Where Am I?

Though I FEEL like hiding under the bed during the awful Trump era, I’m actually just busy teaching, dealing with some health issues, writing my Senators and Congress Critters, cooking, going to hockey games (go Preds!) … you know, having a life.

I’m sorry I’ve abandoned the blog. I just haven’t felt up to writing during this absurd Trump era. Everything that could be said is being said by people smarter, better educated, better paid (ha!), and better equipped to handle the craziness of this modern America. When even Senator Bob Corker and I agree that the current occupant of the White House is a toddler, well … you know American politics has jumped the shark.

But I know some of you miss talking to each other and I forgot that my blog stops accepting comments on a post after two weeks or so. So here is a “fresh sheet,” as we used to say in the Atrios days.

Feel free to vent about the toddler-in-chief, the completely crazy idea that Roy Moore might actually be going to the U.S. Senate, our pending nuclear showdown with North Korea, your favorite chili recipe, or what have you.

I’ll be back someday, I promise. Right now, the world is just too sad.


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17 responses to “Where Am I?

  1. Steve B.

    Just yesterday I was wondering if you’d fallen off the map. Started to write a comment but guess it wouldn’t have gone thru.
    Crazy times indeed, about as crazy here in Middle Tenn as anywhere, maybe.
    Gotta keep the faith and make things better in 2018.

  2. democommie

    I have been sitting on my porch for about two months now, yelling at people to, “Get off my fucking lawn!”. No, I have not slipped a cog (or at least not a different one, I’m yelling at the people who want to put their goddamned campaign posters in my yard.

    Since getting the boot by an officious asshole over at Dispatches from the Culture Wars I have been wandering the seamy underbelly of the Unbelievers’ Demi Monde. Some smart funny people over there along with a collection of trollz of various sorts. It’s all good but I really miss you and Mac’s blogs.

    I was at the open mic/trivia night last evening (didn’t sing or play trivia–although I’m like a genius cross between Pavarotti and Ozzy Osbourne! One of the questions was which state’s governor (Rick Scott) had declared a state of emergency AHEAD of an appearance by Richard Spencer.

    I sincerely hope that Richard Spencer gets all of the fame and accolades that were bestowed upon George Lincoln Rockwell, especially the last one

    Your last thread was fun–well, maybe not for everybody, but I enjoyed it!


  3. democommie

    So Trumpligulamygdala is, once again, living up to his nickname.

    Telling a widow that her husband knew what he was getting into when his convoy was ambushed and he and others were killed. Can’t wait to find out how he’ll deal with the dad who hit the news in the last 24 hours with the claim that he was promised $25K, personally, by the C-in-C* after his son was killed in combat.


    * Chickenhawk-in-Chief

  4. Kate Smith

    I really identify. What a clusterfuck. I haven’t written much either. Thanks for checking in!

  5. I understand. I went off my feed after the election also, though in my case, that manifested itself in my falling way behind in the podcasts I listen to. Outrage kept me blogging.

  6. Kathleen

    So happy that you let us know you’re OK! I have missed your posts but was pleasantly surprised to see your comment at Balloon Juice! May your health concerns abate and your being be infused with mass quantities of piss and vinegar which you share with us when the spirit moves you! Take care.

  7. themadkansan

    You should post furkid pictures! Been forever. 🙂

  8. Bob Fischer

    I’m just glad you’re O.K. I was worried.

  9. So very sorry you need to retreat. I have always enjoyed your voice and knowing that at least someone in the South can see clearly and is willing to speak the truth. Damn, I miss Molly Ivins. And I miss you too. Keep well.

  10. The Republicans are holding the entire country hostage for their tax cuts. They want them that bad. What despicable, horrible people.

    • Jane

      Yep. But I have my doubts as to whether they can get the job done. Looking forward to 2018, when hopefully the tide will turn.

  11. I’m glad to know. My best wishes.

  12. democommie

    Your Congrifter Mash Blackburn got a little bit of burn from NPR today as part of their report on the failed nomination for Tumpligulamygdala’s Drug Czar. I wonder if it pisses Vlad off that Donnie Tempertantrum can call people Czars and he can’t even call himself one, yet.

  13. Beale,

    You always had a humorous or insightful take on matters that somehow helped to make sense of the lunacy that was before our very eyes. But now that the federal government and our international institutions are being torn down brick by brick, there is little comfort to be had even from the most intelligent and entertaining of bloggy hosts. Traffic is down everywhere. Everywhere except where right-wingers are welcome.

    So last summer I was invited to join writerbeat.com. I have met some good people and some very wicked people, but what has surprised me the most is the level of false narratives, outright lies and pure vitriolic hatred for Hillary Clinton. Being schooled by Egalia and waiting these ten long years for Hillary to finally have her chance at the presidency, you can guess how I was getting along with these hardcore Trumpies and wikileaks believers. Every phony scandal, (uranium?), the whole influence peddling bit about gifts to the Clinton Foundation (piggy bank) by those seeking favors from the SOS and Obama… As you can imagine it’s maddening. But the part that really blew my mind is that people from other countries, (if you can believe who they are), seem to share and partake in this irrational Hillary hatred. I always thought that it was limited to right-wing Americans and FOX/Breitbart types. I guess it’s all over RT as well. It’s been quite eye-opening. This Fake News phenomenon will be with us for a long time. It is going to be a battle for the very soul of our people.

    • RT has been a major purveyor of this BS. One of the most disheartening things is seeing people I used to respect (Cenk Uygur and Thom Hartmann, for example) succumb to this craziness. I can’t listen to either one anymore … and I’ve just heard that Cenk is thinking of primarying Dianne Feinsiten for the U.S. Senate??? What a jackass.

      • Jane

        I agree. Why is is that democrats can’t seem to stick together at all? Republicans can goose-step themselves into total power, but we have to sink to such lows as to primary Dianne Feinstein?

  14. G S herscher

    Glad to see that you’re still around. Like others, I missed your posts.
    Get some rest and come back swinging.