Brute Strength

We all know conservatives have Daddy Issues, but fer crying out loud, they’ve actually started worshipping dictators and authoritarians? First Hugh Hewitt praises Vladimir Putin for being a “strong leader” compared to our “weak” POTUS, and then this from Republican pollster and political spinmeister Frank Luntz:



He knows that people who don’t profess support for North Korea’s dear leader find themselves before a firing squad, right? Was this supposed to be a joke?

Is this some kind of projection resulting from their own cultural impotence?


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9 responses to “Brute Strength

  1. Lordy, what is WRONG with these chicken shit cowards. First, they are afraid of Hillary…and now they are committing TREASON sucking up to our mortal enemies. And Putin is eating it up. Sedition, betrayal of our country, and people are so ignorant to even repeat all this crap. I am so proud of the co-owner of Facebook who has pledged $20 million to support our candidate and is AGAINST the election of the EVIL racist. And no, these pundits have sunk so low that this is NOT a joke. And the GOP in Congress is impotent and have never been able to defeat our totally strong, courageous, intelligent President. And in all that ‘work’, they have totally destroyed their Party !

  2. Larry

    While you’re each spot on, SB & Mary, it’s disheartening to know that most/all of us who follow this blog are essentially preaching to the cyberspace choir, while nothing changes in the outside world. FWIW, my degree’s in political science and I’ll admit to lately becoming vewy afwaid for Nov. 8th. This guy could win, by the sheer force of his bluster.

    Here in Florida, a candidate named Alex Sink…pretty well qualified….barely lost to Rick Scott in the 2010 gubernatorial race, thus sending our state back to the Stone Age. She was up against not only Scott’s personal riches (sounds familiar?) but her own stunningly bad campaign style, or lack of one, period. Like Sink, Hillary is not a good campaigner, I fear. When Trump was stumbling so much in the media (well, even more than usual) earlier this summer, I’d believed this contest was hers to lose.

    Now, I’m far from certain that’s still the case….and God, I hope I’m wrong. On a small but related note, HC needs to stop the avalanche of “um”‘s she utters in answering questions, as during the recent commander-in-chief town hall. She did not come across as decisive. So, yeah, I’m worried. More than the past norm, this election cycle seems all to do with image and not substance…obviously so, in Trump’s case. Fight, Hillary…fight! And, practice, dammit. It’s how you get to Carnegie Hall.

  3. gbbalto

    I THINK he’s being sarcastic about Trump noting that Putin enjoys 82% support. Luntz isn’t stupid enough to really mean this.

  4. Kosh III

    Off topic but I did not want SB to miss this outbreak of gun stupidity

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  6. Look, Republicans are stupid people. If they were smart they wouldn’t be Republicans. Republicans have nothing to offer anyone and never have, unless, of course, you’re a member of the 1% club. It’s really that simple. Luntz is a stupid man and always has been. This statement on Kim Jong-Un should be more than enough confirmation for anyone. All Luntz has ever done is tap into the simple mind of stupid people and find simple dog whistle shit that they can understand. The man is stupid and sadly there’s a lot more out there where he came from.