Fun With Horrible People

Those wacky kids are having a field day with the utterly tone deaf photo of Steve Mnuchin and his horrible wife Louise Linton, visiting their money. The “money shot” heard round the internet was just rife for mocking, and the internet did not disappoint.

Some Friday funnies:

These showed up after someone noticed that Linton was dressed like Kylo Ren from “Star Wars”:

The Mnuchins are truly horrible people and I shall make fun of them until they are run out of Washington, D.C. Someone said if your signature were on the U.S. money you’d take that photo too; maybe, but I sure as hell know better than to Tweet it out to the world.


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5 responses to “Fun With Horrible People

  1. democommie

    What shitheads, I hope these photos haunt them till their dying day–‘cuz you know that they’re going to be laffin’ it up but STILL rilllllllllly pissed that the hoi polloi would show such disrespect.

  2. CB

    It has been my view, for quite some time now, that there is no such thing as “the good old days”. Then I see something like this and hearken back to a time when it was considered in bad taste to even talk about personal wealth in public.

    Not that they give a damn about good taste.