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From Tennessee State Rep. John Ray Clemmons, Democrat (of course), of Nashville:


Clemmons is referring to the anti-GLBT counseling bill our Republican state legislature recently passed and which our Republican governor signed into law. Two counseling groups pulled conventions out of Nashville over the legislation, even though the Nashville delegation to the legislature overwhelming opposed the bills, in effect punishing those who agree with them.

And God, I am so sick of the hypocrisy. I’m sure the GLBT community really appreciates the thoughts and prayers of Republicans who have devoted the past few years to telling them who they can marry, where they can pee, which counselor they can see, which bakery and pizza parlor to do business with, etc. In fact, enter the search terms “TN anti-gay bill” into any search engine and you’ll find a long list of “thoughts and prayers” from Tennessee Republicans.

Oh lookie, here are some:

tn anti gay bill

Take your thoughts and prayers and shove them, you transparent, phobic, phonies. And stop telling me the enemy is “radical Islam.” The Orlando shooter didn’t need to go to Syria to learn how to hate gay people, we’ve got plenty of assholes spouting that shit right here at home. Some even have friends in very high places. The fact that the Orlando shooter was Muslim, not Christian, seems to be more a matter of time zones and determination.


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14 responses to “Tweet Of The Day

  1. Bob Fischer

    Let’s face it. The root causes of this shooting were homophobia and easy access to weapons, two cornerstone principles of the Republican platform, and, I might add, principles that will be doubled down on with a Trump presidency. When you take the wrapping paper off this situation, this guy was just trying to fit in with his republican brethren.

    • You are either an idiot-savante or a clairvoyant. Congratulations in either case.

      • Bob Fischer

        I prefer the term enlightened. It appears this young man was struggling with his own identity and snapped. He will become the poster child for angry, disturbed individuals.

  2. G S Herscher

    Bob Fischer raises an interesting question — does anyone know if the shooter was a registered voter, and if so, which party?
    I am not internet savvy enough to check.
    Maybe someone else can do it.

    • Larry

      He was a registered Democrat. Voter ID# 114484524.

      Omar MS Marteen (that’s how it reads in the registration)
      2513 S. 17th St., Apt #107
      Fort Pierce, FL 34982
      (This is Woodland Condominiums, a small & non-descript complex, about a mile east of Indian River State College, which he attended.)

      Marteen voted in Florida’s Dem presidential primary in March. The choices were Hillary, Bernie and Martin O’Malley.

      If you’d like to see for yourself…
      Birthdate: Nov. 16, 1986

      While I’m on a role, his parents’ home, where he’d collected mail:

  3. greennotgreen

    Unfortunately, due to recent news, I had occasion to visit recently. I was amazed to see how many mass shootings (4+ victims not included the killer) there were already in 2016…and then I scrolled to the bottom of the page and found that it was page 1 of 7. 137 so far this year! And a tiny minority involving “radical Islamists’, and an even tinier minority that were the result of actual organized (or semi-organized) “radical Islamic terrorists.”

    Mostly, it’s just bad men or crazy men with guns.

    So, which do we get rid of? The Muslims or the men or the guns?

    • Someone somewhere came up with the figure that 4% of US mass shootings have been perpetrated by Muslims. So why do we focus on the 4% and ignore the 96%?

  4. ThresherK

    You’ll find a long list of “thoughts and prayers” from Tennessee Republicans.

    I’m not a tabloid newpaper sort, but to steal from the New York Daily News GOD ISN’T FIXING THIS, EITHER!