The Rules Are Different For The Rich

Last year we learned about one of the most heinous ways the poor are kept poor, through a never ending series of fines and fees that an impoverished person can’t pay off, ultimately ending in jail time. Often there’s a private, for-profit electronic monitoring company involved, as here in Tennessee, or in lieu of jailtime, a driver’s license will be revoked (also here in Tennessee), as if people don’t need transportation to get to work.

So I find it pretty outrageous that our president-elect’s pick for Secretary of Education has been waltzing around the country free as a bird when she owes the state of Ohio $5.3 million. Not only that, she’s owed this money for a whopping eight years. Meanwhile, in the same state of Ohio, homeless Iraq veteran Stephen Papa was sentenced to 22 days in jail because he only had $25 of a required $50 court payment.

This is unbelievably outrageous. Why Isn’t Betsy DeVos’ ass in jail? Anyone?


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6 responses to “The Rules Are Different For The Rich

  1. Thomas Wallace

    A very good question and enlightening post. I argued once with a person that supported the imprisonment of those who don’t pay child support. I don’t know how this is paid from prison unless we work them and pay them a salary while they work in prison which would go directly to the bill or unpaid support. That would go against certain sensibilities. When people can’t afford to keep a house up so it is in livable and clean condition; something must be done to help them or we continue down the path of destroying lives. We continue to allow children to live in the same poverty until they are destroyed and exploited, as well. This is where, some in our society, want them to be: food for the jungle.
    This nominee seems to be trump’s kind of people. Unpaid bills? She should be on a work farm, at best.

  2. Kosh III

    Of course there are two justice systems. Tony Hayward of BP should be in jail, so should Jaime Dimon of Chase, the heads of VW, UBS, BofA, Goldman Sachs and so many other crooks on Wall Street and in corporations.
    Instead, like BofA, they get a fine which can be taken off their IRS taxes and they’re free to continue to rape and pillage society. And now we have Trump the “grabber” who aids and abets criminals.

  3. Jim in Memphis

    I think you read the lawsuit wrong. She is not named in the lawsuit so she does not owe the state of Ohio anything.

    • It’s her education political action committee. What’s the fucking difference.

      • democommie

        It took the Jimbo(B)ster, what, 3 days to find some way to find a way that seems to make it NOT DeVomit’s problem.

        Wonder how he feels about Trump’s explanations of his ties to the Russkies, during his news confinfomercial, today?

  4. What’s the betting on whether Trumplethinskin has deducted against federal taxes the $10,000,000 fine he was levied for money laundering at the Atlantic City Taj Mahal before he engineered a debt destroying bankruptcy? Of course we’ll never know…and WTF…money laundering??? Oh yet, I forgot he’s close buddies with Joey no socks Cinque and who knows how many Russian mobsters too…A fine??? Geez, we’d be in for at least 10 to 15 years if we had tried that stunt with the family small business….these people will really push their brazen criminality too far….