Shooting Tourists Three Years In A Row

Happy July Fourth, Nashville! Our responsible gun owners accidentally shot at least two people celebrating the Fourth in the only way your well-regulated militia can: by forgetting about gravity, gun safety, and all the rest of that gun-grabbing libtard nonsense:

Amberly Buckner said she is relieved her 7-year-old son wasn’t home Tuesday night when a bullet came flying into her bedroom in Hermitage.

“It was probably 11-ish when I went to lay down,” Buckner said. “I laid down on my bed, looked up and there was a hole in my ceiling.”

She had spent the evening watching television behind the noisy backdrop of neighborhood fireworks.

“I didn’t really hear anything out of the ordinary. It just sounded like Fourth of July,” Buckner said.

She had no idea some of those noises were actually gunshots until she saw the bullet beside her bed.


While watching the mammoth fireworks show on 5th and Broadway, a tourist from Michigan, 48-year-old Paul Lickteig, felt pain in his chest. Police say he thought he’d been hit in the chest with a water bottle. It turns out he’d been shot by a falling bullet. He was treated at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and released on Wednesday.

Another woman who drives for both Uber and Lyft said she was stuck in traffic watching the show when a bullet flew threw her front windshield.

“All of a sudden, I hear this loud pop and the glass shattered, and I looked down and glass was all over me and then I see blood on my hand,” said the woman who did not want to be named or pictured.

“I got so lucky,” she added, pointing to the bullet hole just inches from her seat. “My head, I was driving. My head was here and you see where that’s at.”

This is the third year in a row that tourists attending Nashville’s massive Fourth of July celebration downtown were hit by “celebratory” bullets. A 2015 effort by Democratic legislators to ban celebratory gunfire was rebuffed by gun lobbyist John Harris, however:

“It’s perfectly acceptable conduct,” said John Harris, executive director of the Tennessee Firearms Association.


“Because it’s their right to do it if they want to,” said Harris.

Harris says if someone wants to celebrate that way, the government shouldn’t stop them.

Got that? Shooting your guns into the air willy-nilly like a crazy idiot is perfectly alright, according to the gun extremists who own our Republican supermajority.

Who does this make sense to, exactly?


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10 responses to “Shooting Tourists Three Years In A Row

  1. Who does this make sense to, exactly?

    People whose goal is to sell as many guns and as much ammo as possible. Not to anyone who gives a damn about public safety.

  2. democommie

    Does “celebratory” have anything to do with trajectory. I mean if I was to fire a gun in cebratory fashion and the bullet hit one of the gunzloonz in a fatal sortaway, would that still be celebratory”

    • themadkansan

      Well, if =you= did it, it would TOTALLY be a felony since you have no “Republican In Good Standing” card.

      • democommie

        Well, doesn’t asking for forgiveness in HIS name getcha a Get-out-of-responsibility–FREE” card?

      • themadkansan

        Only if you perform 100 Hail Reagans on-the-spot and do public obeisance to the Emperor of Orange May He Reign 1000 Years…

  3. Jim in Memphis

    SB – it is already illegal to fire a weapon in the urban district of Davidson county at any time and at night in the general services district of Davidson county. So whoever fired the guns in the instances you noted were already breaking the law.

    • But not all of Davidson County is in the urban services district. For example, parts of Hermitage, where the lady found a bullet next to her bed, are in the general services district.

  4. Democommie

    Lynching black people has ,afIa, been capital murder for at least a century.

    OTOH, when those charged with enforcing the law choose to ignore violators….

    • Jim in Memphis

      I agree that people that violate the law should be charged with the crimes they commit and prosecuted.

  5. democommie

    I have read, many times, that states like Texas have few “gun crimes” or “gun accidents” (other than crimnulblackperps), That is generally because the definition of “crime” almost never involves shitheaded white male moronz wit gunz who are drunk or stupid or both.