Problems With Symbols

I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised that a party which has turned dog-whistle politics into an art form has run into trouble with its use of a controversial symbol. But c’mon, guys. Just ‘fess up, apologize, say you screwed up, and get on with your lives.

I mean, really: a “Sheriff’s star”? That’s as hilarious as when Sarah Palin claimed those crosshairs on her ad targeting Democrats were “surveyor’s marks” after Gabby Giffords was shot.

Or that time the Republican Party claimed the Confederate Flag wasn’t racist, just “misunderstood.”

I think it’s pretty funny when the Republican Party uses these images and symbols and then tries to tell everyone that you didn’t really see what you know damn well they wanted you to see.


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2 responses to “Problems With Symbols

  1. Larry

    I guess Trump still believes there’s no such thing as bad publicity, just so long as they spell your name right. In an alternate universe, I’m also hoping he wins, just to see how screwed up everything becomes. You might agree that, real-world consequences aside, it’d be fascinating…like some dumbass “end of days” movie plot come to life.

  2. Democommie

    I can certainly see how a busy man like Teh Dongald would not have time to ask one of his “people”* to vet the material that he approves for his campaign. But it’s prolly some cantaloupe-calved crypto messican that said that it was a good idea to go all up in the face of AIPAC.

    On a cheerier note…ManUnited, Manchester England’s “ONLYyourfeet!–football team”; has just retained the services of Jose Mourinho, of Portugal, as their team’s new coach. I wonder if THAT is why they voted, “Remain” in the Brexit.

    * “people” in the sense of 3/5ths wage slaves–if they ever get fucking paid.