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American Morans: Really Rich Division

Yes, that would be country star John Rich, who seems determined to win the Asshole Neighbor of the Year award.

However, check out the sign he has posted at his front gate:

Ha ha ha ha ha! What a moran! Damn, they just can’t help themselves, can they?

(Original American Moran here; more American Morans here.)

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American Morans: Collector’s Edition

Bet you thought I was joking.

(h/t, Andrew Sullivan.)


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Sarah Palin Joins The American Morans Club

I normally ignore all the stupid things Sarah Palin says and does, but I just saw this on Twitter and had show it to y’all:

Ions? Ions? Honey, you were so not ready for national office. Hell, I don’t think you were ready for Alaska state office.


(More American Morans here; original American Moran here.)

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More American Morans

From yesterday’s Michelle Bachmann/Fox News-led “tea party” in Washington. You’d think after six months of protests they’d have figured out how to use spell-check:

One would also think that they’d have figured out there is no government run healthcare in anyone’s future. But that’s the low information voter for you: rallying to protest something that doesn’t exist.


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American Morans, Tea Party Edition

Too many American Morans to count on Saturday, judging by the pictures and video I’ve seen. But this one made me laugh:

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American Morans 4

Yeah, a “pubic” option would be really bad:

(h/t, Clayton Morris)

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American Morans, Elite Edition

Yes, that would be Pat Buchanan standing beneath a misspelled sign advertising his own conference while chatting up a white supremacist.

This is the guy who’s on MSNBC 24-7. Thank you, liberal media.

Among the asinine topics discussed at the “conferenece”: how English-only bills will be a winner for the Republican Party, and mocking Sonia Sotomayor for doing the thing that they keep telling us they want all immigrants and their families to do: learn English.

Yes, by all means keep that up. Nobody could anticipate that would not be a winner for the Republican Party.

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American Morans 3

Oh, conservatives. Do you not own a dictionary?

More wacky tea party pictures here, including one event that had a guy dressed up as Jesus.

Um, guess they forgot that whole “render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s” bit.

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American Morans, v.4

Let me qualify this by saying I don’t know where this photo came from and can’t verify its authenticity. One of my commenters posted a link downthread. The bib-overalls have me suspicious because as we all know, he’s not a plumber unless there’s a half moon rising over the workspace.

But, it’s still funny!

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American Morans, V.3

When your opposition is this stupid, I’m not sure if we should be all that worried.

Noted a concerned neighbor:

“If you’re going to attract attention, at least make sure your spelling is right,” Rice added, referring to Lacasse’s misspelling of the word “Muslim.”

As a former copy editor, I couldn’t agree more.

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