OMG I Knew It

If Trump TV becomes reality I am literally giving up on humanity and moving into a yurt in the desert somewhere:

The Republican presidential nominee’s interest in harnessing his political gains and populist appeal for a slice of the cable TV market has long been rumored. His son-in-law, Jared Kushner, has been in contact with Aryeh Bourkoff, founder of investment bank LionTree, about starting a TV network if he’s defeated in the presidential election in November, the FT reported.

Three days ago I wrote that I didn’t want to see anyone associated with the Trump campaign “falling upwards” after this disgusting campaign. That includes giving anyone associated with it their own TV show or, God forbid, an entire cable TV network. Fuck you, Aryeh Bourkoff and LionTree. I’ve never heard of you but anyone even considering doing business with the Trump organization at this point deserves what’s coming their way. Don’t you know everything Donald Trump touches turns to shit? That he has the original touch of merde?

And what fool thinks there’s a market for a hate channel? TLC didn’t exactly win big with Sarah Palin, did it? We already have WhitePrideTV on the internet, do we really need it on cable? Please.

I’m starting to think this was the grift all along.

Meanwhile, let the parodies begin:


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5 responses to “OMG I Knew It

  1. I’m sure Fox News Channel wouldn’t be happy .

  2. Roger Ailes is off of Fox for not living up to its high moral standards and is now behind Trump. Finally! Something about the Trump campaign makes sense.

  3. Joseph Stans

    Don’t worry about it. The desert is safe from your yurt. If trump is involved it will fail in 6 months, it may bring the worthless son down with it and maybe the bank. It will be fodder for much hilarity while it is stumbling along and for a few weeks after.

    Have confidence – Trump and his spawn are not going to turn into winning TV executives any time soon.


  4. Kosh III

    They already have their tokens lined up: Carson for the coloreds, Bachmann and Brewer for the shrews, Yiannapoulos for the fags; all that’s lacking is a rapist Mexican……

  5. The ultimate sleep aid. Ben Carson tapes on mp3!