FUN FACT: The Colorado baker who refused to bake a cake for a gay couple now has a gay governor.

FUN FACT: Maxine Waters will have the power to subpoena Trump’s banks in January.

FUN FACT: Mysoginist MN GOP Rep. Jason Lewis, who once complained that he couldn’t call women sluts, has lost re-election to a Democratic woman.

FUN FACT: Gun control advocate Lucy McBath, whose son was gunned down at a Florida gas station by a white man complaing about loud music, has defeated the NRA-endorsed, A-rated Karen Handel.

FUN FACT: Brian Kemp, architect of Georgia’s voter suppression, had trouble voting yesterday because of an issue with his voter registration card.

FUN FACT: Anti-gay marriage, pro-Trump Tea Party darling Rep. Kevin Yoder just lost re-election to a lesbian Native American woman named Sharice Davids.

FUN FACT: In an election characterized by vile demonization of refugees and asylees, MN voters elected a refugee to Congress: Ilhan Omar, a Somali-American refugee.

FUN FACT: The climate change denying/anti-science/Koch Industries-supported Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker lost re-election to a former science teacher, Tony Evers. And he can’t ask for a recount, thanks to a law he signed himself last year.

FUN FACT: This magnificent rainbow appeared over the U.S. Capitol yesterday:

Democrats won big yesterday. Yoooooge. Trump’s whining and crying notwithstanding, yesterday was a big fuck you to Trump, Trumpism, hate, and the sharp departure from norms we’ve experienced these past two years.

Do I wish Phil Bredesen had beat Marsha Blackburn? Of course! Am I bummed about Beto O’Rourke? Absolutely! But people, Democrats were never supposed to win the Senate. The math was against us from the beginning, and the fact that in Texas, fer gosh sakes, a Republican had to fight for their life is saying something. (BTW, these electoral statistics will be stacked in Democrats’ favor in 2020. Just sayin’.)

I’m not back blogging but I just thought I’d do a happy dance.


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8 responses to “KARMA KARMA KARMA

  1. democommie

    I will settle for “slower unhappiness”. I have no illusions about things suddenly turning around but it’s way better than another period of the Rasshatz controlling all three branches.

    I read that an atheist LADY won a state rep race in Nebraska!

    I’m drinking a beer and making some broth with a nice stew to follow.

    Anything that has Trumpligulamygdala in a sad is good for me.

  2. themadkansan

    FUN FACT: Representative Elijah Cummings will become Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

    Shit’s about to get REAL. Cummings has =nothing= better to do than make Trumpy’s life HELL.

  3. Jim in Memphis

    Karma – RBG falls and breaks 3 ribs day after election where GOP adds Senate seats. Is this how it works? Split control of Congress is fine with me. Investigate away on Trump as well. Just don’t increase spending or raise my taxes. Hell a 4 to 6 week government shut down while the parties piss and moan about each other would be ok with me as well.

    • Not sure what your point about RBG is? You saying Jesus tripped her on the stairs? She was back at work the next day. What an absolutely stupid comment.

    • Eli Blake

      In case you hadn’t noticed, Jim,spending went up quite a lot the past couple of years when the GOP had complete control. Maybe now it won’t go up so fast because they won’t be able to agree on anything.

      As far as taxes, yes the GOP cut taxes (permanently for the wealthy and corporations, temporarily for everyone else) but in the process blew up the deficit (up 77% in the past year.) All on the national credit card. But that’s what happens when you get borrow-and-spend Republicans running things.

  4. democommie

    Jimbo, you oooooze compassion–no, wait, my bad. It’s pus.

  5. Eli Blake

    Another one: After Montana Senator Jon Tester exposed Ronny Jackson, Trump’s nominee to run the V.A., as an incompetent, bullying drunk, Trump had it in for Tester and came to Montana (a state where there are more cows that people) FOUR TIMES to campaign against Tester.

    Senator Tester is still Senator Tester. I used to live in Montana and people appreciate it if you’re genuine. And Senator Tester (a farmer from Montana) is as real and genuine as they come.

    Also, as I had mentioned on facebook, Ruth Anna Buffalo, a Native American woman, defeated the Republican sponsor of the bill that required street addresses for people who have P.O. Boxes (almost all Native Americans) and she did it in his own district which is based in Fargo, and also included some rural areas designed to make sure it stayed Republican. Not this time…

    And– with hundreds of thousands of provisionals still to be counted, here in Arizona Democrat Sandra Kennedy has taken the lead over turncoat Rodney Glassman (a former Democrat but a pure political opportunist) by a whole 180 votes in a race for the corporation commission. Glassman looked like a winner on election night. Not so fast…