Mas Tacos!

Hey Democrats! Are you ready to turn Election Day 2016 into Taco Tuesday? I think we are!

Ever since Latinos For Trump founder Marco Gutierrez made his bizarre statement about taco trucks on every corner if we don’t do something, now!, Democrats have had a good time trolling this weird bit of fearmongering. I mean, I’m so old, I remember when Republicans fearmongered about mushroom clouds and duct tape & plastic sheeting. Now it’s taco trucks and lesbian farmers? Guys, you aren’t even trying anymore!

Not long after the taco truck comment, Hillary Clinton Tweeted this photo:


Then came the Denver Democrats, who set up a taco truck outside Trump’s Denver campaign HQ, where they registered voters:


Then the Arizona Democrats hosted a taco truck outside their Phoenix office today and mocked the Republicans with this sign:


And in Detroit, the owners of Tacos el Caballo parked their taco truck outside the church where Donald Trump did his “black outreach” today, where they did brisk business:


Ah, the eternal joy of the Trump Surrogate. The gift that keeps on giving!

I, for one, welcome our taco truck overlords. So if this is the Republican dystopian future, bring it on! There is a taco truck right outside my workplace (yes, on a corner, why do you ask?) and I have enjoyed delicious chicken tacos for a mere $2 and a wonderful, cane sugar Mexican Coke on more than one occasion. But while it’s fine to laugh about this, I must say, I’m very disturbed by Gutierrez’s comment. Because what he said, his entire comment, was this:

My culture is a very dominant culture, and it’s imposing, and it’s causing problems. If you don’t do something about it, you’re going to have taco trucks on every corner.”

Let that one sink in for a minute. He’s saying the problem is the Latino culture, and uses food as an example of that. He’s not talking about jobs, or crime, or “free stuff,” any of the other bullshit arguments people like Donald Trump have used to justify their hard-line attitude toward immigrants, documented or otherwise. He says the problem is his culture.

How fucked up is that? Every wave of immigrants to these shores has brought their native culture with them and in the process of assimilation, enriched American life. We have Christmas trees because of German and Scandinavian immigrants. We have spaghetti suppers and St. Patrick’s Day because of the Italians and Irish. We have salsa dancing because of the South Americans and Cubans. We have the blues and jazz and Creole food and quilting and a hundred other wonderful things because of African culture. Chinese and Japanese food are incredibly popular in the U.S. Etc. etc. etc. And that’s just the obvious stuff.

The idea that someone would be so self-hating as to say the problem is their culture just boggles the mind.


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4 responses to “Mas Tacos!

  1. Joseph Stans

    Damn!` I don’t have a taco truck on my corner! What’s with this? If I’m going to be threatened with an imminent Hispanic invasion, I want tacos! And beer. Mostly tacos. And some of those tasty fried chips.

  2. Randy

    I can never seem to get out to L.A. but have passed through LAX several times. There are Kogi trucks in the terminal. (I don’t know if a Korean BBQ taco truck in an airline terminal equals a Mexican truck on a corner but I felt compelled to type this. It’s easier than arguing with the voices.)