Congratulations, Unidentified Idaho Man! You’re Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour

It takes a special kind of genius to be sitting on the john with your .357 and fire it by accident, sending the bullet into your neighbors’ house. But that’s just what this one fellow did:

Police: Man accidently fires gun while on toilet

Police say a 22-year-old man was sitting on his toilet Saturday afternoon on the 1000 block of Bonnie Court when he accidentally discharged a .357 Magnum pistol and fired a bullet into his neighbor’s home.

Moscow Police Capt. Paul Kwiatkowski said the bullet went through a wall, television and window before traveling through the door of a home on Rodeo Drive.

No one was injured.

Police cited the man for suspicion of discharging a weapon inside city limits.

Especially distressing is that he was cited for “discharging a weapon inside city limits,” not, you know, negligent handling of a firearm. Extra points for hitting a house on “Rodeo Drive.” Wild, Wild West, y’all.


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2 responses to “Congratulations, Unidentified Idaho Man! You’re Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour

  1. Larry

    My best guess? He was straining, while his finger was on the trigger….in case someone might try to to burst into his bathroom. “Stand your brown.”

  2. Democommie

    More like:

    “This is my penis this is my gun, one is for killing, the other’s for fun.”.

    Or, maybe he was having some sort of erotic fantasy involving Wayne LaPierre.