Ha Ha He Was Totally Kidding You Guys

Donald Trump’s surrogates are scrambling to defend the GOP candidate, who mentioned the possibility of “2nd Amendment Solutions” to stop Hillary Clinton’s Supreme Court nominations.

This seems to be a theme with the Republican fringe. Remember this?


Someone remind me what happened not long after the above appeared? Oh, yeah. This.

What the fuck is wrong with people?


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5 responses to “Ha Ha He Was Totally Kidding You Guys

  1. Of course Trump is back-pedalling this like a unicyclist on a tightrope wire. Although he may be right about one thing. Second amendment people and NRA guys, for the most part, are great Americans. In some ways not so different than normal people. They would no sooner think about killing an innocent victim than would you or I. The trouble is when the people in power go overboard, like when they killed the Kennedys. Or when disturbed and dangerous personalities are stimulated to go out and kill by irresponsible rhetoric. So sure, Donald. The NRA can rally the troops and stop Hillary, just like they have stopped everyone before her for the last twenty-five years. I guess this is the second amendment solution you were referring to. I think it may be a little bit more of a fair fight the next time around with Hillary at the helm. Obama didn’t really want to be hated any more than he already was. He truly was a president for all Americans.
    But in right-wing politics, the term solution takes on a much more sinister meaning. Hitler’s final solution. “Take care of it,” say the TV and movie gangsters when they order a sanction. When a problem is solved, it is solved by extermination.
    But no, Donald. As usual you are lying through your teeth about something you never should have said. I think it is time for the DOJ to start building a case against Trump. If the rhetoric ramps up or even crosses the line again by constituting a legitimate threat or call to violence, Trump can be arrested, held in detention and prosecuted for making terrorist threats.
    I’m sure the U.S. wouldn’t mind having Obama stay in the White House another year or two while Donald clears his name in a court of law.

  2. Kathleen

    I’m sure the media will find a way back to Hillary’s email and “likability” problem very quickly. They hate it when they’re diverted from their real mission. And that will be how they view this. BTW, I blame them in good measure for coddling Trump.

  3. Democommie

    Flying junior:

    A number of people who I know, pretty well, are stand up guys–but at least asmany of them are dickheads for whom the term “Innocent bystander” would only apply to them and their immediate families. Folks like that as swipe Greg who used to foam at the mouth over at Mikeb32000. Just sayin’.

    Trump is an asshole, as are those who agree with him.