Congratulations, Adam Tingle! You’re Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour

Armed Bardstown, Kentucky responsible citizen fires his AR-15 at a creepy clown terrorizing his neighborhood, turns out it was just a lady walking her dog. Slow clap for the well-regulated militia in action:

A man used his AR-15 gun to scare a woman wearing a white afghan Monday after mistaking her for clown, according to a citation from the Bardstown Police Department.

According to the citation, a woman was walking her dog down Burlington Court wearing a white afghan when a man yelled at her and then fired an AR-15.

The man, Adam Tingle, said his wife was outside when she thought she saw a clown, so Tingle came out and yelled at the individual, according to the citation. The woman did not move after being yelled at, so Tingle fired one shot from his AR-15 rifle in an attempt to scare her. Tingle’s wife then called 911 to report the incident.

According to the citation, Tingle said he was scared for his family because of recent criminal activities involving clowns.

I doubt the Founding Fathers anticipated this many morons would populate our great nation when they wrote the Second Amendment.


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7 responses to “Congratulations, Adam Tingle! You’re Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour

  1. Joseph Stans

    He’s lying. hE’s been looking ofr anexcuse totot the gun every chance he gets. “…current criminal activities involving clowns.” Clearly he is referring to activities by trump and his campaign.

  2. Larry

    On a side note and, as an astute reader’s comment in the original article notes, the reporter doesn’t know the diff between an afghan and a kaftan. Unless this woman was walking her dog while dressed entirely in a white blanket. Given this happened in Kentucky, and as Muskie Muskrat might offer in a Deputy Dawg cartoon, “It’s poss-i-bool.”

    Sorry…just getting fed up over idiots like Adam Tingle. It’d not surprise me that, drunk or not, he’d made up the “clown” excuse for firing.

  3. The lady was wearing an Afghan? Maybe the shooter thought she WAS Afghan and shot thinking she was a secret Mooselum terresist. When told she was actually White Euro, the guy changed his story to “scary clown” to avoid looking like a racist.

  4. Democommie

    In fairness, when it was written, morons like Tingle were indentured servants and not expected to work off their debt before dying.

  5. Maybe she was lucky that a militia type nut fired a warning shot. The police might have killed her. (Shoot first and ask questions later.)

  6. Well, the guy was mistaken, but I’m not sure why people are objecting to shooting clowns.

  7. If Mr. Tingle cannot tell the difference between a woman wearing white and a clown, perhaps his eyesight is too poor for him to be firing a weapon?