Elections Have Consequences, An UPDATE

Sorry for the long absence, I’ve been working like crazy.

Updating this post from last month about the poor citizens of Camden, Tennessee. To recap: a landfill in Camden, TN, started accepting hazardous waste under a loophole our Republican governor helped push through allowing landfill operators to privately petition the state’s Underground Storage Tank and Solid Waste Disposal Control Board. This means a landfill that Camden citizens thought was accepting just regular old household waste was, without any public notice or public disclosure, suddenly taking in dangerous chemicals, and the reason nobody knew about it is because Gov. Haslam removed all consumer representatives from that Board, so now it’s a bunch of industry cronies gladhanding each other and doing the ol’ wink-wink-nod-nod as their buddies pollute your drinking water.

Hilariously, the Camden residents decided to ask the EPA to help out, you know, the same EPA the man they overwhelmingly voted to be president wants to eliminate and the woman they overwhelmingly support as their Congressmonster wants to defund and fold into the Dept. of Energy. It’s hilarious that everyone keeps voting for Republicans and then they end up with a toxic waste dump in their backyards and they still haven’t connected the dots.

So anyhoo, about that landfill:

CAMDEN — Operators of a controversial landfill generating hazardous waste have padlocked the gates and left the site. Two former workers said the company abandoned two tanker trucks full of potentially explosive ammonia, dozens of 250-pound plastic containers containing cadmium sludge and thousands of gallons of potentially toxic runoff near a residential neighborhood.

The company, Environmental Waste Solutions, filed for bankruptcy Tuesday.

That’s certainly not good. The citizens of Camden have every right to be pissed off, and they are:

“What if you lived next door to that?” Charles Hubbs asked Flood. “I smelled that thing this afternoon. I’m mad. I mean, I don’t care who knows….We’ve been told from the get-go that there’s no problem with hazardous waste. TDEC has for the last 10 years told us there is no problem. Everything is taken care of.”

“There was an opportunity to keep it from being the monster that it has become,” said Elizabeth Murphy, an attorney representing residents who live next door to the landfill in a long-running legal dispute with EWS. “That is at (TDEC Commissioner) Martineau’s feet…The failure has been abysmal. TDEC has failed. I have never seen anyone at TDEC really give a damn.

The landfill is home to a mound of waste that is the city’s tallest structure. It is covered partially by black tarp held down by tires, and an Astroturf-like material covers another area. Nothing will grow on the mound, nicknamed “Black Mountain” by state officials.

TDEC has failed because the state government is in Republican hands and modern Republicans don’t view environmental regulations as a benefit to peoples’ health and welfare, they view them as an obstruction to private profits. That is an absolute, 100%, incontrovertible fact. Remember Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey’s “TN Red Tape” tours?

Stop voting for Republicans, people. They don’t care about your water and air. C’mon, everybody knows that.


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13 responses to “Elections Have Consequences, An UPDATE

  1. It’s a hopeless wish. That’s why we have that clown in the White House.

  2. Joseph Stans

    Looks like the folks in Tenn are slowly disabling all their safety fall-backs. I hope the Southern Beale lives up-wind and up-slope from the landfill.

    This may turn into the new West Virgina of the Mid-Atlantic.

    I’m too old for this anymore so when Orange Julius was elected I immigrated to Canda. Canada is not nit free what with the oil shale, fracking, and tar sands but they are all economically slow to rise since they are so inefficient and labor intensive. I doubt they will be able to damage the land as fast as the clever Americans. If this fails, it will be Iceland or Scandinavia. Assuming they will let me join them. Sigh.

    The pristine boundary waters in the Northern Minnesota are being threatened by metal mining — not iron ore anymore but copper (basically copper and nickel and the extraction of other metals from sulfides) that will leave terrible scars on the land several undesirable by-products. I have dreamed of taking my grandson and daughter on a canoe trip in the boundary waters but it might not be safe to even walk on the dirt by the time they finish – not to mention the polluted waters.

  3. Kathleen

    Well, I feel badly for people like you, Ms. Beale, but for the rest of them – boo effin hoo. I think it’s called karma.

  4. Larry

    Let’s see….Camden is the seat of Benton County. Countywide, Trump received 75% of the vote in November.

    Click to access 2016-November-8-Results.pdf

    You know what I say? Fuck ’em. I’m tired of playing nice.

  5. democommie

    @ Larry:

    I’ve been saying that for about 30 years now.

  6. Thomas

    The EPA was already short handed and underfunded. There are so many areas to watch or police to insure water quality which the wildlife need, too. It is so discouraging to see so much lost for no reason or even any gain; they are just being dicks. As for those who need help after rejecting the ones who would have at least maintained the status quo and might have done more, they can sleep in the bed they have made. But, they won’t learn anything from any of this, they will simply find someone else to blame. And, soon another democrat administration will bring the nation out of of yet another catastrophe caused by the amazing r’s
    I wonder if we wouldn’t be better off if 2008 had gone to the republican choice so that we could get closer to full on depression and closer to complete meltdown? There wouldn’t be a republican in office now, let alone the idiot trump.

  7. democommie


    The sheeple of the Reicwing have learned one thing, just ONE. If they whine and piss and moan loud enough, they can get people like Trumpligula who will at least hurt the OTHER so that they have someone else to feel superior to.

  8. democommie

    “Stop voting for Republicans, people. They don’t care about your water and air. C’mon, everybody knows that.”

    But, but….they’re gonna offer TAX CREDITZ to anyone who wants to buy home air-filtration or wearable units (gas masks) to make sure that THEY breathe clean air! WINNING!!

  9. The situation with the landfill sounds very dangerous. It sounds like greedy men with no practical experience accepted large payments to isolate and store compounds that they knew nothing about, nor did they have any expertise on environmentally responsible methods for their safe handling. They created a mess worthy of the Three Stooges and quickly absconded with the cash leaving a lethal and volatile morass for whoever is eventually tasked with coming in to do the clean-up. If there was an explosion or even heavy rains with flooding things could get much worse quickly.

    These criminals must be brought to justice. This site must be cleaned by qualified professionals using the methods developed by the EPA. This type of clean-up can cost several hundreds of thousands of dollars per acre.

    Why are republicans so short-sighted? There is no prosperity in a degraded environment.