The Gentleman From Indiana Has Me LMAO


LOL. Guessing this marriage, like so many of Trump’s others, won’t last:


It appears Indiana Gov. Mike Pence drew the short straw and is Donald Trump’s choice for VP. The irony that a fundie-gelical, “born again Catholic” is taking the second chair to thrice-married, “Two Corinthians” Trump is hysterical.

The idea that the “pro-gay” Trump would pick a guy who signed the country’s most anti-gay “religious freedom” bill, launching damaging and expensive corporate boycotts, is hilarious.

That Donald Trump, who claims he’d be terrific for women, would tap the governor who just signed a spate of anti-choice, anti-woman bills into law (including one requiring funerals for miscarried or aborted fetuses), is comical.

Honestly, I don’t see what Mike Pence brings to the ticket except to take a controversial, divisive figure off Indiana Republicans’ hands.

Anyone who likes Gov. Pence was already on board with Trump, no? Indiana is reliably red, no?

I don’t get it.


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7 responses to “The Gentleman From Indiana Has Me LMAO

  1. Joseph Stans

    I feel certain that a lot of people in Indiana are relieved that he is sort of out of the way for a while.

  2. Randy

    MetaTrump. Art of the No deal Deal.

  3. Trump’s options were limited. He could only choose a person who would not refuse. I am sure the list was small. Trying to find someone who might broaden the appeal of the ticket was an impossible task. No, and I mean no Republican with moderate views would ever consider being on the ticket unless they wanted to end their political careers. And Trump, I believe, is not interested in doing this. Throughout the primary, pundits would look for and publicize evidence that he was moving towards the center. He has no intent of doing this. He will double down on his hateful, crazy behavior in the general. This election is a litmus test on the soul of America.

  4. I really hope this blows up in so many ways. The utter hypocrisy of Mike Pence is the utter hypocrisy of just about all of the right wing who will not hold Trump’s most unevangelical life style against him. I think who will and who won’t support Trump has the potential to define the religious right who are actually religious, I’m guessing probably fewer than 5% and those for whom it is a mere tribal identity or the hucksters like Dobson for who it is about as religious as some medical fraud is for the snake oil peddlers who push it.

    • CNN headline this morning: “Pence now says he backs Trump’s Muslim ban after calling it “offensive and unconstitutional” in December.” Remember when being a flip=flopper was a bad thing? Good times.

  5. Prup (aka Jim Benton)

    To quote Steve Benen, from Friday — based on some Nate Silver charts:

    Let’s put this another way: during his congressional career, Pence wasn’t just more conservative than Paul Ryan. His voting record also put him to the right of Michele Bachmann, Todd Akin, Steve King, and even Louie Gohmert. That’s not an exaggeration. Bachmann, Akin, King, and Gohmert all had voting records less extreme than Mike Pence.