And Then There Were Four

When a reader requested more furbaby pictures, I’m sure this wasn’t what he had in mind. But, sad news from the Beale household: yesterday we had to say goodbye to our little Oscar.

Oscar was literally found in the street by our house and named by blog commenters. He was FIV+, so we knew he wouldn’t have a long life, but the end came suddenly and unexpectedly. He started having seizures a couple of days ago and they got increasingly violent and frequent. One seizure at the vet’s office left him blind. So yesterday we helped him across the rainbow bridge. He died in his favorite place: my arms. He was six years old.

Farewell, little buddy. You were a bundle of love in your short life. You are missed.

Oscar’s First Christmas Tree

Oscar’s 2nd Favorite Place: The Porch

Hiding From The Vet


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7 responses to “And Then There Were Four

  1. democommie

    Buddy the Wonderdog and I both send our condolences. I am not fond of kittehs in my home but I like them as fellow beings, otherwise (I’m not sure that they have anything like that sort of feeling for me.

    Since I believe in everlasting oblivion I will think good thoughts of Oscar, lumped together with my good thoughts towards others while I’m still above the sod.

    Never knowing Oscar and knowing you only from here, I would say that guiy had some very good years and many, many cuddles.

    Remember the love.

  2. Kathleen

    Oh, SB, my deepest condolences to you and your husband. What an adorable, precious kitty.

  3. themadkansan

    Aaw. ~:'(

    iz ‘k tho – even so, he still hit the Kitten Lottery. 🙂

    how are Riley and *completely blanks on name of other goggeh*?

  4. My deepest condolences.

  5. Brooke Denton

    I’m so sorry.

  6. democommie

    This isn’t about Oscar, but I saw it and thought of you.

  7. glasat

    I just hugged my two cats, SB. We’re all on a countdown clock and should act like it….even if, like me, you’re not into an afterlife. All the more reason to play nice, here. So sorry for your loss.