I Have Questions 

Kudos to law enforcement for their quick apprehension of the Texas bombing suspect.

Wait, Texas? Yup:

Cary Lee Ogborn, 50, was arrested late Friday after retrieving a package he thought contained explosives powerful enough to maim or kill people or destroy buildings.

This is the other terror plot from last weekend, the one cable news ignored, probably because the guy’s name is Cary Lee Ogborn, not something Muslim-y like Ahmed or Mohammed.

I’d like to know where Ogborn was radicalized. Did he act alone? Did he belong to a church or other group which spread anti-U.S. beliefs? Is he part of a larger network, or is he a “lone wolf”? What materials did he read, what radio shows did he listen to, what websites did he visit?

We may never know because this story has gone virtually ignored.

If I find out I’ll let you know. In the meantime, I’m without a computer this week, and am posting this via my iPhone. Please forgive any mistakes or typos.


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11 responses to “I Have Questions 

  1. Jim in Memphis

    From the article – “He served time for 1989 convictions for auto theft, and possession of cocaine and marijuana.” I understand giving second chances, but 1989 convictions? :p.

  2. Democommie


    Re: Jimbo(B); “hair on fire” is the default.

  3. Democommie

    Southern Beale:

    I’m pretty sure that we’ve moved from,”scary black man” to, “scary non-white man”. Soon, it will be “scary NOTME man”.

  4. Democommie

    On a lighter note.

    I just got a breathless e-mail from Yahoo. It was about them finding out that my accounts personal data might have been “hacked by a govermental actor”–might that be Jack Bauer? Anyway, it’seems very, Very,VERY important that I take actions to safeguard my data by changing ALL my accounts’ passwords.

    Good information. However, it would have better if they had notified me around the time it happened in 20FUCKING14!

  5. The cabloids don’t report news, they peddle paranoia, conspiracy theorizing, anti-government corporate propaganda and racist-sexist-anythingist hatred, fear and loathing for their own profit. Only our constitutional system is too stupid to distinguish between that and factual reporting so they get to be the ass-end that wags, not only the dog but the entire country.

    We need a 21st century constitution that doesn’t pretend we’re still in the quill pen and horse drawn coach world. One that learned something of how despots have used the mass media to seize power and get lots of people killed.