The Internet Is Full Of Bad Ideas

From what vat of stupid did this monumental piece of crap spring?


Ryan Lizza is the Washington correspondent for The New Yorker, also a CNN contributor. Not exactly a Fox News pundit. And yet, this is Breitbart-level stupidity. So, the Democratic nominee should willingly relinquish the crown jewel of the election to stop the Republican Party’s petard-hoisting which is providing us all so much amusement? I don’t think so, buddy.

I am so sick of this “Villager” wisdom from our betters in the political-intellectual circle jerk known as the Washington press.


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10 responses to “The Internet Is Full Of Bad Ideas

  1. Joe

    The irony is that Obama essentially did that – he nominated a moderately liberal judge to replace Scalia; one easily ten years older than usual in an attempt to move this forward. And a well respected jurist previously confirmed with broad bipartisan support. Mind you, he could have nominated a moderately conservative judge and that still would have moved the court to the left.

    • No. What Obama did was nominate someone he thought Senate Republicans could vote for, because they’d voted for him in the past. A pragmatic decision, typical of Obama and I’d say most presidents. He did not blithely “give away” a nomination to the Supreme Court to the Republican Party.

      And what’s so funny is that Republicans saw Obama’s pragmatic, reasonable choice and had a temper tantrum. “NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE ZOMG HE’S A TYRANT,” etc. So typical.

      I don’t know what our chances are for taking back the Senate this election but it seems like we were told they were pretty good a few months ago. I hope that is still the case.

  2. Oh, she’s a CNN pundit, so…..

  3. Kosh III

    It’s not just CNN but most of the media has abandoned all pretense of ethical journalism. It’s about ratings, advertising, moneymoneyMONEY.

  4. CB

    “…the political-intellectual circle jerk known as the Washington press.”

    I think you’re being too kind.

  5. …No. No, No, FUCK NO. Not Happenin’. Nevermind that they would =never= make the same offer if the shoe were on the other foot.

    No Mercy, No Quarter. Break ’em on the Wheel.

  6. Democommie

    Call me a cynic but I’m fairly certain that if Hilary offered to have Sotomayer, Ginsburg and any other insufficiently testiculaKKKristinistical justices whacked and replaced with Phil Robertson, Jim Inhofe and the like AND sent them Slick Willie’s head in a cooler–they’d still complain.

    Fuck ’em.

  7. Randy

    Damn. I’m torn between the slightly idiosyncratic “Break ’em on the Wheel” or the old reliable “Fuck ’em.”