You’ve Come A Long Way, Maybe

The Los Angeles Times is rightfully getting some heat for running a photo of President Bill Clinton to accompany a story about Hillary’s historic nomination.

Like other newspapers, The Times illustrated its main story Wednesday on Hillary Clinton’s historic nomination for president with a photo — of her husband.

Of course, Bill Clinton is no ordinary spouse of a candidate (and neither was Hillary Clinton when her husband was president). Still, many readers detected a whiff of sexism in The Times’ decision to feature a large photo of the former president basking the adulation of the Democratic National Convention crowd when it was the former secretary of State who received her party’s nomination for president.

Gee, I’m not sure “other papers did it, too,” and, “Bill Clinton is no ordinary spouse,” are worthy excuses. And I missed the apology in these two paragraphs, too.

My God but it’s going to be a long three and a half months.


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13 responses to “You’ve Come A Long Way, Maybe

  1. Kathleen

    Still SMH over the media’s obsessing over the fee fees of Sanders and his cult and its demand that Hillary “make them feel better” while marginalizing the historic significance of her nomination. Bernie looked miserable during the proceedings. Can you imagine if Hillary had behaved that way how media would have treated her in 2008?

    Also, too, if you’ve seen this I apologize, but this article tells you everything you want to know about Sanders and his Dead Enders. The fact that they couldn’t grasp the reality of the numbers boggles my mind. I’ve never seen anything like that in my 60+ years of following politics. Again, if it were Hillary supporters behaving this way we’d never hear the end of it.

    • The fact that they couldn’t grasp the reality of the numbers boggles my mind.

      Well, because Bernie kept telling them they still had a chance, long after that was mathematically possible. He lied. And I’m sorry, but this post about Jill Stein really resonates with me, and not just regarding third parties but also what Bernie tried to do. You don’t try to transform American politics every four fucking years. You do the work by fielding your candidates — be they Greens or Progressives or whatever else — EVERY GODDAMN ELECTION. Elections are every year, not every two years or every four years. EVERY SINGLE YEAR there is an election. You want things to shift left? Then build your movement from the grassroots at the local level. Why is it in Tennessee we have so many uncontested races where the Republican has no opposition? Or the Democrat is a Blue Dog? Build your movement, make your case, find your candidate. Knock on doors, go to the neighborhood meetings. Don’t think that pulling some name out of the hat and saying “Hey, she’s further to the left of Jim Cooper” or whatever is going to cut it. It won’t. It’s hard work and why am I not surprised that the Bernie Babies some constitutionally allergic to that concept?

  2. “Still, many readers detected a whiff of sexism…” On no! Unpossible. The “newspaper of record” lets Maureen Dowd, David Brooks, and Ross Douthat loose on the world. Why should we expect anything different?

    • Kathleen

      June, you’re too kind. The NYT rewards St. MoDo, Patron Saint of Perpetual Petulance, BoBo and RoDo for word pooping on the world.

      • Kathleen

        For some strange reason that Dan Savage article reminds me of Chuck Todd interviewing President Obama.
        CT to PBO: “You didn’t mention Syria.”

        Transcript of PBO 3 paragraphs above: Syria Syria Syria

      • And you know I just checked my Friday NYT and their front page didn’t feature a photo of Hillary either (tho it had a picture of a female Hillary supporter). Weird.

      • Kathleen, I can’t be too mean to The Old Gray Lady.

      • Kathleen

        June: I understand. I’m Irish and carry grudges. I can’t forget their pimping Whitewater as a real “scandal” for beating the drums for the Iraq invasion.

      • June B Butler

        Kathleen, with the NYT and the Clintons, it smacks of a decades long vendetta. Of course, this is the newspaper that gave us Judith Miller, so I don’t know why I continue to be somewhat surprised at what they publish.