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>Jumping The Shark

>Wow. The news coming from the fringes of Outter Wingnuttia took a sharp turn at East Wackadoodle and entered Crazyville today.

Via Salon’s War Room:

October surprise: Who’s Obama’s real father?

Brace yourselves, people: Barack Obama’s real father isn’t Barack Obama, Sr. His real father is — wait for it — Malcolm X.

No, I’m not being serious. But that is the claim being made on Atlas Shrugs, a pretty well-known right-wing blog. (How well-known? Its proprietor, Pamela Geller, has interviewed John Bolton, who served as, essentially, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations earlier in the Bush administration.)

So if you thought the paranoid theories about Obama couldn’t get any crazier, clearly you were wrong. In fact, there are now so many floating around that no one can even seem to get their conspiracy theory straight. Andy Martin, the anti-Semite who was a source for one of Sean Hannity’s specials about Obama, has retracted his earlier smear, when he said Obama was a Muslim; he now believes Frank Marshall Davis, a Communist, is Obama’s real father.

Oh, snap! Andy Martin, you mean the kook who launched a million e-mails saying Obama-is-a-secret-Muslim by posting a “press release” on the Free Republic?

That guy?

Now he says he was wrong?

Please! I demand the immediate dispatch of thousands of e-mails proclaiming Obama isn’t a Muslim after all. Correct the record, sir!

Also, according to the right-wing “Association of American Physicians and Surgeons,” a group which opposes immunization, universal health care, birth control, Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, Obama has mastered the magical voodoo mind control power known as “neurolinguistic programming (NLP), a covert form of hypnosis…” Somehow the nation has surrendured its free will and been programmed, Zombie-like, to vote for Obama.

Which is so hilarious because that was my precise theory as to why so many people voted for George W. Bush in 2004.

Clearly the wheels have come off the conservative movement. Please, more crazy talk. We need more erratic “He’s a Muslim! Slap! He’s a Communist! Slap! He’s a Muslim and a Communist!” messaging. It sorta proves it’s all been one huge lie from the get-go.

I only wish they’d started this two weeks ago.

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>Give It Up, Wingnuts

>The far right’s cockamamie claim that Barack Obama is not eligible to be president because he was born in Kenya and his Hawaii birth certificate proves it (or something) has gone down in flames:

Judge tosses lawsuit challenging Obama citizenship

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit challenging Barack Obama’s qualifications to be president.

U.S. District Judge R. Barclay Surrick on Friday night rejected the suit by attorney Philip J. Berg, who alleged that Obama was not a U.S. citizen and therefore ineligible for the presidency. Berg claimed that Obama is either a citizen of his father’s native Kenya or became a citizen of Indonesia after he moved there as a boy.

Obama was born in Hawaii to an American mother and a Kenyan father. His parents divorced and his mother married an Indonesian man.

Internet-fueled conspiracy theories question whether Obama is a “natural-born citizen” as required by the Constitution for a presidential candidate and whether he lost his citizenship while living abroad.

Surrick ruled that Berg lacked standing to bring the case, saying any harm from an allegedly ineligible candidate was “too vague and its effects too attenuated to confer standing on any and all voters.”

This whole storyline is so hilarious. Someone remind me, which state is Panama? The 51st? 52nd?

Comedy gold, I tell ya, comedy gold.

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I Get E-Mails


The pastor at my church informed me that not only did he get this e-mail, but last week he got a DVD from the same group. Called “Obsession” it supposedly links Barack Obama to terrorist groups.

E-mails are cheap and easy to send, but producing and mass-mailing a DVD to clergy all around the country takes a lot of money. I would LOVE to know who is financing these people.

This morning I received a particularly hateful and sick piece from Rabbi Yehuda Levin and Dr. O’Neal Dozier of “the Judeo-Christian View.” I won’t link to their site, it’s that bad, but you can Google them if you’re interested. You might need to hop in the shower afterwards, though.

The e-mail is full of the usual paranoid, hysterical fear-porn that we’ve come to expect from the far-right fringe: Obama wants to expand taxpayer-funded partial birth abortion (not true), he will force states to recognize gay marriages (not true), and favors “full integration of flagrant, practicing homosexuals into the U.S. armed forces and military barracks” (OK, I have no idea about Obama’s position on gays in the military but anyone who doesn’t think “practicing homosexuals” are already in the U.S. armed forces and military barracks has their head up their ass).

It’s the usual litany of right wing fundiegelical crap. But what’s interesting is that after every “do you know that Obama…” lie comes an admonishment to my pastor or religious leader! Is your pastor telling you this? Has your Rabbi said anything to your congregation? Why in heaven’s name would your priest be silent about these abominations? They even–I shit you not–imply that if one’s religious leader has not attacked Barack Obama from the pulpit, they are being reverse-racists:

Has your pastor or bishop tacitly rejected Martin Luther King’s plea to judge by the content of a man’s character, rather than by the color of his skin?  Is “Reverse Racism” or “White Guilt” inspiring shameful pulpit silence on the Torah, Tanakh and New Testament issues of Same-Sex Unions and Child Sacrifice?

Child sacrifice??! Are they kidding?

This e-mail was apparently sent in response to a letter Americans United For Separation of Church & State sent to clergy last week reminding them of federal tax laws related to church politicking. I have no idea why I got it, or what bizarre fundie e-mail list my name is now attached to.

It’s a new twist on the old divide-and-conquer meme: it not only spreads lies, but also attacks religious leaders “for remaining silent.” Used to be religious leaders were on the side of the wackadoodles. Something seems to have shifted this election season; these two wackjobs are trying to sow seeds of doubt in the minds of the faithful if their clergy have not spread lies about a presidential candidate.

This e-mail is especially insidious because instead of contacting clergy themselves, Rabbi Yehuda Levin and Dr. Dozier are trying to get the faithful to pressure their religious leaders. The hidden message is: the big bad religion-hating government is trying to silence the “faithful majority.” Here’s a presidential candidate who will force child sacrifice and gay marriage on the faithful and my pastor isn’t even allowed to talk to me about it!

It’s a revolution in an e-mail. And it’s pretty abominable.

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>A Word From Opie, Andy, Richie & Fonzie


See more Ron Howard videos at Funny or Die

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>Only In America

>I loved Nicholas Kristof’s column yesterday.

In particular, I loved reading this:

The other day I had a conversation with a Beijing friend and I mentioned that Barack Obama was leading in the presidential race:

She: Obama? But he’s the black man, isn’t he?

Me: Yes, exactly.

She: But surely a black man couldn’t become president of the United States?

Me: It looks as if he’ll be elected.

She: But president? That’s such an important job! In America, I thought blacks were janitors and laborers.

Me: No, blacks have all kinds of jobs.

She: What do white people think about that, about getting a black president? Are they upset? Are they angry?

Me: No, of course not! If Obama is elected, it’ll be because white people voted for him.

[Long pause.]

She: Really? Unbelievable! What an amazing country!

What an amazing country, indeed. I’m not measuring any drapes here, but I love the message that an Obama presidency would send to the world, if we’re so fortunate as to win this election. It tells the world that we truly are the land of opportunity for everyone. It’s not just a slogan; it’s real.

America’s reputation around the world has taken a hit. As Kristof writes, we’re associated with some pretty bad stuff these days: Guantanamo Bay, Abu Ghraib, and extraordinary rendition, Hurricane Katrina and the collapse of the world economy.

Last time the Mister and I went to Italy, in 2005, I was shocked at the anti-Americanism I picked up, for the first time ever. Italy, remember, was an ally in Iraq. Silvio Berlusconi is a George W. Bush BFF. So I was shocked to witness Americans heckled and verbally harassed on three difference occasions. These were not “ugly Americans,” they were typical tourists enjoying a holiday. They did not deserve this treatment.

And I thought: George Bush has ruined our vacation. Kristof writes:

In his endorsement, Mr. Powell added that an Obama election “will also not only electrify our country, I think it’ll electrify the world.” You can already see that. A 22-nation survey by the BBC found that voters abroad preferred Mr. Obama to Mr. McCain in every single country — by four to one over all. Nearly half of those in the BBC poll said that the election of Mr. Obama, an African-American, would “fundamentally change” their perceptions of the United States.

America has some fences to mend overseas. I don’t see a McCain presidency doing that. Sending Barack Obama to the White House will send a profound statement to the world that we’re ready to change.

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>He’s Mad As Hell And He’s Not Taking It

>John McCain really lowered himself into the gutter by calling those phony Acorn allegations (which I railed against here) the “worst voter fraud perpetrated on the American public in 200 years” or some such.

Yes, registering Mickey Mouse to vote so someone can collect $2 is so much worse than denying an entire race of people the right to vote simply because of the color of their skin. And then orchestrating a violent intimidation campaign against those who tried to register Southern blacks to vote.

Anyway, the truth is now starting to sink in that these are all phony allegations started by the GOP in an attempt to throw as much mud as possible in the final weeks of the election. And I’m happy to see the Obama campaign isn’t going to take it:

Obama lawyer calls for investigation over ACORN charges

(CNN) – Obama campaign general counsel Bob Bauer called Monday for a government investigation into whether the White House is working with John McCain’s campaign to raise allegations of voter fraud, telling reporters attorney general Michael Mukasey needed to step in to ensure investigators are “not misused for partisan purposes.”

A special prosecutor is investigating similar charges against the Justice Department over the controversial dismissals of several U.S. attorneys, including David Yglesias, who said he was fired for resisting pressure to prosecute ACORN, the embattled community group at the center of a sustained Republican campaign alleging voter fraud among supporters of Barack Obama.

I hope the Obama campaign broadcasts this loud and clear. There is nothing wrong with registering poor and minority citizens to vote. There have been plenty of problems with Republican-focused voter registration drives, too.

For example, this one:

Ontario police arrest man in voter fraud case

SACRAMENTO — The owner of a firm that the California Republican Party hired to register tens of thousands of voters this year was arrested in Ontario over the weekend on suspicion of voter registration fraud.

State and local investigators allege that Mark Jacoby fraudulently registered himself to vote at a childhood California address where he no longer lives so he would appear to meet the legal requirement that all signature gatherers be eligible to vote in California. His firm, Young Political Majors, or YPM, collects petition signatures and registers voters in California and other states.

Anyone know how many ACORN folks have been arrested?


Pretty funny that the one guy arrested for voter registration fraud worked for the Republican Party!

Oh lookie, here’s another one from across the aisle:

Investigation into Trashed Voter Registrations

(Oct. 13) — Federal, state, and local officials are gathering information about allegations of voter registration fraud that were first raised Channel 8 Eyewitness News.

An employee of a private voter registration firm alleges that his bosses trashed registration forms filled out by Democratic voters because they only wanted to sign up Republican voters.

The allegations have set off a political firestorm stretching from Las Vegas to Washington D.C., and beyond. 

As with everything else in this election year, it’s now become a political football being tossed between the two parties, with charges and countercharges, but at its core, there still remains the matter of registration forms that were ripped up and tossed in the trash.

A similar thing happened right here in Nashville during the last presidential election.

This kind of voter registration fraud is a lot worse than what has happened to Acorn. Because while Mickey Mouse isn’t going to show up to vote on election day, the people whose registrations ended up in the trash were expecting to vote. And if their forms were never turned in, they would be unable to do so.

Since John McCain has chosen to get down in the gutter with his Rove acolyte and participate in the mud-slinging, I fully expect he will be forced to eat his words when this and every other smear is revealed for what it so obviously is: a partisan political attack.

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>Easy Voter: Dennis Hopper An Obama Convert

>Longtime Republican/Bush voter Dennis Hopper says he’s supporting Barack Obama:

PARIS (AFP) — Dennis Hopper, the US actor-director perhaps best known for the 1969 road-movie “Easy Rider”, is praying for victory by Barack Obama in next month’s elections, he said on Monday.

“I voted for Bush, father and son, but this time I’ll vote for Obama,” he told journalists at the opening of a show on his life and work at the Paris cinematheque.

Hopper is to be handed France’s order of Commander of Arts and Letters by the culture minister later Monday.

“I was the first person in my family to have been Republican,” he added. “For most of my life I wasn’t on the left.”

“I pray God, Barack Obama is elected,” he said, criticising the current administration’s many “lies.”

I’m sure the last two weeks have been hard on the Ameriprise Financial pitchman.

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>Animal Lovers For Obama!

>For the first time ever, the Humane Society Legislative Fund has endorsed a presidential ticket:

I’m proud to announce today that the HSLF board of directors—which is comprised of both Democrats and Republicans—has voted unanimously to endorse Barack Obama for President. The Obama-Biden ticket is the better choice on animal protection, and we urge all voters who care about the humane treatment of animals, no matter what their party affiliation, to vote for them.

Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) has been a solid supporter of animal protection at both the state and federal levels. As an Illinois state senator, he backed at least a dozen animal protection laws, including those to strengthen the penalties for animal cruelty, to help animal shelters, to promote spaying and neutering, and to ban the slaughter of horses for human consumption.  In the U.S. Senate, he has consistently co-sponsored multiple bills to combat animal fighting and horse slaughter, and has supported efforts to increase funding for adequate enforcement of the Animal Welfare Act, Humane Methods of Slaughter Act, and federal laws to combat animal fighting and puppy mills.


While McCain’s positions on animal protection have been lukewarm, his choice of running mate cemented our decision to oppose his ticket. Gov. Sarah Palin’s (R-Alaska) retrograde policies on animal welfare and conservation have led to an all-out war on Alaska’s wolves and other creatures. Her record is so extreme that she has perhaps done more harm to animals than any other current governor in the United States.

Palin engineered a campaign of shooting predators from airplanes and helicopters, in order to artificially boost the populations of moose and caribou for trophy hunters. She offered a $150 bounty for the left foreleg of each dead wolf as an economic incentive for pilots and aerial gunners to kill more of the animals, even though Alaska voters had twice approved a ban on the practice. This year, the issue was up again for a vote of the people, and Palin led the fight against it—in fact, she helped to spend $400,000 of public funds to defeat the initiative.

If you love animals, then you will do your part to make sure Barack Obama is elected with the strongest electoral mandate we’ve seen in eight years.

And check this out: Bark Obama: A blog for cat and dog bloggers who support Obama!

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>Ralph Stanley 4 Obama

>Bluegrass legend Ralph Stanley has endorsed Barack Obama. Check out the radio ad he cut:

Hey John Rich! Suck on this!

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American Morans, V.3

When your opposition is this stupid, I’m not sure if we should be all that worried.

Noted a concerned neighbor:

“If you’re going to attract attention, at least make sure your spelling is right,” Rice added, referring to Lacasse’s misspelling of the word “Muslim.”

As a former copy editor, I couldn’t agree more.

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