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Al Gore Gets Internet Honor

Remember when Al Gore was roundly mocked by conservatives and the “liberal” media for saying he invented the internet? (Which he didn’t say, but whatever… )

Well, lookie who is going to be inducted into the first Internet Hall of Fame for his contributions to creating the world wide web. To be specific:

The group’s description of Gore states: “Al Gore, the 45th Vice President of the United States, was a key proponent of sponsoring legislation that funded the expansion of and greater public access to the Internet. Instrumental in helping to create the ‘Information Superhighway,’ Gore was one of the first government officials to recognize that the Internet’s impact could reach beyond academia to fuel educational and economic growth as well.”

Uh-huh. You know what’s pathetic? Tennessee Republicans are so petty, they derailed a statue of Gore (and fellow Nobel Peace Prize winner Cordell Hull) at the state capitol. Dude is honored everywhere but his hometown. Because they’re just that insecure.


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Al Gore Is Fat: The Movie

Local talk show blowhard Phil Valentine, last seen circling our state capitol while repeatedly honking his car horn, has a hilarious new anti-climate change film that is a 90-minute attack on Al Gore, liberals and environmentalists. It’s in one theater here in Nashville (because he lives here), and probably won’t be coming to a theater near you, but I’m sure it will be hitting the wingnut DVD distribution circuit soon. The Tennessean did a story on it, which you can read here.

This was funny:

In Michael Moore fashion, Valentine in the film goes to a book signing for Gore to try to talk to him and also to Gore’s Belle Meade home, where he says he wants to see him.

“Yes, this is Arlen Specter,” he says at one point, speaking into the intercom at the entrance. “Can Al Gore come out and play?”

He imitates different voices, including pretending to be Jesse Jackson. An employee comes out and says Gore is out of town and gives him information for the contact person he needs to call.

Har dee har har! That’s so funny! What’s really funny is that despite their professed hatred of prominent liberals like Michael Moore, the right has accepted their cultural superiority. They wouldn’t be copying them otherwise. As I’ve said many times before, conservatives are constantly co-opting the messaging and tactics of the left because they’re culturally irrelevant themselves, and are incapable of creating anything new. Instead of coming up with their own ideas they need to come up with a conservative version of whatever the left has already been successful doing. It’s kinda sad, really.

So, Valentine has basically made a documentary with an all-volunteer crew to debunk climate change by saying it’s phony because Al Gore is fat. Really, that’s it in a nutshell. As Michael Vandenbergh, director of Vanderbilt’s Environmental Law Program and the Climate Change Research Network, is quoted as saying in The Tennessean:

“Whatever you think about Al Gore doesn’t affect that there’s scientific consensus about climate change, and it won’t make it go away,” he said.

Al Gore has been a great straw man for the deniers, but they look beyond silly as climate change has become reality, as anyone with a vegetable garden knows.

What’s funny to me is Valentine’s own inconsistencies on issues like energy.

Little is sacred on the green front. Valentine at one point makes fun of people who recycle plastic bottles and own hybrid cars.

Valentine said he doesn’t recycle, but he does drive a restored 1985 Mercedes-Benz, which was highlighted in the film. It runs on biodiesel that he makes from old restaurant oil.

It’s strictly to save money, he said.

He backs solar, wind and nuclear energy along with drilling for traditional fuel sources as ways to ease the nation’s dependence on foreign oil. He said he is not for cutting back on energy use.

Dude, you’re a moron. You’re for saving money but only the way YOU do it? Hybrids’ better gas mileage saves money. Making buildings more energy efficient saves money. How come that’s not okay, but driving on vegetable oil is?

Recycling plastic bottles saves money. It means you don’t have to make new ones. Why is that not okay?

This is why I don’t worry about the troglodytes of conservatism who claim to support free market solutions to everything, but then are critical when the free market decides something they don’t like. I spent $8 fueling my car last month. Who wouldn’t want that deal? It doesn’t matter what your politics may be, the pocket book has already won the argument. You guys lost. Attacking Al Gore isn’t going to change a thing, except put you on the wrong side of yet another issue. We’re used to seeing that from you guys. Thanks for staying consistent on at least that one point.

This is why I’ve decided to stop worrying and love the climate change deniers. I’ve realized the people who need to know about this stuff, the people who matter, are not the people with their head in the sand. And by people who matter, I’m not talking about the champagne-swillers in Davos. I’m talking about engineers and biologists and agricultural scientists and medical doctors. I’m talking about the folks who are building city storm sewers, who know devastating floods are the new normal and are adjusting their plans accordingly. And yes, I’m talking about business leaders.

Climate change isn’t just real, it’s been decided. There’s no going back at this point, it’s too late. All we can do is prepare for its impact. And people are doing that. Phil Valentine can try to propagandize to his faithful, but he’s preaching to the choir. We already know these people are out of touch with reality. So keep it up. Because you’re just backing yourselves into a corner, showing yourselves to be even more irrelevant.


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>The Return Of The Lock Box

>You have got to be fucking kidding me. I remember Al Gore being roundly mocked for his “lock box” mantra — to the point where he parodied himself on Saturday Night Live. And now we have Sharon Angle bringing it back:

“The real Social Security solutions are to stop Harry Reid from raiding the Social Security trust fund,” Angle said in the ad.

“I’d like to save Social Security by locking the lock box, putting the money back into the trust fund so the government can no longer raid our retirement,” she says, echoing former Vice President Al Gore’s “lock box” comments that earned him ridicule in 2000.

Let me guess: in 10 years you guys will be in favor of carbon offsets to battle the crisis that is global climate change, right?



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>TNGOP Petty Party V.2

>So we finally have the reason why Republican legislators voted against locating privately-funded statues of Al Gore and Cordell Hull, our state’s two Nobel Peace Prize winners, on state capitol grounds: it’s because Gore’s not dead yet:

On largely party lines, the Senate voted Tuesday not to support a proposal to erect statues depicting Gore and fellow Nobel laureate Cordell Hull, on the basis that recipients of Capitol Hill honors should be dead. Hull died in 1955.

This, of course, is silly. Republicans named every square inch of public space after Ronald Reagan while he was still alive; here in Nashville there’s a statue of Billy Graham in front of the Southern Baptist Convention just up the street from the state capitol, and last I checked he’s still alive.

But I realize these are not the state capitol grounds and didn’t require legislative approval. Yada yada. Fine.

From The Tennessean:

Few references to Hull were made during the debate. A bust of Hull — who served as Secretary of State during World War II under Franklin D. Roosevelt and helped establish the United Nations — sits directly across the hall from the Senate chamber, and a government building near the Capitol has been named in his honor. Rather it was the idea of honoring Gore that seemed to make lawmakers balk.

Since we’re talking state capitol statues, I wonder if we will ever get around to removing the statue of devout racist Edward W. Carmack? Carmack was a former U.S. Congressman, Senator, newspaper editor and racist who was killed on the streets of Nashville after advocating the repeal of the 15th Amendment in his newspaper:

“I don’t think anyone knows who he is or why he’s there,” said attorney and professor Lewis Laska. “Edward Ward Carmack was one of the most racist politicians in Tennessee history.” Laska feels the statue should come down because of what Carmack stood for.

“He wanted the 15th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution repealed. That’s the amendment that gave black men the right to vote. He thought that lynching was a good idea because it kept black people ‘in their place,'” said Laska.

Well by all means let’s keep the statue of Carmack on the state capitol grounds, then. And let’s make sure no Republican legislator has to gaze upon the visage of Al Gore on his or her way into work. That would be just too awful.

Meanwhile, I suggest we find another place for the Gore and Hull statues. How about dedicating a Nobel Peace Park? Yesterday I suggested the traffic circle in front of the new convention center, but any place prominent will do. Perhaps the new Riverfront Park? The Nobel Peace Prize is an international achievement; recognition of Tennessee’s honorees should be located where our city’s visitors can learn about the achievements of Tennessee’s native sons and daughters. The State Capitol? Feh. We can do better.

And as for the statue of Edward W. Carmack let me suggest a dark closet deep in the bowels of the state legislature where the rest of Tennessee’s racists remain.

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TNGOP: Petty Party

Tennessee Senate Republicans have just said no to locating statues honoring Al Gore and Cordell Hull on capitol grounds.

From Pith:

Senate Republicans have defeated a resolution urging the state to raise private money to build a statue of Al Gore and another famous Tennessee Democrat, Cordell Hull, on the Capitol grounds. Gore and Hull are Tennessee’s only Nobel peace prize winners. So what? Republicans hate Gore. They didn’t even take the trouble to explain why they’re against the statues. The 15-14 vote in favor of the resolution fell two votes short of a majority. Does this make Senate Republicans look petty and ridiculously partisan? You bet.

Yup, sure does.

I say fuck ‘em. Let’s locate the statues somewhere else, say, off capitol grounds yet somewhere prominent, perhaps the new convention center roundabout. Take that, assholes.

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>We Understand Exactly What You’re Doing Marsha


I love Republican politicians who have no problem investing in companies from which they will profit handsomely while they are in public service (Dick Cheney and Halliburton, Donald Rumsfeld and Tamiflu, Kenneth Blackwell and Diebold … the list goes on), but they love to pretend like it’s a bad thing when Democrats do it.

Al Gore is no longer a member of Congress, a member of any administration’s cabinet, or even our vice president or president. He thinks transitioning to a green economy is good business–and so do I. If he weren’t putting his money where his mouth is, people like Blackburn would be saying he’s obviously a snake oil salesman when he won’t even invest his own money in it!

And while we’re clarifying relationships, Marsha, maybe you need to clarify a few of your own.

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>Were You There When They Misquoted Al Gore

>Of all the low-down, dirty, rat-dog, cheap shots, this takes the cake:

Right-wing echo chamber promotes doctored and deceptive audio clip of Al Gore.

Earlier this week, the Business & Media Institute (BMI) – a right-wing front group founded by Brent Bozell – spliced and doctored an NPR interview of Al Gore in order to allege that Gore said something which he did not. The organization published a false headline which blared that Gore called the Myanmar cyclone a “consequence” of global warming. Drudge promoted it on his site.


But in the NPR interview, Gore asserted that melting polar ice caps — not cyclones — were a “consequence” of global warming (which is unequivocally due to global warming). BMI inverted Gore’s comments to make it seem like his remarks about the cyclones followed from his remarks about “the consequences of global warming.” Yesterday, Fox News promoted the doctored clip to make the same false allegations about what Gore actually said.

Indeed, the truth-challenged folks at Faux News offer us this blaring headline:

Al Gore Blames Global Warming for Myanmar Cyclone

Brent Bozell is a smear campaign veteran (for more on Bozell, read here). But Gore has been a target of all sorts of smear campaigns: remember when the Tennessee Center for Policy Research made the shocking allegation that the Gores actually use electricity? Bring the fainting couch!

I really don’t get this antipathy toward Al Gore from the right. Yes, I know his anti-global warming crusade has challenged the power structure and Big Oil. But the right has been gunning for Gore since before the 2000 election. They’ve been acting like he’s some kind of major threat to their plan for world domination since forever.

Maybe he is. All I know is, I’m sick of these kind of smears. If you have something real to slam Gore on, then do it. But don’t doctor and edit the soundbite. That just proves you’ve got nothing. It’s evidence that your motivation is the smear. We’re all just tired of it.

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>I Told You So

>Al Gore’s not running. So give it up, people:

Gore has no plans to seek presidency

OSLO, Norway – Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore says winning the Nobel Peace Prize has not pushed him into entering the 2008 presidential race.

“I don’t have plans to be a candidate again, so I don’t really see it in that context at all,” Gore told Norwegian state broadcaster NRK in an interview broadcast Wednesday. “I’m involved in a different kind of campaign. It’s a global campaign. It’s a campaign to change the way people think about the climate crisis.”

NRK said it interviewed Gore in Nashville, Tenn.

Pick a candidate, liberals. Gore’s not running.

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>Congratulations, Al Gore!

>Al Gore shares Nobel Peace Prize with UN climate change panel:

“..for their efforts to build up and disseminate greater knowledge about man-made climate change, and to lay the foundations for the measures that are needed to counteract such change.”

An Oscar, an Emmy and the Nobel Peace Prize? This not-being-president thing has worked out rather well for him, hasn’t it?

Other famous Tennesseans who have won the Nobel Peace Prize: Cordell Hull, who won in 1945, and Muhammad Yunus, who won in 2006.

Perhaps some folks can look beyond politics and marvel at the number of Nobel Laureates coming from our state.

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>Maybe He Should’ve Swam There

>Here’s a tasty bit of speculation about Al Gore that is bound to piss certain people off:

”… the San Francisco Chronicle’s Carla Marinucci is reporting that Gore cancelled an appearance today at a fundraiser for Sen. Barbara Boxer in San Francisco. Boxer explained why in an email to supporters: “I just got a call from Vice President Al Gore. He told me that he needs to travel abroad tomorrow for an exciting and urgent mission that could result in a major breakthrough in the fight against global warming.”

What happens tomorrow? The Nobel Peace Prize is announced in Oslo! Of course, the award is actually presented in December, not tomorrow, so Gore’s trip is likely purely coincidental. Still, it’s fun to imagine the fits of apoplexy this will generate among the “Al Gore is a hypocrite because he doesn’t churn his own butter” crowd.

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