I Don’t Feel Sorry For The Crazy Party

This election just reached Defcon Crazy. I don’t even know what to think, except that I don’t see how Donald Trump can stay in the race at this point. But on the other hand, he’s such a stubborn narcissist, and his supporters are so crazy themselves, I don’t see how he can drop out.

Republicans are in a fine pickle, my friends. Trump is bleeding “elites” — Hugh Hewitt, Mike Crapo, John Thune, Kelly Ayotte, John McCain, etc. etc. have all withdrawn support. The RNC has reportedly halted its Victory Project activities. Paul Ryan disinvited Trump from a rally today.

But Trump is standing firm, in interviews and on Twitter:


And his ardent supporters are standing behind him. Paul Ryan was booed and heckled by Trump supporters at his rally today — the one he’d disinvited the candidate from:

Defiant Trump supporters voiced their frustration at Ryan and other Republicans who spoke at the county fairgrounds in front of two large American flags, rows of pumpkins and stacks of straw. Ryan — who said Friday he was “sickened” by Trump’s words — was heckled with shouts of “Shame on you!” and “You turned your backs on us!”

(By the way, has anyone checked on Ted Cruz? Seems like just yesterday he was endorsing Trump. He’s gotta be kicking himself now.)

Trump has people who love him precisely because he’s a boor and a pig and a bigot, not despite. These are the people who are cheering the candidate on now (note the 57k “likes” on that Tweet as of 2:40 pm today, a number which had grown to 62k as of 7:40 pm). That chorus of fans is all his ego needs to convince him to stay in the race. And will the RNC make that impossible by withdrawing financial support, GOTV assistance, etc? I don’t see how, especially as they have down-ticket races they are desperate to win. Replacing Trump on the ticket seems increasingly impossible, and by the way: how hypocritical is it that just yesterday Republicans told us they couldn’t extend voter registration a day because of a hurricane, but now some want to scrap the entire ticket (or at least half of it)? Puh-leeze!

Sorry, Republicans, but you own this one. No, actually, not sorry. Not sorry at all. You had ample evidence that Donald Trump was unfit for office, a sleaze and a bigot and someone who would definitely cause problems for you as the nominee. To your party’s credit, some of you actually realized this early on. Kudos to the #NeverTrump crowd who showed some spine.

Too many conservatives didn’t (and still don’t). I especially love those phony Christians like Tony Perkins, who would rather support a man who brags about how he can grab a woman’s crotch because he’s famous, than the Democrat, because,

[…] Christians “are left with a choice of voting for the one who will do the least damage to our freedoms.”

Yeah, nothing screams “freedom” like having your privates mauled by a famous guy. Let’s empower this perv by making him president! But I digress.

We’ve known Trump is repulsive for months. We’ve seen the evidence. We heard him say despicable things about Mexicans, Latinos, people of color, Muslims, atheists, you name it. We’ve seen the lawsuits. The New York Times wrote about his refusal to rent to African Americans. The Los Angeles Times wrote about how he wanted to fire unattractive women. We heard what he said about Miss Universe. None of this is new, guys. Somehow seeing it on video is more powerful, I get it. And so maybe this is the last straw. But I don’t see an out here for anyone on the right. Just take your lumps, lose the election, and for God’s sake, try to figure out how you fucked up and gave the big prize away to a despicable turd like Donald Trump.


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10 responses to “I Don’t Feel Sorry For The Crazy Party

  1. Joseph Stans

    It is nice to see the republicans drive the level of political discourse to new heights.

    Conservative message boards must be excited. They normally are not exposed to words like “pussy” and “fuck” unless they are at a smoker or a bar or the backroom at the Elks Club.

    I can imagine the overweight and flustered men aroused and driving home after a night of political discussions and parcheesi.

    Imagine an irresistible forces like that running into the immovable objects of their wives jacked to the top button of their long sleeve wool dresses after a day of political discussion at canasta. There is gonna be sex tonight and we may leave the lights on.

    Sigh. there may be birth spike in nine or ten months.

  2. ThresherK

    Hey SoBe: You and I* can take pride in being on the “Bob Roberts” bandwagon several election cycles before it became prophecy.

    We did our best to warn them. Now it’s popcorn time.

    (*And a number of other liberals)

  3. They’re not confused as to why Trump is the candidate. They know EXACTLY why he is, but to admit that in public would be to admit just how wrong they’ve been about =everything= for the past 40 years, so…

  4. Kosh III

    Please don’t forget that “freedom” means Tony Perkins and Jerry Falwell can abuse, hate and discriminate against gay people.

  5. Kosh III

    I am hoping that this shatters the GOP. Not for the sake of malice but so that it leads to a renewal of the party as the rational party it once was. The party of Dirksen and Howard Baker.
    Remember what happened to Labour after Mrs Thatcher won? Labour broke into two parties; a centrist and a radical party. The radicals withered away and eventually Labour returned to power; granted Tony Blair was a POS but……

  6. Democommie

    “Have to”, is wrong. They pander to the various KKKrazeez and Haters because they WANT to. Fuck ’em.