Trump In Nashville

You Are My Hero

What a bizarre event.

Trump’s campaign started robo-calling supporters in a four-county area 48 hours ago offering free tickets. The optics they were going for, of course, was, “thousands of people lined up to get in,” which isn’t as hard as it sounds when your venue is the Municipal Auditorium, not exactly the largest rink in town. However, they got the crowd they wanted: thousands of people were, indeed, lined up … all the way down James Robertson Parkway, all the way up to the state capitol, all the way around the building. I’m guessing there were 15-20,000, but I’ve heard other figures that are higher. Let it be said: most if not all of these folks could have fit inside the Titans’ football stadium. But that wouldn’t have provided Trump with the necessary ego-gratification that comes with a “standing room only/thousands turned away” narrative.

Several protesters made it inside the Municipal Auditorium, by the way. Some chanted “no ban, no wall,” and got tossed out. Some turned their backs and left. One, a doctor, unfurled a banner and was ejected (but not arrested). Unfortunately, the coordination of the protest was poor so I’m afraid the message got watered down. Watching the televised speech, you could see something was happening that Dear Leader didn’t like. Maybe other cities can learn from our experience and do a better job of planning and coordinating ahead of time.

As for me, I was out on the street with both supporters and protesters. Any delusions that this wasn’t garden-variety bread-and-circuses were dashed by the dozens of pro-Trump merchandise tables outside (and huge Trump/Pence merchandise BUS, yes, it was a bus.) And from the looks of those selling the merchandise, not everyone submitted a head shot and full body shot.

As for the protest, again, there didn’t appear to be a lot of coordination. Protesters were scattered until around 5:00 or so, when the protest crowd really started to swell. It’s frustrating to me that there were so many different groups doing so many different things — there was the immigrants’s rights group, the #Resist group, the women’s group … people, can we not all talk to each other? Because nothing looks lamer than 30 people in pussy hats carrying Planned Parenthood signs through a crowd of 10,000 Trump supporters — especially when there were a couple hundred other pussy-hatted folks just a few blocks away, unaware of the march. Would have been nice if we all could have marched together, you know?

Also, it seems I must remind people once again that staying home and Tweeting about a protest is not, you know, the same as actually protesting. And here’s a fun fact: you can Tweet from a protest! Really!

So I was a little disappointed in the protest, but I left around 5:45 pm. At that point I’d been walking around in the freezing cold for 2 hours and had a nasty windburn. I understand good vibes were shared later in the evening.

Below are some more pictures from the event:

Some Slogans Never Get Old

Some Slogans Never Get Old v. 2

Great Sign!

Random Shouty Guy

Random shouty guy, religious edition


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18 responses to “Trump In Nashville

  1. Your outbursts of butthurt are hilarious. Do you realize how outnumbered you are ?

    • Why is that even relevant? This is called Democracy. Don’t lecture me about butthurt if you can’t handle dissent. Oh and by the way, Trump lost the popular vote.

      • You folks keep telling each other that, and it is cute, but outside of a few huge metros primarily in CA this country is red to the absolute core.

        Democrats decided to piss off white folks, white men primarily, and cater to foreigners and pissed off feminists that no one likes. They’ve deservedly had their asses handed to them for the last 6 years.

      • If the country is red to the core then how come Republicans keep suppressing the vote with voter purges and Voter ID laws? What do they have to be afraid of? If the country is red to the core then how come we got 8 years of Obama? If this country is red to the core, then how come Trump only won with the help of a foreign government’s interference? If the country is red to the core then how come Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama got more votes than any presidential candidate, ever? More than Bush, more than Trump, more than Romney? If the country is red to the core then why must Republicans gerrymander themselves into safe seats? If this country is red to the core, then how come Democrats picked up seats in state legislatures (Texas, New Mexico, Nevada), 2 U.S. Senate seats and 6 House seats?

        Be careful with your hubris. Things might looks good for Republicans now but that’s a mirage. All of the tilting of the scales GOP must do to retain power can’t last forever. Take a long hard look at the little girl pictured in this post. She’s the future and her T-shirt reads “DUMP TRUMP.”

    • Thomas

      Being out numbered does not make a person wrong. The angry mob is not usually right. The lone sheriff facing the lynching party is on the side of the law. There is a story of a bunch of people demanding that Aaron build them a god to worship and lots of donations came in to make a golden calf which had some very bad results, if you believe in that sort of thing (the Bible). I believe those people ended up drinking that gold. trump would have enjoyed that, I reckon. There are a lot of lessons from that story.

    • themadkansan

      Horse Shit.

    • Yes, quite possibly outnumbered, but is that any kind of recommendation, or source of pride when you’re talking about the biggest assemblage of ignorant dumbfecks in Nashville in living memory?? It will be instructive to watch the reaction of the MAGA gimmie cap crowd when their Medicare, Medicaid Social Security/ Disability are shredded on cue by their personality cult leader,..those expensive Disability funded rascal scooters with the huge lard-asses perched atop will, I’m guessing, be a lot less common in Walmart when Il Douche cuts all that away to fund another batch of F-35’s…

  2. What happens when the “lock her up” crowd and DJT instigates an injury to HRC?

    • They’ll deny their obvious blame, just like Sarah Palin did when Gabby Giffords was shot.

      • democommie

        So, I understand some old guys lovin’ em some Trump. Maybe they haven’t that he’s a scumbag for about the last 30 years. But, May, honey, what do YOU get from Trump? Anything? I am curious, you think he’s the best guy for the job since who–George Wallace, Millard Fillmore, Herbert Hoover, Richard Nixon, Andrew Jackson, Calvin Coolidge, Jefferson Davis, Father Coughlin, David Duke? Or is it some amalgam of the worst traits–racism, xenophobia, economonic ignorance/idiocy, horrendous foreign policy, isolationism, coddling of foreign dictators, encouragement of nascent vigilantism that those and a number of other “luminaries” of the American Right?

        Speall it out for me, I’m fairly intelligent but I don’t see where Trump offers you much of anything, other than a chance to feel superior to someone–and I’m guessing that anyone will do in terms of filling that need–but, please, tell us what he’s going to do for you.

        Here’s a suggestion. Don’t say, “Make America GREAT, again!!”. You and I both know that what he’s doing is the opposite, despite the outpouring of bullshit that is vomited by Kellyann Clownway and Sean Sphjincter.

        Oh, btw, I’m an old white who TRUMP pissed off.

        Have a really nice day, now, y’hear.

  3. democommie

    I really have to start taking more ibuprofen in the morning. My fingers are way too stiff and my brain is typing some words that they don’t get to. Oh, well, I think the gist of the last comment is intact.

  4. democommie

    “If the country is red to the core then how come Republicans keep suppressing the vote with voter purges and Voter ID laws?”

    I think May means that it’s RED to the WHITE CORE. Y’know people who get welfare ‘cuz THEY deserve (and yeah, May, honey, a handout is ALWAYS welfare–I know ‘cuz I get some) while those shifless skunks t’other side’o’thetracks are USERZ, LEECHEZ,TAKERZ who get alla that stuff that they don’t deserve so that them good KKKristian Trumpliguturds gotta do with less.

    Yep, they sit back in the power La-Z Boy, gettin’ their home dialysis, and then they hop on their electric scooters and go down to 7-11 or Circle K and get some pork rinds and gallon size Big Chug of Dew and then it’s back home to rant and watch FuckTheNew’sCorpse for a few hours till Survivor comes on and they can dream about how they’d kick some ass it they was to be on some dessert island with a buncha them skinny bastards.

    Either that, OR they’re the ones who voted for the C-in-C* because they knew Hilz was gonna win and it felt good to make a protest vote. I’ve actually spoken to a few of them, several times since 11/9** and right after the election they were surprised and then elated. Now, they’re not quite so thrilled.

    The front page of our thoroughly KKKonservative weekly shopper has this headline, today:

    “Trump Proposes Cuts To Great Lakes Programs”

    Oswego County, where I live went for Trumpligula by something like 60% to Hilz 40% (not exact, but obviously a large majority). As has been the case with other places where they did things like that, the locals are finding out that NOBODY matters to him, EXCEPT him.

    It’s pretty much, “You states that didn’t support me, you’re LOOOZERZ, You states that have people who didn’t support me, YOU’RE LOOOZERZ, too!”.

    Next up is prolly pullling the Corps of Engineers off of the Pollution Pipeline and putting them to work building the Make MurKKKa GREAT again WALL!

    * Combover-in-Chief

    ** Yeah, it’s like that tragic, to me.

  5. J R in WV

    No spam-bot, but what’s wrong with penis pills and cute leather goods?

    Thanks, Beale, for putting Maybelle where she ought to be!

    And what, indeed. do these folks think Trump is going to do for them? After their Mom or Grandma is kicked out of the home for non-payment, they’ll be needing to put a bed in the living room and carry the bedpans to the nearest bathroom.

    And don’t forget building a ramp to one of the doors on the trailer, which given where some trailers get perched ( !! ) won’t be cheap.

    And the kids, they won’t be able to afford their own place, so “home” is starting to sound a little crowded now, with 3 or 4 generations in there now.

    Good luck, (R)folks.

  6. martin

    OT, (but only a little) isn’t it time for the repukes to change their symbol from an elephant to a dead horse?

  7. democommie

    Ya gotta wonder how many of the olds would be running to get tickets for the Trumpligupalooza Tour after finding out that Meals-on-Wheels is on the chopping block along with most of the rest of the social safety net that’s part of the “discretionary spending” budget.

    I thought Dick Cheney was a heartless piece of shit. He’s got nothing on these assholes–and that is NOT a compliment.

  8. democommie

    There’s a story in today’s NYT about a retired nurse in southern Ohio who NOW gets that in voting for Trumpligula she was voting against herself.

    Lung cancer, on chemo, on HEAPP–and if the budget cuts happen, up shit creek.

    I just can’t work up any sympathy for people who thought voting for that preening bully was a way to “Make MurKKKa Great Again”.