The rantings of an avowed liberal in a Red State: I’m mad as y’all and I’m not taking it anymore! 25+ year resident of Nashville, Tennessee; teacher, writer, traveler, animal lover. Trying to stay sane. Reach me at SouthernBeale at yahoo.

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  1. PurpleGirl

    Good afternoon.

    So far, it looks good. My last comment at the old site was posted. And there is a short blog roll on the right side of the page. Take it easy, SpBe, and it will all work out.

  2. Beulah L Prosser

    This is a link to my Memorial Day remembrance about visiting a Civil War cemetery in Florence, SC.
    Hope you will read it although I know you have eleventy billion things to do.

    Love your blog here in the hinterlands of Nikki Haley and Alvin Greene.


    Lynn Prosser

  3. Hey Lynn, those pics were amazing. I am not familiar with Florena Budwin’s story, sounds like a great idea for a movie.

  4. kim

    Do not underestimate Perry’s appeal. While many Texans know better, the South and Midwest will fall in love with him, no questions asked. If he didn’t already know this, he would not be running. While he won’t seek out debates, when he does participate in one, he’ll sound like any other Republican ideologue, but his charisma and ability to walk the party line will enable him to win every time. Perry didn’t save Texas from the Recession by creating jobs; Texas’s energy industry simply insulated us against the worst of the Recession. To get a true sense of Perry’s (destructive) ability and strict ideological loyalties, investigate what has happened to Texas’s healthcare, educational (pre-K through college), and environmental policies during his term as gub’ner. Krugman’s January article “The Texas Omen” is a place to start: http://economistsview.typepad.com/economistsview/2011/01/paul-krugman-the-texas-omen.html

  5. Eykis


    Love that I found you. Eykis is a native Dallasite sitting in Cheatham County for the past ten years – work down in NashVegas as a paralegal. This Curry Todd arrest led me to your door. Look forward to your blog. Noticed you have JuanitaJeanHerownself listed, excellent. Try Malia Litman’s blog – she is eversomuch fun.

  6. I was writing a post on the “White’s Only Swimming Pool” and saw a link back to you. So glad I did. I’m a liberal in Texas. You have a great voice, so I’ll be dropping back.

  7. James Brockman

    Keep up the good work.

  8. Beth

    Beale, I saw this on Kos today, thought you’d get a chuckle out of it…

    Knoxville, Tennessee restaurant Bistro at the Bijou is receiving boatloads of support on Facebook after reports began surfacing that it refused service to state Senator Stacey Campfield out and asked him to leave. […]
    Campfield, who has been in the news again recently because he’s still trying to push his heinous homophobic “don’t say gay” bill in Tennessee, gave an interview last week to Michelangelo Signorile in which he asserted that bullying of gay kids “is a lark”, compared homosexuality to sex with animals, asserted that homosexuality is “glorified” in the media, and that it’s “virtually impossible” for heterosexuals to contract AIDS.

  9. Erica

    Just found your blog today. Love love love it.

    –fellow liberal in a Red State (TX y’all)

  10. Jonathan

    Hey Southern Beale, I came across your blog recently while googling the safety of Gulf Coast waters in the wake of the BP oil spill and read your “Waiter Is That Corexit In My Shrimp Cocktail?” post. I did a little more research after reading your article and found that people were discussing this very subject back in 2008, well before the BP oil spill:


    and here:


    I think you may be getting yourself worked up for nothing. Thought you might be able to rest a little easier after seeing this. Best of luck to you and remember to breathe deeply relax.

    Yours truly,
    A non-racist Floridian

    • Well, Deepwater Horizon was hardly the first oil to hit the Gulf. There were 250 oil spills related to Hurricane Katrina alone in 2006. And I’ve written about the tens of thousands of leaking abandoned oil wells in the Gulf. It’s completely logical that oil-tainted shrimp have appeared in supermarkets for decades. But not since the BP spill has it been this bad. I’ve never bought a pound of shrimp and had nearly three-quarters of them tainted in this way; at most you’d run across one or two a year.

      Thanks for your comment though.

  11. Well dang it all. I had one h—-of- a time trying to find the appropiate place to type. So, I so, hope, yes that is redundant on purpose, that you might get a notice to approve this message/comment. I have one or two questions. I saw that you moved form Blogger-ville over to WordPress-.uppitty-ville. WP is not exactly user friendly but then I am not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree due to never having been properly schooled in computer usage. Anyway, I found you via Texas Trailer Park Trash and so I am will be back another time to “look around.”

  12. Love your take on many things. Almost as good as Molly Ivins. And waiting impatiently for comments on William Blakely.

  13. I grew up in middle Tennessee and ran out like a bat outta hell at 24, finally settling in the Pacific NW where folks think a little more and go to church a lot less. However, since our roots follow us everywhere I found you googling Marsha Blackburn, can’t get that woman out of the dark side of my brain as she just keeps embararssing me with her stupidity. Thrilled to read your words and share your thoughts.

  14. EriktheRed

    hiya, SB…I’m EriktheRed from the Cole’s place.

  15. Joseph Stans

    Ms. Beale:
    While you are a “Volunteer Lady”, I anxiously await your comments about the attempt in Florida to expand the “Stand Your Ground” law to “Wave Your Gun Around And/Or Fire a Warning Shot”.
    What could go wrong?

    Faithfully, etc…

    • Yeah another ALEC written bill soon to find safe harbor in Tennessee, no doubt. All I can say is, I stay as far away from Florida as I can. I do not plan to exit this world by being shot accidentally by some gun loon.

  16. Joseph Stans

    So far the VW deal looks good. Congratulations! Next will be running water, education pat the eight grade and shoes for women!

  17. Joseph Stans

    While other red states have recurring themes, TN has some really bright spots of creativity: Trying to gun down a code enforcement officer and having your barely coherent mam talk to the press. Or driving your car into a church and stabbing your husband because he is worshiping NASCAR. Indeed, a bloggers paradise.

  18. Joseph Stans

    It’s hard to tell where they stop being each other. You are probably right since I wrote that while the espresso machine was struggling to make my much needed coffee.

  19. ssgmarkcr

    Howdy SB,
    Was driving home from school yesterday and heard this on the radio and thought it would pique your interest,

    “Melissa Block speaks with Allan Levene, a candidate for Congress who is based in Georgia. Levene is running in four different states to increase his odds of winning.”


  20. Ruffslitch

    Hey, “all y’all” liberals living in Red States-if you hate being in a conservative area why’n’t you go back to your Blue States? What’samattah? No jobs?

    • What an assinine thing to say. I suppose all of the conservatives living in Blue States should just move to Mississippi. Whassamatter, too much like Somalia? #stupid

    • Moira MacGaothin

      Man, you are really stupid. Guess that’s why you’re a blue voter. Doesn’t take much intellect to know a knuckledragging redneck when you read one. And yes, our blue states have lots of jobs that pay well. Because we have higher levels of education than you do. And more teeth. Our smiles get us better jobs.

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