Elections Have Consequences

Call me biased but there are some issues that I firmly believe are better in Democratic hands than Republican ones. And I put the environment at the top of that list.

If you want clean air, water, soil and all the rest, Democrats are your people. Sure, we have disagreements and we’re not perfect; BernieBros purists will be happy to point out Democrats who are okay with fracking, or others who believe in “clean coal.” These are complicated issues and there are some tough choices and all the rest. But by and large, Democrats are the ones who are reliable defenders of the environment. Republicans are the ones who harp on about “red tape” and “regulations” harming jobs, who peddle fantasies about the “free hand of the market” driving polluters out of business and who constantly harp on about dismantling the EPA.

So excuse me for being a little puzzled by the people of Benton County, TN who have lately been wondering how their landfill all of a sudden started accepting hazardous waste, which appears to be a health issue for those living nearby. I’ll tell you how that happened: you overwhelming voted for Republicans at every level of government, and those people don’t give a shit about your water and air, that’s how.

Or to put it another way:

Obtaining a state permit to establish a new landfill requires public notice and disclosure about the types of waste that will be deposited so communities can discuss, debate or even intervene to stop a landfill before it starts. Once a landfill has gotten its initial permit, however, landfill owners and waste generators in Tennessee can privately petition the state to accept additional and potentially hazardous materials.


Camden Mayor Roger Pafford said no one from TDEC informed city officials that their town was now home to a hazardous waste landfill. The omission was particularly galling to city officials because the leachate – or wastewater – pipe carrying hazardous waste from the landfill flows directly above a city drinking water main.

Well, that’s bad news. So is it okay for private industries to “privately petition the state to accept additional and potentially hazardous materials” and not tell anyone what’s going on? I certainly don’t think so. But remember, our wonderful “moderate” non-crazy Gov. Haslam is the one who removed consumer representatives from the Underground Storage Tank and Solid Waste Disposal Control Board. So that might be one reason why you didn’t know about the toxic sludge now buried in your backyards.

And to add insult to injury, these folks are now hoping the EPA can help them get to the bottom of this mess. They’ve actually requested that the Environmental Protection Agency investigate this.

Excuse me a moment.




Okay, I’m back now.

Have y’all seen the bill Republicans filed in Congress to eliminate the EPA? That is literally what the bill says:

The Environmental Protection Agency shall terminate on December 31, 2018.

And that’s it. So, Benton County, good luck with that! Even if that bill fails, have you seen the order of the President (the guy you voted for overwhelmingly) to dismantle the EPA’s clean water rule? Or his proposal to slash the EPA’s budget by a whopping 25% so we can build more nukes? I mean, you voted for it, bigly, so certainly you’re aware of the Trump mandate that EPA data and studies undergo a political review before being released to the public?

You knew about this right? Right?

So do you seriously think a Trump-era EPA has the time, money, or political mojo to go after Haslam cronies in the solid waste business? Pardon me again:


And do you really think that Congressman Marsha Blackburn, who wants to fold the EPA into a cubby in a corner of the Dept. of Energy — and yet another politician you’ve voted for, repeatedly, by like 75% — is going to give a rats’ ass about your drinking water?

And let’s see how much Gov. Haslam, who also has your undying electoral love and devotion, cares. He’s in the midst of actually increasing the amount of toxic sludge flowing into landfills that people previously thought were for orange peels and other household waste:

TDEC is moving forward with efforts to speed up the special waste approval process. TDEC officials last month told members of the Underground Storage Tank and Solid Waste Disposal Control Board – the oversight board of members appointed by Gov. Bill Haslam – they were creating an online submission portal that will allow TDEC officials to approve requests for disposal. Haslam four years ago reconstituted the board to remove consumer representatives.

So I really want to know why you idiots keep reflexively pulling the lever for Republicans when you’re worried about safe drinking water and complaining about the loss of land values because of the burning sensation when you jump in the swimming pool and the pH levels that are “off the charts.”

When will you people wake up and realize that your Republican representatives at the state and federal level do not respect you or care about you? They use gays, God and abortion to sucker you into voting for them, then they ignore you the rest of the time. They cut government to the size where it’s useless when you need it, but hey: you bought every BS line they sold you about “big government,” so you have only yourselves to blame.

And okay fine, go ahead and join the Sierra Club now as a last resort, while you try to tell yourself that you’re “not an environmentalist.” We’re all environmentalists, asshole. Poisoned air and water don’t care about your party affiliation. This stuff affects all of us, regardless.

Honestly, I don’t get it, folks.


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16 responses to “Elections Have Consequences

  1. Meenan Daniel

    I’ve missed reading your brand of honesty. SoGlad SoBeale is SoHonest.

  2. democommie

    I’ve got three nuclear reactors, a gas-fired co-gen and a huge former coal fired 1.8Gw (if memory serves) plant* currently running just enough to get its carbon credits so it can use them for the company’s dirtier plants (prolly down your way) within 10 miles of my house.

    I’m pretty sure that I’m gonna die of something other than shit caused by these folks (not positive, though) but, yo, millenials! This shit is gonna be something that anybody with kids being born now will have to deal with. I know people who work for the nukes and are having kids, as we speak. I can’t understand whether they’re living in denial of just can’t do the math.

    * Tallest man-made structure in the area, at about 700′ , according to locals. They’re proud of it. Just like some of the folks in Seneca Falls (home of Harriet Tubman) are proud of Mt. Landfill (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seneca_Meadows_Landfill).

    On a clear day. you can see forever, on a still day, you can gag forever.

  3. Martin

    Completely off topic, but, did anyone catch Rachel’s show tonight? It was about a subject that just might take down the whole Drumpf clan! And not just the ‘I’ word, but the orange ‘man’ could be wearing orange! It’s about an anti-corruption law tied to the deal they had going with Azerbaijan, that they pulled out of right after winning the election. There have been jail sentences handed out recently for deals like that! YES!!! Take’em down!

  4. Joseph Stans

    Well said for a genteel Southern Bell. Bless me! Oh my!

  5. Thomas

    They would not care if it was happening to someone else, and they would not need the EPA.

  6. Kosh III

    If it didn’t affect the rest of us I’d say let these useful idiots choke and die on the pollution. It would improve the gene pool. I’m just hoping that I’ll be dead and gone before the worst environmental catastrophes happen but don’t hold your breath ’cause http://arctic-news.blogspot.com/2017/02/warning-of-mass-extinction-of-species-including-humans-within-one-decade.html

    • democommie

      Just what I needed a nice little ray of sunshine in my day!

      Well, “eating the rich” may not just be for literary use anymore!

  7. Mary

    This is a well written informative article. What is missing, and what I had hoped to find, are suggested solutions to get these people to see that they are voting against their, and their families, interest. OR, is there no solution? What I did take away after reading was – these votes may not change so the only way to bring the country back to sanity is to make certain the non-voters from recent elections are at the polls and cast their votes! Is that the solution?

    • I don’t know the answer to that. There have been plenty of stories going into the psychology of why people don’t change their minds, the psychology of why “facts don’t matter” to a certain % of people. Indeed, presenting some people with facts actually causes them to dig their heels in even more. That’s not true for everyone but it is true for a certain % of people and those people are just a wash. Trying to change their minds is an exercise in futility.

  8. Bob Fischer

    The first thing that must happen is a leader needs to emerge to unite the resistance. Otherwise, the vacuum created by this need on the left, will create the same sort of result the right got with Trump. We are at a point in this nation where we need long term working solutions, not just extensions of arguments to get us to the next election.

    • democommie

      I’m not sure what you’re saying, but I can tell you that it’s been a little over a hundred days since Trumpligula got into the Whites Only House and if you don’t already have someone who’s not a democrat that you’re working for, you’re losing ground.

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  10. democommie

    You’re talkinmg about a leader emerging to unite the resistance. You have 16 months, max, for that to happen. What, exactly, do you plan on doing? If your plan is to somehow co-opt the DNC, you’re delusional,So, tell us what you have in mind.