Yesterday I was listening to a program called “Indivisible” — one of those “intersection of culture and politics” type shows on NPR. This particular episode focused on millennials and whether they planned to stay engaged in the political process, and of course host Kerri Miller put out a special shout-out to millennial Trump voters because Lord knows, we haven’t heard enough from them.

And in general it was a fairly interesting conversation until we got to the caller from Columbus, Ohio, our millennial Trump voter. You can catch his interview here at the 22 minute mark:

I actually did vote for Donald Trump, I am a millennial, and perhaps one of the sole reasons why was just the coarse ugliness of 21st century activism. Everything from football games to flavors of ice cream has been politicized, and that type of culture is an extreme turnoff to blue collar millennials. And that’s a demographic the Democratic Party does need to pay attention to because there are many of us who do not have college degrees and are blue collar, and in general when you work with your hands it’s really hard to take the advice of people with pink hair seriously.

Cue record-scratch sound effect. Dude, did some chick with pink hair turn you down for a date or something? Poor baby.

So, got that? He voted for Trump just to stick it to the liberals. You sure showed us, boy oh boy! Har har. What a dumb fuck.

I am so sick of these people, I really am. It always goes back to their overwhelming butthurt over some imagined slight, the over-arching inferiority complex of the blue collar conservative. There’s this deeply-seated suspicion of us pointy-headed intellectuals who believe in shit like, you know, science and economics, and who have the temerity to believe that government in the right hands can function as the Founding Fathers designed it to.

But I digress. Host Kerri Miller asked our millennial Trump voter if he planned to disengage from politics, wondered how involved he’d been beyond voting in the first place, at which point I had to change the channel. Take it away:

I wasn’t involved in getting out the vote at all. I’m not affiliated with any political party at all. In fact, I’m even considering shredding my voter registration. The ugliness of the 2016 election, it’s a huge turnoff. There’s a large number of people that were independents and first-time voters, not because they’re registered Republicans or necessarily convinced with Republican principles, but it’s simply they saw no choice between a kind of pretentious chaos and a blue collar work ethic. And in the end Donald Trump despite his background portrayed himself as more sincere and he did not talk down to the blue collar demographic.

Pretentious chaos vs a blue collar work ethic? Yeah, I’ve actually heard that one before. Someone bought the Fox News Kool-ade that liberals are all on the dole while the hardworking, red-blooded, American blue-collar worker goes out and keeps America afloat for the rest of us.

We’ve been fed a lot of that horseshit since the election as the media pursues an endless analysis of the “typical Trump voter” (his sainted name be praised). Now is when I get to link to The Rude Pundit’s perfect response to this nonsense: a righteous rant called, Fuck You, Rural Elitists.

Yes, seriously, fuck you, Mark in Columbus, Ohio. I’m sorry your feelings got hurt by someone with a Yale degree who refused to accept that climate change is a hoax or Ayn Rand was anything more than a writer of bad fiction. Maybe people with college degrees actually know a thing or two, you know? That doesn’t mean that everyone without a college degree is a moron, I know plenty of smart, successful people who never went to college. But let me tell you, they’d be the last people to wear an inferiority complex on their sleeve and demand all the coastal elites worship their Carhartts.

I hear so much of this shit from so many people. Why is looking down on someone with pink hair and a nose ring — or, for that matter, a degree from Stanford or Vanderbilt — any less elitist than calling out someone wearing camo and a farmer’s cap?

And please, stop telling me that I need to “understand” these people. No, I fucking don’t. Maybe they need to understand us. How often does the news media try to explain liberalism to them? I’m not talking Fox News, I’m talking any goddamn news network. Does CNN or ABC or any media outfit ever try to explain “the typical Clinton voter” or “the Trump opposition” to these folks? That might be a start, you know?

I’ve had a lot of people ask me lately what we can do to change peoples’ minds, to “un-brainwash” them (to be impolite), or, as one commenter asked, to come up with some “suggested solutions to get these people to see that they are voting against their, and their families, interests.”

I don’t have a solution. There isn’t one. Study after study shows that people are entrenched in their ideas and giving them facts only makes them dig their heels in further. The problem is not political. The problem these folks have is psychological. They got their feelings hurt by some Democrat with a degree from Yale and now suddenly we all have pink hair and nose rings and should be ignored.

So take the log out of your own eyes, folks. You’re just as elitist and biased as anyone else. Maybe when you lose your health insurance and your corn exports to Mexico go the way of a fart in the breeze you can sit and think about all those kids with hair dyed from the Paas collection and mull over how it’s all their fault. Or maybe you can turn off the TV, crack open a book, and start thinking for yourselves.


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  1. Bert Woodall

    i’ve heard it again and again: Insulting Trump voters is not the way to make them see the light. The problem, though, is that the Trump voters almost invariable reveal themselves to be stupid.

    Converting the wilfully ignorant is not the way forward.

    • Perry Aubric

      You want to “understand” the Trump voter? Let me help you. I speak entitled white American fluently.

      Trump voters are racist assholes. They hate black people and Latinos especially. They are convinced that all black people are lazy welfare-crazed dope fiends and criminals, and that all black women drop babies right and left just to get a welfare check. Latinos are out to get their jobs (because the work too hard) but are all out for on public assistance (because they want welfare). Stupid contradictions like that are never recognized. No less than 100 percent of birthers, an absolute number, are stupid on top of being racist. They like voter suppression laws because they keep black people from voting, and they believe outright lies about illegal immigrant voting to justify such laws. They have no problem with a white nationalist as Trump’s closest advisor.

      Trump voters are misogynist assholes. They think women who want equal pay, equal rights or equal opportunities are “feminazis.” They believe women have no right to make decisions about their own bodies. They resent the very idea of equal pay for equal work.

      Trump voters are homophobic assholes. They sneer at LGBTs, demean them, discriminate against them, and denigrate them at every opportunity. If anyone objects to that, Trump voters believe that they are being persecuted for their beliefs.

      Trump voters are willfully ignorant assholes. They haven’t got a thought in their heads that Rush Limbaugh of Sean Hannity or someone even more right-wing didn’t put there. They will believe any made-up ridiculous conspiracy theory tin-foil-hat bullshit posted on line before any well-researched, fully-sourced news story from a real journalist. To them, facts are not as good as “alternative facts.” Any news outlet that is not a full throated alt-right propaganda outlet is “biased,” but Brietbart is “the truth.”

      Trump voters are anti-science, anti-education assholes. They have always disbelieved all the scientific evidence about global climate change mainly because they don’t like Al Gore’s politics. They hate “elitists” (i.e., educated people) because they resent people who have reason, logic, science, facts, truth, research and actual qualifications in their field — all aspects of learning that they, themselves lack. They demonize their local teachers who are struggling to educate their children and agree to subsidize private schools with vouchers or profiteers in charter schools. They would rather poison their air and water than stand in the way of an extra buck for the big polluters — a buck they will never see one penny of.

      Trump voters are really stupid assholes. They swallow corporate propaganda hook, line and sinker. They willingly forfeit health care benefits; allow the banks to screw them on mortgages, excessive fees, and credit card interest debt; refuse to support curbs on pay-day lending abuse; endorse runaway corporate welfare for oil companies; actually oppose a minimum wage increase; submit to low pay and poor benefits rather than agree to collectively bargain for their own best interests.

      Trump voters are hypocritical assholes. They railed against Bill Clinton’s “immorality” with an intern, but turn a blind eye to oft-married, serial adulterer, sexual harasser Donald Trump’s willingness to “grab them by the pussy.” They gleefully opposed anything and everything Barack Obama proposed or tried (because, you know, he was black), but complain about Democrats “obstructing” Trump. They complained about Obama’s executive orders, but celebrate Trump’s government by decree. They snarked about Obama’s occasional vacation with golf, but see no problem with Trump spending 30 percent of his time on the links. They lied continuously about Obama “weakening” America’s stature in the world, but have no problem with Trump’s assailing allies like Australia and allowing active agents of the Russian dictator to have high White House positions.

      Trump voters are anti-American assholes. They disdain the message inscribed on the Statue of Liberty. They endorse an authoritarian view of government that discards the judiciary, stomps on the freedom of the press, restricts freedom of religion to hyper-conservative fundamentalist Christians, promotes “states’ rights” to discriminate against minorities and gays, proposes laws allowing Trump supporters to run down protestors in the streets, and believes corporations are more important than people. They are willing to forfeit America’s leadership of the free world, just toss it away, to pursue some bizarre world view concocted by Steve Bannon.

      Yes, I “understand” the Trump voters. Fuck the Trump voters. Just fuck them. The only way to deal with trump voters is to beat them at the polls, at every level. Override their indecent, immoral, in-American agenda. Move our country ahead without them. Fuck them. Just fuck them.

      • themadkansan

        *holds up lighter* O!O

      • democommie

        And I thought that I was splenetic! BRAVO!!

        I’m currently involved with a couple of people on different blogs who just keep chugging along with the, “DNC is problem, let progressives run everything, it will be good.”

        In the first place, yes, FUCK the Trumpeturdlican Swans*.

        Second. Stop telling ME, at least, that the DNC just has to reboot their message and make it something you like. What you’re asking for is a bit like asking a doctor to tell your grannie that she’s got dandruff, instead of cancer, ‘cuz she’s gonna die anyway, so why be mean. It’s not being mean,it’s being honest.

        This nation is on the brink of turning into 1913 Central Europe–at least politically. Making nice makes no sense,

        We really do need a candidate who starts every speech he makes with:

        “My fellow Americans, GROW THE FUCK UP!”.

        * White, relatively useless, aggresivley territorial, running off other species.

  2. Thank you. I’m sharing the fuck outta this!!!

  3. Kathleen

    I’m with you. Which is one reason why I stopped listening to NPR long ago.Their obeisance to Sanders and Rethuglicans is sickening. And I’m sick of Sanders and “The Left” telling Democrats, who actually gets shit done that helps people, what “we have to do to win white guys”. Fuckers.

  4. Thomas

    They are always accusing liberals of wearing their feelings on their sleeves or calling them “snowflakes”, but it seems that they have put our country on the precipice because they feel left out. boo hoo I feel so bad for them. I don’t see any of the old, “Hard working, getting it done all by myself” attitude that they claim to have. “I don’t need no government helping me out!” Unless it is to keep your coal mine running. Or, to allow you to take shortcuts in your construction project… How soon before we see buildings collapsing and bridges falling because they needed a few rules relaxed?

  5. Joseph Stans

    If Trump was the coarse ugliness of the 21st-century activism letters like this from a millennial are the bleeding edge of 21st-century stupidity.

    I know I always vote to get revenge on stupid people with which I do not agree.

  6. Katydid

    Thanks, Southern Beale, that was a masterpiece.

  7. democommie

    I was ready to tell him to go fuck himself, when you said he voted for Tumpligula.
    I don’t actually give a shit what sort of animus these idiots have. Fuck them.

    You young people (the ones between, say, 40 and ME; well you gotta deal with this shit for the next whatever years. KKKonservaturds or old line dems, neither is a majority and prolly never will be, again. It’s the squishy middle and, frankly, I feel like if they’re too fucking lazy to get involved, the hell with them.

  8. Larry

    For the first time ever, I feel glad that I’ll be dead within the next 10 years.

  9. Michael Taylor

    I grew up in a small town; I couldn’t wait to get out. I haven’t spent any time there since I graduated from high school. I went to college and never looked back. I knew there was nothing there for me early on and as such, I couldn’t wait to leave. There were and still are some good people there but overall, I left for a reason. I’m over the current rural WWC fetishism/media narrative; there’s nothing to fetishize, trust me, I lived there.

  10. democommie

    You know what we sound like? We sound like our parents or the middle aged bosses, teachers, cops*, and other old fogies who used to give us shit when we were kids. And do you know what else? sometimes they were exactly right.

    I was told by my dad that drugs would kill me, as in smoking a joint. Obviously he was wrong. He also told me that drinking alcohol was a bad idea (for him, a fundamental fact, for me, I’ve put the abusive side of it behind me), He never really tried to tell me what my politics should be and he never had political views that I agreed with in most areas. So, sometimes right, sometimes not.

    In one area he was spot-on. Education. Not school, education. Get as much as you are offerered. Listen to people who know more than you do and are not being paid to propagandize. Learn what is knowable but ask questions of the persons who lecture you, formally or otherwise.

    Gather information, vet it (where possible) compare it with what you know to be true (realistically) and contrast it with your life experience.

    Never, ever, stop trying to get at the truth. Don’t give up because it pisses you off when you find out that much of what you’ve been “taught” is wrong. Don’t give up because it pisses other people off–especially if they tell you that you’re a heretic, backslider, commie, atheist or something else that will cause them to kick you out of the tribe if you don’t stop moving in that direction.

    As for the youngs that are saying that they politics is too “political”? Grow the fuck up. You want to be treated like an adult? Start BEING an adult. See, it’s that simple.

    Some of the people like the young man you tell us about in your OP want to neglect their chores, stay out late, skip school, smoke behind the garage and sneak some booze outta the liqour cabinet. Then, when they sneak the car out at 3AM and run it into a tree, it’s okay if the adults step in and make sure that they get to sleep in their own beds for the next couple of years, get the car fixed and clean up whatever other mess was created. I know, I’ve been there–on the “young” end.

    I have no kids, I know lots of “youngs”. I tell them what I think of people like Trumpligula and his hangers-on. I don’t tell them how to process that informantion or how to vote. I do tell them to do two things:

    First; don’t take my word for anything. Educate yourselves on the issues, the people and the ramifications of a decision that once made is not gonna allow a “do over”.

    Second: Vote-every fucking time you get a chance.

    Well, maybe there’s a third thing.

    Don’t sit silent when people around you are lying–that’s how they get away with it. Be fucking impolite.

    * Not those young, “I’d rather be in Baghdad, killin’ ragheadz, but hurtin’ the ‘Other’ will have to suffice!”, urban warriors.

    • Last night Mr. Beale and I had dinner at an Iranian family’s home. This family is incredibly educated, all of the kids have multiple advanced degrees: PhD in genetics, microbiology, etc., they’re working as software engineers and nurses and doctors. They work in banking and other professional careers. And they came to the US because they were driven out of their home country by an oppressive regime. But they managed to succeed here. So to hear the insufferable whining of some 20-something that he’s doesn’t have a college degree so he’s looked down on, I mean, puh-leeze. Go to fucking college then, community college, trade school. Get your skill levels up to where it needs to be for today’s manufacturing jobs. Kid, the world doesn’t owe you a thank you for the choices you’ve made.

      • democommie

        Troo, dat.
        I have a bunch of neices and nephews. All but a few of them have made lives for themselves and their families by dint of hard work. Even if I disagree with their career path, I can’t fault their work ethic.

        They have some political notions that I think are, to put it bluntly, absurd, but what I think doesn’t matter. It’s what THEY think that determines how the world works.

        A quick story. One of my brother’s died a while back and I asked my older brother if we needed to take up a collection to pay for his arrangements. My brother said he’d let me know. As luck would have it, my late brother had a fully paid up life insurance policy worth $200K. His 3 children and his 3rd wife (uhjust enrichment, imo) got $50K per. It was all he had to leave. He avoided work like it was a contagion and was always trying to interest any of his siblings he could get to listen to some idea about making money, fast’n’easy. But, he had that insurance policy–which had no cash value or he would have redeemed it–becasue of a workplace injury that he sustained in the late 1970’s or early 1980’s.

        I don’t know if his kids or anyone else even ever wondered about the mechanics of the process of workplace safeguards, the legal tort system and the political will it took to make all of that stuff possible, Hint: it wasn’t a republican inspired process.

      • Katydid

        Oh, Southern Beale, you just don’t *understand*. As my sister screamed at me during a discussion wherein I introduced reality instead of the alt-facts she was citing, “Knowing things is GAY!” I mean, why should 20-somethings bother to learn something when they should be worshipped just for being their own special selves?!?


        Put that on a T-shirt. You’ll make a million dollars in “know” time. Good grief.

  11. J R in WV

    I grew up in a small coal mining town, surrounded by tiny “coal camps” in the mountains of southern WV. When I graduated from HS, I left for college almost immediately, summer session, to have an edge on the other freshmen who would arrive in the fall.

    Only went back home to visit parents, who are long ago deceased. Have one friend there, ex-cop who was in my brother’s HS class. Smart guy, we do stop by to visit them from time to time. No other reason to ever go there again. I have a life where we are now. Also glad that I have no offspring to worry about their future.

    I think we’re good for the next 15 or 20 years. Won’t worry about it any more anyway.

    Good post, Ms Beal! Their stupid, it burns!!!

  12. democommie

    @ JR in WV:

    I actually wrote something about the rage that I’ve lived with for the last 62 years being akin to the inextinguishable mine fires in Centralia, PA. It’s got nothing on the burning stoopit in MurKKKa and it seems to be not only inextinguishable but fueled by an inexhaustible supply of hatred.

    I don’t know if you ever over to Gin’n’Tacos but there’s a piece on there from yesterday about the coal mining/loss of jobs/Trumpligulan bullshit about bringing them back, etc.,.

  13. For the first time in my life I am researching which part of Coastal Mexico would be the best place to live out the balance of my years once I leave this “country become insane asylum”, whilst also feeling sincere gratitude that I am approaching the twilight of my existence. How sad to be brought to this realisation.

    • 😦 I dunno, John. I’m starting to suspect Trump’s wall is to keep us in, not THEM out.

      • democommie

        Would that not be a schadenfreudishbon-bon on top of the shitcake that the Trumpliguturds will be served by the GOP? Not that you and I won’t be served with the same thing, but we’ll just toss ours under the table.

  14. OMG. Yes. This. I want to say these things so badly but my mama reads what I write. Thank God you’re saying it.

  15. democommie

    @ Thresher K:

    Seems the linkyloo is verklempt. Is that to do with the scene from “Airplane”?