obamacare debate? If he had any political capital, if he had any influence, if he really gave a shit about single payer, wouldn’t he have shown up for this fight? Where were the rallies? Where was the organizing?

      Look, when I realized that we couldn’t even get the damn PUBLIC OPTION passed, it became clear to me that single payer was a pipe dream. And call me a hypocrite, but I’ll take getting 20 million people access to health insurance and regulations like no more pre-existing conditions over stubborn intransigence but changing nothing ANY day of the week.

      • Bob Fischer

        Hillary hasn’t figured out what she wants to do about people like me. Bernie has. That’s why he still has support in this race, and that’s why his supporters insist this is still an issues oriented campaign. Just because Hillary quit on her vision of a single payer healthcare system, doesn’t mean those of us that followed her on this issue have quit as well. Those sorts of changes tend not to happen overnight.

        I don’t want some of my pension. I want all of my pension. I’ve earned it and just because some thieving bankers, brokers, and congressmen got together and came up with a way to steal it doesn’t mean I’m going to roll over and play dead while they do it. You’re damn right I want Hillary’s support on this, and other issues. With or without it though, these issues are what we’ll fight for.

        I just wish we could get through to her and get her to understand what is really going on in middle America.

      • I think she’s very well aware of what’s going on in America, perhaps more so than Bernie & his suppoerters, who are the same kind of out of touch academics and white liberal elites who think people are going to start a revolution if things get miserable enough for them. That’s why so many people of color support Hillary: because she DOES get it, doesn’t promise something that will never, ever happen.

      • I’m so old I remember when the Teamsters endorsed Reagan — TWICE. LOL.

        The pension issue is a complicated one, you’re right. I won’t pretend to say I’m very knowledgable about it. But other than repeating over and over ad nauseum that the system is rigged, what exactly would a President Bernie do? Seems like you’d want to keep him in the Senate where stuff actually gets done. And what actually could be done to prevent the pending insolvency of so many of these pensions?

      • “Hillary hasn’t figured out what she wants to do about people like me. Bernie has.”

        He has indeed. He continues to fleece you fools for your donations to pay off his huge campaign debt, when he has no chance of winning. Wake up and smell the grift.

      • BTW I found this story on the Central States Pension. Again, when dealing with the political realities of a Republican Congress, I don’t see how your pension will be fixed by Bernie, or Hillary, or anyone else in the White House. If that really is your #1 issue, you want Bernie in the Senate.

        You’re also going to want to get the House out of Republican control. I really don’t see Bernie doing anything to make this happen, either. Again, it’s the coattails issue. He has none. He just wags that damn finger and tells people what they want to hear, but actually making shit happen? Nah. Congress makes the laws. Congress repeals the laws. Congress sets the premiums the plans pay into the PBGC.

  12. Kosh III

    “I think she’s very well aware of what’s going on in America”
    Is she?
    Didn’t she whine about how broke they were in 2001 because they only had a million or so? When is the last time she took a bus, drove herself, shopped at a grocery store, cleaned her own toilet, worried about paying bills for necessities?
    As far as i’m concerned she just another Corpocrat who’s only aware of the hardships of hedge fund managers because she was/is wined and dined by crooks like Jamie Dimon and Hank Paulson.
    When she gives a damn that e.g. Scott County is losing it’s only hospital and that the county has unemployment over 10%, I’ll vote for her. Of course lots of places are in that situation but you’ll never see her there or anyone else because the DC elites says the economy is booming.

    I agree that Bernie, like Hillary in 08, has lost the nomination but also like Hillary in 08 he’s staying in until the convention. How strenuous were your demands that she drop out before the convention?

    • Oh, so you want someone who rides the bus and buys her own groceries? Sounds like you are looking for a president you can have a beer with. That went super well last time.

      Please. Grow the fuck up.

      • Kosh III

        Grow up? You’re the one throwing the f word like a 6th grader. So much for civility.
        Tel me again how being down to the last million or two is broke?
        Tell me again how taking millions in bribes….er…donations from Wall Street crooks helps her empathize with the man in a wheel chair waiting in the rain for the bus?

      • Yes but in my defense, I always throw the F word. Regardless of the topic. It has nothing to do with civility and everything to do with my chosen mode of discourse. Feel free to do a search for the word “fuck” on my blog, there are hundreds of posts. If you don’t like it, go the fuck elsewhere.

        Enough with the “Wall Street bribes” bullshit. There is NO evidence that as a U.S. Senator or in any other capacity Hillary was “bribed” by Wall Street or anyone else. This is a smear on a public servant who doesn’t deserve it. It’s old, played out, and sexist as shit.

        And as for the disabled guy in a wheelchair waiting for the bus, both Hillary and Bernie have positions on expanding rights and opportunities for the disabled. Here’s Hillary’s. There is little to no difference between the two candidates on this issue (save Bernie’s empty promise to bring about single payer which will NEVER happen).

        In fact, there is very little difference between Bernie and Hillary on a 95% of the issues. Yet Bernie supporters continue to slander her as corrupt, untrustworthy, “taking bribes” and all of that other BS. So congratulations, you’ve drunk Republican Kool-Aid. I hope you’re proud of yourself. Where, might I add, is the evidence that YOU give a shit about a disabled guy in a wheelchair waiting for the damn bus? Because you seem to be aligning yourself with the candidate who openly and unabashedly mocked a disabled reporter. Slow clap.

    • Hillary Clinton was not demonizing Barack Obama in June of 2008. She hasn’t been demonizing Bernie Sanders, bringing up his adult writings and promotions of some truly wacky ideas, though the Republicans can be counted to bring up everything that is documented and to make up more.

      I think Bernie Sanders would have had a far stronger hand in negotiations with Hillary Clinton if he could dial back the campaign to where it was when he was saying no one cared about her e-mails, remember that? I think he has proved that he isn’t even really in charge of any overall strategy of how to use what he’s done in the nomination. He was a person who was well suited to be a Senatorial gadfly, he isn’t skilled enough in national politics to be able to turn what should have been a real opportunity to affect what laws and policies will be made if he doesn’t destroy the only chance for that to happen with the election of Hillary Clinton. I don’t even think he realizes that is his only chance of doing that, at this point. I don’t think he trusts his leadership of his own supporters, I suspect he believes that those still listening to him at this point will abandon him if he takes the only reasonable line that is left to him.

      • Bob Fischer

        People that are accusing Bernie Sanders of an attack campaign aren’t paying attention to his campaign. They are taking out of context sound bites and trying to expand them into something that fits their own rhetoric.

    • I’m so old, I remember Hillary taking a NYC subway and everyone laughing at her. Here’s the problem with the Bernie crowd: if Hillary did start talking about pensions or whatever your pet populist issue is, you’d accuse her of pandering. She will never win with you folks because you’ve allowed the RW cesspool to frame her for you. You bought their bullshit lies about her and Bill and you’re never changing your minds. So fine, run along, enjoy your pity party. And above all, stop acting like we need to beg and plead for your vote. We don’t because it’s not happening anyway.

      • Bob Fischer

        Actually, the plan for at least a significant number of Bernie supporters was to move Hillary’s positions to the left and vote for her in the general. It’s not working out according to plan at this point, but in fairness, who could have foreseen her having to make a move to either keep a democratic base or steal part of a republican base?

        It’s a political conundrum that doesn’t play off ideology very well.

      • Gee and here everyone has been heaping praise on Bernie for “moving Hillary to the left.” Now you’re telling me that didn’t happen? It’s like when she DOES move to the left (on gay marriage for example) she’s pandering. When she holds fast, she’s trying to steal the republican base. Can’t win for losing.

        Honestly, trying to portray Hillary Clinton as a Republican is fucking hilarious. But when your savior is a damn SOCIALIST what do you expect.

        Reality check: Nobody wants a Socialist for President of the USA. You’re so far off the reservation on this one it’s not even funny.

  13. Kosh III

    You are delusional if you don’t think that big donations don’t buy access. Can you or I do like Jamie Dimon and pick up the phone and call Lamar and actually speak to him for an extended period of time? Puhleeze.
    Maybe Hillary thinks she is not influences but that’s even sadder than outright preference.
    I have said before I’ll vote Green for my conscious because it won’t matter one whit in this state. I’d never ever vote Trump (or any R) even though I do agree on some things like making Japan and Korea pay for their own defence instead of us footing the bill. Ditto the EU and Israel.
    I see folks like that on the bus I ride every day. If she really does care than good for her.
    I just think that once she gets in office she will not do just like Bill and veer Right. I’d be thrilled to be proven wrong but we were sold audacity, hope and change once before and all we got was more wars, more revolving doors between lobbyists and the administration(Holder etc) and more of the same corporatism.

    • You live in a bubble, Kosh. You’re never going to be happy. I feel sad for you.

    • And by the way, thanks for proving me right. Most people not already on board with Hillary are never going to vote for her anyway. So why the hell should her campaign be sucking up to Bernie holdouts? Why should she “pander” and offer concessions? You’re never voting for her. You never were going to, you won’t change your mind now. You don’t like her, you never have, you bought the RW spin and it’s entrenched. So, buh-bye.

      • Prup (aka Jim Benton)

        And how better to win Obama loyalists over than to insist that CCornel West be put on the platform committee? Bernie has so destroyed his reputation that there is already a substantial warchest for Al Giordano — think that’s the name — as a Democratic opponent in 2018. Of course, given the salary Jane is paying herself as a consultant, they may not need the money, if the FEC doesn’t hit them too hard. (They already have to pay back the $300.000 for the ‘Pope Trip.’)

      • As a local Democratic Party leader, I tried to remain neutral because of all the young people here who were so enthused about the “revolution”. But like Trump, Sanders began to also say stupid stuff…like “Hillary is not qualified”, when she has such experience for the position, especially for handling foreign policy. Also, it became clear that Bernie HAD to run as a Democrat to have any chance at all to win, and then he started demanding that the DNC change rules to fit him. And insisting that the Platform Committee appoint that long-time HATER of Barack Obama was IT. He and his twin hater, Tavis Smiley have never said one positive word about our Black President, going back to 2007. And I heard yesterday that Sanders still has “reasons” for not making public his tax returns. So I am hoping that our young people will come to realize that we still have to play by the rules or work to gain the integrity and respect to change the process from the inside, not claiming they ‘won’t vote at all. Who would win if they make that decision ?

      • Yeah, Cornell West called President Obama a “house n—-er,” yes? The Sanders campaign, and all of the spin about it, has discounted people of color completely. I love when the media says that Bernie has “working class people” compared to Hillary. Well, that’s only true if you discount all of the working class African Americans behind Hillary!

  14. Jim in Memphis

    If the parachute stunt goes bad then that will answer the question on who will be the nominee.

    • Kathleen

      The question would also be whom to blame – Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Hillary Clinton, President Obama, or all of the above.