America, You Break My Heart

Meet Your New First Lady

Meet Your New First Lady

I don’t think I can stomach all of the think pieces about “economic anxiety” and “demographics” and “the anti-establishment vote” and all the other bullshit punditry we’re going to see over the next few days.

No. Just shut up. Shut up about all of that. Here are the facts:

1- Republicans control all three branches of government now. The last time that happened we got two wars, a record high budget deficit, a crashed economy, and a government so inept that it let one of this country’s greatest cities drown. So congratulations, America. You bought it, you own it.

2- It’s not a vote against the “establishment” when you send the same assholes back to Congress. See item 1.

Seriously, shut up about that. I saw a Trump supporter on TV last night say she wanted to “drain the swamp.” It’s not “draining the swamp” when virtually the same swampthings are headed back to D.C., except now with an authoritarian Putin wannabe at the helm. You’ve basically turbo-charged the swamp.

I mean, come on. They sent John fucking McCain back to Washington, you guys. John McCain was first elected to Congress in 1982. He’s been in Congress for 34 years. You don’t get more establishment than that.

3- Racsim is a real thing and it’s stronger than you know. Please stop denying the deep, rotting undercurrent of racism in this country just because we got two terms of a black president. Here’s a fact: America’s first president to follow its first African-American president was sued for discrimination and endorsed by White Nationalists. Last night’s vote was a vote about white fear. Own it.

Republican racism is now mainstream, has been for a long time. When Chief Justice John Roberts gutted the Voting Rights Act, states like North Carolina wasted no time enacting new policies that targeted people of color. This was craven, political opportunism, and it targeted voters of color. It targeted black people. That is the literal definition of racism.

4- Third parties were spoilers. Again. They always are, people. What have I been saying? We have a two-party system. That’s reality. Don’t like it? Move to fucking Britain where they have a Parliament. We don’t have one, so learn to count. Option one is the Republican candidate. Option two is the Democratic candidate. That’s it, folks. There is no third option.

I’m talking to every single one of you people intelligent enough to see that a President Trump would be a disaster. Yes, you folks on both the right and left: if you failed to vote for the only viable alternative to Trump, then you can go fuck yourselves. Yes, fuck you Susan Sarandon, Viggo Mortensen, Sen. Lindsey Graham, friends of this blog, and my own financial advisor down in Brentwood, Tennessee, who said he was voting for Gary Johnson because he wanted to “shake things up.” You voted for these people, even though Gary Johnson is a blubbering idiot who knows nothing, and even though Jill Stein, aka Tofu Palin, is an equally incompetent nincompoop who pops up every four years like a bad case of herpes. And in so doing, you elected Donald Trump. If you cast your vote for these people, you own the results.

I especially want to give a stiff middle finger to the folks who voted for Gary Johnson or Evan McMullin and voted to send their Republican Congress critters back to Washington (See Item 2). You basically cancelled out your “vote against the establishment” by empowering this idiot with a full Republican majority.

4- The Fourth Estate is dead. The American institution known as the news media has failed. It failed by promoting candidate Trump, promoting a bullshit Clinton email story, and filling the airwaves with behind-the-curtain “process stories.” Instead of informing the American people, they talked about the horse race (is feature not bug, I know, I know). Sorry, Steve Kornacki, but when MSNBC put you in front of your little map to do your mathematical jujitsu, it was a waste of everyone’s time. We don’t need to know the finer points of electoral math, demographic shifts, and turnout comparisons to 2008 and 2012. We need to know what it means if a President Trump renegs on our NATO obligations. We need to know what will happen if our trade agreements are suddenly null and void.

And another thing: news media, you spread fear and promote racism. You know you do. It can’t be a coincidence that Scott Michael Greene’s name has virtually disappeared from the papers; if he’d been Abdullah Mohammed we’d still be talking about him.

5- Evangelical Christianity, now with extra hypocrisy. Seriously, nothing screams religion is dead louder than a guy as morally repulsive as Donald Trump grabbing the vote of the Jesus people. You are completely dead to me.

6- Our system is broken. For the second time in the modern era, it appears the Democrat won the popular vote but lost the electoral vote. And it went so well last time, didn’t it? (Again, see Item 1.) This is the kind of thing that would have had Donald Trump calling for revolution and lawyers and Second Amendment Solutions had the shoe been on the other foot. So no, Republicans, you do not have a mandate, what you have is a broken system you were able to manipulate.

I really fear for this country. I fear for my students, who have names like Ahmed and Mohammed, who are black and Muslim and come from war-torn places like Syria. I fear for the people I know who are Hispanic. I fear for my gay-married friends. The few bright spots — legal cannabis in California, Massachusetts and Nevada — cannot overcome the seriously bad news that yesterday brought. Because what America did yesterday was endorse hate, racism, bigotry, and intolerance. We said that it’s okay to hate your neighbor. And that is not my America.


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39 responses to “America, You Break My Heart

  1. It is the media’s fault.

  2. Right on cue, Putin sends his congratulations. He may soon be a frequent visitor to the White House. Maybe Trump will share Melania with him

  3. And we may need that legal cannabis to get through the next several years.

    (Spitting nails at the moment; will offer a take when I can write without using the word “shitgibbon.”)

  4. Jim in Memphis

    Well luckily the Republican party is on the process of dying in TN right?

    • I said this is where it has come to die. I didn’t say its death was imminent. But I would hope after 4 years of President Trump it will be DOA. The GOP has not survived this election in tact.

  5. Democommie

    Sorry, Southern Beale.

    Per Ahnuld in T1;

    “Fuck you, asshole.”

    • Jim in Memphis

      Something bothering you DC? Everyone just knew the Republican party was dead. Clinton was going to win in a landslide, the Senate would flip, and maybe even the House. Well looks like things are a bit different in reality. Now I did not vote for Trump because I agree he is an idiot. However, I feel better about having him as President then I would about Clinton. You can look forward to several more years of a conservative Supreme Court and that is one of the most important results of this election in my opinion.

      • Kosh III

        Soooo, you’re happy that Obergerfell will be overturned and Pence will do his best to destroy the liberty and pursuit of happiness of gay citizens, maybe even their lives. Why don’t you go join Scalia in the firepit?

  6. Jim in Memphis

    Also – SB, nice job of representing women in a positive light with your picture above the article. Real classy.

    • Democommie

      Jimbo (b):

      Is something bothering me?

      Well, yes; yes there is something bothering me–aside from having to listen to the gloating of the misinformed morons who are happy to have elected a president who has no fucking idea how to do the job. That something is knowing that you and I share the same, limited supply of clean air and water.

    • Why are you blaming me for that picture? It’s a picture of Melania Trump. Blame her.

      I think she looks beautiful as a fashion model but not exactly First Lady material.

      • Jim in Memphis

        I am not blaming you for taking the picture I am blaming you for publishing the picture on your blog post in an attempt to criticize Mrs. Trump. It is hard to believe that another woman would feel it was appropriate to do that.

      • Thanks for mansplaining that to me. We women love it when men tell us the appropriate way to behave towards other women.

  7. Bob Fischer

    While I’m no happier than you about the outcome of this election, we (Democrats) did it to ourselves. We ignored the the citizens will and ran off more than enough votes to win this election. We must fix the party to win elections. We must court the votes of the uninformed, not speak to them as inferiors. We must educate, not intimidate to ad to our vote totals. We can’t talk over people’s heads and expect to win. We must practice what we preach.

    • I don’t see an end to pandering by either party. Trump is gonna magically bring back those awesome factory jobs that paid a decent middle-class wage with just a GED? Riiight. Meanwhile, Democrats haven’t been honest with voters, either. Hillary at least was slightly more honest, saying that factory jobs today required advanced education.

  8. Democommie

    And, btw, Jimbo(b), look at the photo, look up “irony” and “clueless” in the OED. One of those terms applies to Ms. Beale’s use of the photo, the other to you.

  9. Democommie

    I’ve been reading a number of things about, “Silver linings”

  10. Democommie

    What I started to say is tat the only silver lining I have seen so far, is for Bush the deuce. He may well become the second worst fucking POTUS I have lived through.

  11. I’m getting ready to listen to Hillary’s concession speech. I’m already crying like a baby. We need to work very hard to make sure it is only four years. Eisenhower, Nixon, Reagan, Clinton, Bush and Obama all got elected to second terms.

    The bad monkeys can do a lot of damage in four years.

  12. Brooke Denton

    I am teacher also, and yesterday was one of the hardest days I have ever had. My students come from all over the world, and even my native-borns were terrified they were going to lose rights. It is a scary, scary world they will come of age under the terror of Trump.

  13. Bitter Scribe

    This will be payback time.

    Every ridiculous insult, every slander, every asinine assertion that the right wing has made about Barack Obama is about to get tossed back in their faces.

    Obama was divisive? Incompetent? A tyrant? The worst president in history?

    Fine. Now you’re about to see what a truly divisive, tyrannical and incompetent president looks like.

    You’ve got all three branches of the federal government. No excuses. Bomb throwing and obstruction will no longer suffice as an agenda. Now you have to deliver on all the outrageous promises you’ve been making for eight years.

    You kept saying that Obama was doing everything wrong and we needed you to fix it. OK, you’ve got it. Now try to do what you promised.

    Meanwhile, we will take your place on the sidelines, jeering at every slip-up, every asinine utterance, every manifestation of incompetence from our new president.

    And you know what? Our barbs will sting more, because unlike yours, they will be true.

    • In a normal world one might think you are correct. But it’s not like Fox News is going to report on the bad news, or have cameras rolling when your Hispanic neighbors are loaded onto cattle cars. And it’s not like the Repugnants aren’t going to try to blame everything else they can on Obama.

      • Bitter Scribe

        Trump is utterly unprecedented among American presidents in terms of his ignorance, bad character, lack of self-control and overall complete unfitness for the office he is about to assume. Call me a cockeyed optimist, but I doubt that even Fox News will be able to keep that under wraps forever.

      • I had a really bizarre epiphany today. I realized that Donald fucking Trump is going to have a presidential library. All of the pomp and circumstance and storied traditions that go with the Presidency are now going to belong to Donald fucking Trump. He’s going to occupy this ceremonial place in our history and he is NOT WORTHY. He’s not worthy of the White House Easter Egg roll and the pardoning of the Thanksgiving turkey. He’s not worthy of the presidential portrait and the presidential library. I know it sounds stupid but it was a real reality check for me. This shit is REAL.

  14. Democommie

    I spoke to a woman last night who said she was thrilled with the election results (I strongly suspect she has no idea who ANY of the downtime people are).

    I would guess her to be late 40’s to mid 50’s,,working a minimum wage job, widowed, in not fantastic health and likely under or uninsured. She said that the Dongald couldn’t be any worse than, “that guy”.

    My reply was:

    “On his best day, Trump could not be 1/10th the man that Obama is”. It was a conversation stopper.

    • Randy

      I’m just trying to understand the events of the past few days like everyone else Ms. Beale. I read often, comment infrequently. I’m soon to be 63 years old. A Caucasian male from Birmingham, Al. America just gave me a blow job. I’m fucking king. So yes I may be sexist. However I’m not sure hitting me with the bludgeon of feminism accomplishes anything positive. How do you propose progressives move forward from here?

      • I don’t fucking know. But attacking Hillary Clinton and engaging in the circular firing squad liberals are so good at every electoral loss isn’t the solution. Telling me I need to be nice and “listen” to the “economic anxieties” of rust belt voters when shit like this is happening down the street from me isn’t going to cut it. Telling me I need to respect the cultural values of the Midwest when those values include imprisoning women who have had abortions, reprogramming gay people, treating women like sex objects, calling all Muslims terrorists, etc. etc. is not a path I want to go down.

        Our entire civic process is rotting. Our media failed to vet this repulsive person who is now our president. Vast swaths of America are so fucking stupid they let themselves get conned by a professional con man.

        I am bitter about this election. BITTER. I will never, ever forgive America for this. I am bitter at the news media which chased bullshit email stories, I am bitter at the Progressive left and the “purity chasers” who kept calling Hillary Clinton a warmonger and Wall Street puppet and crook. Those folks poisoned the well and depressed voter turnout as much as any stupid Voter ID law in Virginia or North Carolina. So while I admire those who say “stand and fight, organize,” yada yada, I don’t have it in me. I really don’t. I’ve been there, done that, too many times. I’m done.

        Someone else can figure out how to move forward. Right now I want to win the lottery and leave this fucking idiotic country.

  15. Randy

    Perhaps we should abandon the idea of Legacy Candidates. “It’s his/her turn.” Like it or not Clinton was toxic. So after all the pissing and moaning what’s the way forward? “To the barricades. I only want to be part of your revolution if I can dance.”

    • Well fuck that. Hillary wasn’t a “Legacy candidate.” And since we’re on the topic, Bernie holds a lot of the blame for this, too. Stoking unrealistic aspirations. He was dishonest. And he waited far too long to campaign for Hillary. No, enough of that BS. I am DONE with that.

      • Randy

        When there was a tremendous amount of excitement for Warren you don’t think she deferred to Hillary?

      • No, I don’t. I don’t get the sense that Warren has presidential ambitions at all. She is in every sense of the word a public servant. Only Sen. Warren knows for sure, but we outsiders can look at her actions and frankly she hadn’t done any of the things signaling an interest in running for President. And she had been saying for months — YEARS — that she wasn’t interested in running. Over and over again she said I AM NOT RUNNING. I don’t know what it is that makes it so hard for people to hear that. It really bothers me, as a woman, when women aren’t heard. To me, it’s kinda sexist, to be honest. A woman says no, nobody hears it, then they blame another woman for pressuring her to say that? Fuck off with that. Pack that shit up and take it home. Not everyone wants to be president. You can’t always get what you want. It is OFFENSIVE. Stop it.

        And while we’re on the topic of Legacy Candidates, let’s see what would have happened if the Republicans had chosen their anointed one. It would have been either Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio. Much as I despise them both I’d much rather have a President Jeb or President Rubio than what we’re facing now.

        And finally, let me remind everyone: HILLARY CLINTON WON THE POPULAR VOTE. By a LOT. If Trump had won the popular vote and Hillary the EV, he’d be calling for armed revolution.

        So quit attacking this woman who has been taking it in the gut for 30 years. This election was stolen. Plain and simple.

  16. Democommie

    Elizabeth Warren has some positives as some negatives. Like it or not, Hilary was the candidate that was getting the $s. Money trumps pretty much everyhing.

  17. This made me feel a little bit better.

  18. You don’t get it Randy. It’s people like you that handed this to Trump.

    “America just gave me a blow job?” What does that even mean?

    You’re not getting any blow job from me, you pompous ass.

    We love Hillary. We have been in her corner for ten years. I can’t tell you how many times I just barely mention her name and people tense up like I just cursed in church. “Anybody but Hillary.” “Never HIllary!” She is a decent an honest American. She has devoted most of her life to the cause. This is the most dangerous and mean-spirited twenty-five year smear campaign in the history of our nation. Hillary-haters are for the most part misinformed or just plain idiotic. Or maybe just dickly.

    • Randy

      Fuck you Junior. Learn a little about nuance. But since you asked the phrase referred to the win for white male supremacy. I’m a male, white. I’d paint you a picture but I don’t know how to do graphics in the comment box. I don’t have anything to prove. I’ll put my progressive chops up against anybody including being part of a statewide coalition that protested Ronald Reagan’s speech to the Alabama Legislature in March 1982 and was run out of the road by Emory Folmar ,fascist police chief of Montgomery, AL. all the way to sitting with Occupy at Legislative Plaza in Nashville a couple years back. I voted for Hillary. Go soak your head.

  19. Torn between saying fuck this shit and renewing my UK passport and staying here to agitate and obstruct, but even England is now awash with their version of hateful idiots in the Lafarge mold…..God help us all.