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>Is It War On Christmas Season Already?

>Seems like the War On Christmas comes earlier and earlier. On Thursday night Bill O’Reilly and his guest, Denver radio talker Dan Caplis, fired the first shot:

O’Reilly’s target last night was a decision by the Fort Collins, Colorado City Council to celebrate the holiday season with “an educational museum display, plain wreaths and garlands on city property, and trees with white lights” rather than traditional Christmas decorations such as trees with “colored lights.”
[ … ]
DAN CAPLIS: Yes. Well, Bill, this is horrible. I mean, this should be a wake-up call to every member of your audience. If this kind of attack on American values can happen in Fort Collins, it can happen everywhere.

You have this arrogant minority that wants to go to the point of stripping away Christmas trees and colored lights. I mean, this sounds like something out of the old Soviet Union. And people need to be very aware.

This group on the left is mobilized. They’re sophisticated. They’re determined. And if you don’t stand up and fight for your culture, they will take it away from you.

You gotta fight .. for your right … to colored Christmas lights!

I used to wish that O’Reilly and his fellow Christmas Warriors would just have a steaming cup of STFU, but the entertainment value is too rich. With Hollywood writers on strike, I think Bill O’Reilly offers us some much needed comedy gold.

So fight on, Christmas warriors, fight on! This tune’s just for you!

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>They Said It Wouldn’t Last

>Progressive talk radio is catching up. Yes, right-wing radio still dominates the talk airwaves, but liberal talkers are making big strides, according to the trade journal Talker’s Magazine. A survey in the current issue shows Ed Schultz receiving the same audience as Bill O’Reilly, and liberals like Randi Rhodes, Thom Hartmann, Lionel and Stephanie Miller with the same audience as G. Gordon Liddy and Hugh Hewitt.

This is a huge jump over last year for Schultz, according to Raw Story:

A new survey by Talkers Magazine listed Schultz’s weekly audience at 3.25 million weekly listeners, the same number of listeners enjoyed by O’Reilly, host of the Fox News Channel’s The O’Reilly Factor. [ … ] The same survey in 2006 pegged the Fargo talker’s unique weekly listeners at 2.25 million, sharing the number 10 slot among radio hosts nationwide.


Limbaugh, who had 14.5 million weekly listeners in 2005, has not recovered from his loss of audience reported in the 2006 survey. His audience has been holding steady at 13.5 million listeners since that report.

I’m a big fan of Ed Schultz; he’s not as strident or polarizing as Randy Rhodes (who I confess to also liking, especially on days when I’m really pissed off). Schultz actually lets people talk instead of cutting them off mid-sentence, and he’s based out of Fargo, which gives him that “flyover country” perspective. If you don’t get Schultz on regular or satellite radio, you can give him a listen online here.

In the meantime, Nielsen ratings show Keith Olbermann consistently beating conservatives like Glenn Beck and Tucker Carlson, and even giving Bill-O a run for his money in the key audience demographic.

It’s pretty amazing when you remember that conservative talk has an enormous advantage with its established infrastructure (Fox, ABC Talk Radio Network, etc.) built over the past few decades.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that people are turning off Rush and switching to Big Ed; rather, I think it shows there’s a growing market for progressive talk, whereas the market for conservative talk has probably maxed. What I don’t understand is why local talk radio stations like WLAC don’t offer both kinds of programming. Why cater to just a portion of the market in a city like Nashville, which skews liberal? I’ve been told that local station management has been approached about airing shows like Thom Hartmann and Ed Schultz (or even the awesome local show Liberadio) but they’ve refused, reasoning that liberals listen to big stars like Rush Limbaugh too. All that kind of thinking has done is drive me to satellite radio, where I now enjoy advertiser-free music programming, too.

The dearth of stations willing to program someone like Ed Schultz is a shame but it may be changing soon: on today’s show, Schultz announced he has investors looking to buy stations in some key markets. Think Nashville will be one of them?

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>Mr. Pot, Meet Mrs. Kettle

>ThinkProgress has an interesting item up about Bill O’Reilly, who opined on his radio show that Middle Easterners “don’t want democracy”:

In my opinion, they just don’t. They want their meals. They want to smoke. They want to go to the mosques. They want to sit around, and that’s what they want to do. Do they want to vote? Do they want to get involved? Not really.

I’m going to pass that along without comment except to point out that the citizens of Nashville/Davidson County just elected a new Mayor and a new City Council, and turnout was about 28%–nearly 13% for early voting, 15% on election day.

I guess folks were just lazy, sitting around eating, smoking and going to church.

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>O’Reilly Yanked In D.C.

>A follow-up to yesterday’s story about Bill O’Reilly: apparently, his Weekly World News-style program is wearing thin, at least in the nation’s capital. Today’s Washington Post reports on the train wreck that is Bill O’Reilly:

…WJFK (106.7 FM) yesterday dropped Bill O’Reilly’s nationally syndicated show, “The Radio Factor,” and replaced it with a sports-talk program hosted by Jim Rome. O’Reilly, an avowed independent who takes many conservative views, occupied a two-hour afternoon slot on WJFK.

The popular Fox News Channel TV host never attracted much of a radio following in Washington — in the most recent ratings period, his program had about 1.2 percent of the audience. But then, neither have many other conservatives, whose programs are popular in many cities but barely move the ratings needle in the Washington area, the nation’s eighth-largest radio market.

In defense of Bill O’Reilly, the article goes on to say that political talk radio isn’t especially popular in Washington D.C. at all; liberal talkers haven’t fared much better than the conservative ones. That’s understandable: when you work in politics all day, who wants to listen to politics in your leisure time?

Still, I can’t resist a bit of schadenfreude at hearing Bill O’Reilly got yanked from a radio station in Washington D.C., of all places. That’s more than irony; it might explain why he’s so unpopular:

Chris Berry, president and general manager of WMAL, says there’s nothing particularly unusual about Washington and political talk radio, except that “people in D.C. are smarter” than talk audiences in other towns. “In Boston, Chicago, even L.A., it’s more emotional,” he says. “In D.C., people really do know the issues.”

Oh, snap!


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>It’s Not A Gang, It’s A Club

>Actually, it’s not even a club. It’s a made up story. Well, what do you expect from those clowns at Fox News?

As Bill O’Reilly and Fox News sink ever deeper into self-parody, the jokes just write themselves. Last week Bill O’Reilly claimed that pink pistol-wielding “lesbian gangs” are taking over American cities, including one right here in Tennessee called GTO (for Gays Taking Over).

Pink pistols. I kid you not.

O’Reilly’s “expert” for this shocking news story was Fox News “crime analyst” Rod Wheeler, whose bio says he is in “corporate security and safety management” at Boston Market. Some bloggers are wondering if that means he’s a security guard. Heh.

Blogger Erin Wiegand looked into the incidents Wheeler detailed in his O’Reilly appearance and found there’s nothing behind them. Read her post, it’s absolutely hilarious. Those “pink pistols”? It’s the name of a pro-gun gay organization–you know, NRA types. They aren’t a gang and they don’t really carry pink pistols.

Hilarious. Well, what do you expect. Fox News doesn’t even know real news from parodies. A school administrator in Maine is suing after he got harassed when Fox failed to check out a bogus story about ham bones supposedly thrown at Somali students at a Lewiston, Maine, middle school.

I remembered this one: all the wingnut bloggers were apoplectic about it. The ham bone throwers were supposedly suspended, since Somalis are Muslim and throwing a ham bone would be considered offensive. Sadly for our dumber right wingers and Fox News, the story was bogus; it came from a parody website. That didn’t stop Fox from thinking it was real and unleashing its hordes of bigoted viewers on the poor Lewiston Maine school district.

None of the scary lesbian gang stories checked out either, but that hasn’t stopped the story from getting picked up by conservative Christian groups. With hate crimes against gays a reality in this country, this kind of shoddy fear-mongering is incredibly irresponsible.


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