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Mitt Romney: Fortunate Son

The memory hole has coughed up another Mitt Romney embarassment, this one the ultimate flippy-floppy. Not sure how I missed it when it first surfaced in January but for what it’s worth: in 1966 Mitt Romney was one of 150 conservative students at Stanford University picketing in favor of the Vietnam War draft.

He’s the guy on the far right holding the “Speak Out, Don’t Sit In” sign:

Pro-War, Pro-Draft

Well, I’m sure since young Mitt was such a supporter of the Vietnam War that took so many of his peers he didn’t skirt his patriotic duty, right? Since he’s out there holding a sign and everything supporting the draft? Aw, be serious:

[Romney], meanwhile, never served in south-east Asia because his status as a Mormon missionary exempted him from the draft.

The GOP hopeful spent just one year at Stanford before heading to France for 30 months of missionary work.

He had already met his future wife Ann in 1965 when he was 18 and she was 15. The couple married in 1969 and have five sons and 16 grandchildren.

Isn’t that special. Mitt Romney was happy to join a student counter-protest supporting the Vietnam War and the drafting of his fellow students, but he “served” in France trying to win converts to the Mormon church. Just another Republican chickenhawk, pushing for the little people to get drafted into a war that he refused to join himself.


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>Chickenhawk Squawk

>Is this chutzpa or what? William Kristol has the nerve to criticize’s “Alex” ad with this jaw-dropping assertion:

The MoveOn ad is unapologetic in its selfishness, and barely disguised in its disdain for those who have chosen to serve — and its contempt for those parents who might be proud of sons and daughters who are serving. The ad boldly embraces a vision of a selfish and infantilized America, suggesting that military service and sacrifice are unnecessary and deplorable relics of the past.

“And the sole responsibility of others.”

Calling Operation Yellow Elephant! Let’s get that list of Republican chickenhawks who thought military service was “the sole responsibility of others.”

Why is that William Kristol’s name I see? Yes it is.

Hey, Mr. Kristol: here’s a steaming cup of STFU with your name on it.

(More on Kristol’s intellectual bankruptcy here.)

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>Republican Chickenhawks v2.0

>If you liked Vice President Dick Cheney’s ”I had other priorities” excuse for dodging the Vietnam War, then you’ll love Mitt Romney’s idea of service to our country. Asked why none of his five sons are in the military, Romney claimed:

“One of the ways my sons are showing support for our nation is helping me get elected because they think I’d be a great president.”

Good lord, the arrogance of that sentence leaves me speechless. We already have a president who is stumped when asked to find something, anything, he did wrong as president. Do we really need someone who thinks helping get him elected is as noble a sacrifice as wearing the country’s uniform?

At least these members of “generation Chickenhawk” have a slightly less half-baked excuse for not serving in the war they so ardently support: “I got a scholarship,” “I’m in school,” “I have knee problems,” “I’m more career oriented,” etc.

(h/t, Atrios)

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