Going Backwards

The Senate’s “Better Care” reconciliation bill appears to be the shit-show we all knew it would be. You can read the non-partisan CBO report here. But I’m sure we’ve all heard the “22 million more uninsured” talking point which has come out of the report.

I feel like “22 million” doesn’t sufficiently illustrate the situation. So just to explain what this means: according to the CBO, there will be 49 million uninsured Americans if this reconciliation bill passes, compared to 28 million under the current law.

From the report:

49 million.jpeg

Just to remind people: in 2008, when “the crisis of the uninsured” became a major issue in the 2008 presidential campaign, there were 47 million uninsured in America.

This bill doesn’t just take us back to the pre-Obamacare days, it makes it worse.

Carry on.


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13 responses to “Going Backwards

  1. pretzelogic555

    I’ve taken to calling it “GACHA” – the Give Americans Crappy Healthcare Act.

  2. democommie

    But it makes allathem people who’ve paid in all of their lives feel better that the poorz are gettin’ screwed even HARDER!

    ‘Course they didn’t get to see the note that was scribbled on the back of the billl:

    “Let’s get this piece-of-shit over to the Moron-in-Chief, have the signing party and get to work on SS and Medicare! Woohoo!!!”.

    I wouldn’t say it’s going backward so much as going over the cliff.

  3. democommie

    I can’t wait for your liberpublican commenters to come in and tell us how much they’re going to save while providing even better coverage for their expendaployees.

  4. Kosh III

    Of course they want to go back–back to 1950 or is it 1850?

  5. There is no going back. If this bill or something similar passes, yes 50 million people will be uninsured. That’s a pretty big problem especially for those people. Insurance is nice. Annual checkups. Little problems like ear infections go away. Broken bones and tendons. Flu and Pneumonia shots. What a great idea. Opthalmologists. Dermatologists. Pulmonologists. Pap smears. The list is almost endless.

    But for the rest of us, premiums will pretty much skyrocket. It will be harder to find Cadillac insurance with low co-pays and deductibles. The insurance companies will be in a bind and they will do what they have to to remain profitable.

    It’s also possible that military families could be hit, veterans could suffer. Federal and State employees could see rising costs and dwindling benefits. Talk about upsetting the apple cart. How could they just not fucking care?

  6. What was healthcare like in the USA during the 1950s, someone remind me …

    • democommie

      Chickens for bandaids?

    • Kosh III

      You know the answer, grouchy but lovable old coot who’d ride his horse and buggy 50 miles in a blizzard to patch up poor little Timmy….
      What was the doc’s name? Kildare? Welby? Huxtable?

      • democommie

        Kildare, closeted gay; Welby, abusive spouse and parent; Huxtable, no, just fucking no.