Tonight when Chelsea Clinton introduces her mother at the DNC, I’m going to be thinking about when she first came to the White House. I’m going to be thinking about when she was just 12 years old and her father had just been elected president, but had yet to be sworn into office. And she was subjected to this:

Limbaugh began the segment by noting that the New York Daily News’ David Hinckley published a list of who’s entering and leaving the White House. Limbaugh stated: “He says, In: A cute kid in the White House. Out: Cute dog in the White House.’ Could — could we see the cute kid? Let’s take a look at — see who is the cute kid in the White House.”

The program then put up a picture of Millie, the Bush family’s dog. Limbaugh responded, in mock confusion, “No, no, no, no. That’s not the kid.” The program then puts up a picture of Chelsea Clinton, with Rush saying, “that’s the kid.”

After the audience had finished laughing and applauding, Limbaugh said, according to Nexis’ transcript: “No, just kidding.”

Limbaugh then related the story of how he once apologized for calling Amy Carter, the daughter of President Carter, “the most unattractive presidential daughter in the history of the country.” He added: “I apologize again. I — that’s the third time the crew makes a mistake by showing you Millie the dog when I intended to show you Chelsea Clinton, and then I followed with that terrible story.”

Then, according to the transcript, Limbaugh spanked himself. “I’ll do it with my left hand. I — I’m right-handed, so it won’t hurt as much.”

This didn’t occur on some far reaches of the AM dial accessible to just a few die-hards with a tin can and string long enough to hear it. No, this was on his syndicated television show — executive produced by Roger Ailes.

I’m remembering this, also from Rush Limbaugh:

According to Limbaugh, Clinton stopped the elevator and said, “Oh Rush, I’ve wanted to see you for so long, and nobody would believe it.”

Limbaugh continued, saying that Clinton asked him, “Would you, would you make a real woman out of me? I said, Sure, let’s take off our clothes. So I took mine off, and I pointed and I said, now fold them.”

I’m remembering this from Tucker Carlson:

Welcome to you both. Sorry, a little editorial comment had to — I mean, you’ve gotta admit, when you watch that, it does get right to heart of people’s instinctive problems with Hillary, which don’t have to do with policy. It’s not like Hillary is some communist or something. You know what I mean? She’s no more liberal than [Sen.] Barack Obama [D-IL]. She’s more conservative probably in some ways. But there’s just something about her that feels castrating, overbearing, and scary.

Again, this was on MSNBC. Not some obscure radio program, but on the “liberal” cable TV channel. Years and years of this shit, people. As a woman, as a professional, it’s beyond offensive. If it had been me I’d have wanted to run for the fucking hills.

But that’s not what we Democrats do. Nothing screams “I won” louder than being the Democratic Party’s nominee for president, and having your daughter introduce you to the nation on this historic night, while your detractors sink ever-deeper into irrelevance.


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6 responses to “Victorious

  1. Peter Adrastos Athas

    I remember the Limbaugh thing very well. In a word: disgusting.

  2. ” But there’s just something about her that feels castrating, overbearing, and scary.

    Poor lil’ Tucker. That’s what happens when you try to cover up that there’s nothing left to castrate. Sorry, SB. I disregarded Michelle Obama’s wise advice, “When they go low, we go high.” We’re not all as strong as Michelle Obama. Sometimes when they go low, I go low.

    • Me too. Yet another reason I love the Obamas. They are way better people than I am.

      • Kathleen

        They (and Hillary) are much better people than I could be, considering what they’ve endured. The Bernie Bots damn well better not heckle her tonight.

      • A group of them are supposedly going to try to stage a “citizens arrest” of Hillary during her acceptance speech. I will enjoy watching them meet the Secret Service if that happens.