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When Schadenfreude Goes Wrong

Chris Christie is so busted.

So much for the GOP’s great wide hope for 2016. He can try to deny he knew anything about this but I don’t know who is going to believe him, given his well-earned reputation for being a bully and arrogant blowhard. There are just too many YouTube videos out there of him berating teachers and ordinary citizens on the New Jersey boardwalk for anyone to think he wouldn’t orchestrate retaliatory traffic gridlock on the George Washington Bridge to punish the Democratic mayor of Fort Lee, New Jersey.

The worst part about the explosive emails between top Christie aides was the gloating at the end of the email threads. Example one (click to enlarge):

Text 1

Kinda reminds me of that Focus on the Family asshole who asked “would it be wrong” to pray for rain of Biblical proportions to interrupt then-nominee Barack Obama’s DNC acceptance speech. What horrible people! But it gets worse:

Text 2

Barbara Buono, of course, was Christie’s Democratic challenger for governor. Yeah suffer the children, it’s their fault for being public school kids (and therefore the children of Democrats!) If only they’d had the good fortune to be born to Republican parents who send their kids to private schools!

And worser….:

Text 3

Yeah so it’s good, right? People are suffering and we win, right? Yeah. Very good.

Oh I cannot wait to see what The Daily Show does with this. UN-believable.


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Remind Me Again How “Liberal” Chris Christie Is?

He’s a bully:


But here’s what I saw. After the rally, Christie made his way back to his campaign bus, flanked by low-key security guards. Tomlinson, who had been carrying a sign and handing out fliers from her Badass Teachers Association, asked Christie why he’d called New Jersey schools “failure factories.” Christie rounded on her, blurting out that he was sick of “you people.”

And check out the smug grin on his wife’s face. Of that, Weigel writes:

Mary Pat Christie smiled through the entire talk-off. Why? Because a local NBC News camera was facing her, capturing the scene. Two days later, I don’t see any trace of the video online. Is that a statement on how ordinary the confrontation was? Possibly.

Honestly, “you people”? Really? Let’s remember, this isn’t the first time Christie has blown his stack when confronted by citizens who oppose his anti-teacher agenda.

I don’t get these people who keep telling me that Christie is “really” a Democrat. No, he’s not. He’s another anti-choice, anti-union, privatize-everything asshole. And he’s a bully and a blowhard.

We’ve talked a lot about how right-wingers like a “tough guy.” I’ve mentioned before my Wingnut Friend™ who bemoaned before the 2008 presidential primaries that he “just wanted someone who can kick some ass!” That’s of course all they want: someone filled with a lot of hot air and bluster, who can give voice to their inchoate rage and dissatisfaction. Christie fits that bill nicely, which is why the murmurs of disappointment over Christie’s dropping his anti-gay lawsuit and making nice time with President Obama after Hurricane Sandy won’t amount to squat. As long as someone reflects the right’s anger, it doesn’t matter.

But for God’s sake, liberals. Stop giving Christie a pass. Christie, as Salon has pointed out, is playing on the oligarch’s team. It amazes me how readily people will label someone a “populist” just because they talk like one.

I don’t see anything “populist” in wagging your finger in a public school teacher’s face and yelling, “I’m sick of you people.”


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Chris Christie Is Severely Conservative

Please stop telling me that Chris Christie isn’t sufficiently conservative because CPAC did not invite him to their little crapfest this year. I ain’t buying it.

This whole phony-baloney CPAC “snub” storyline is such an obvious piece of marketing bullshit. I know my readers are too smart to fall for it, but it amazes me that the political media has. Seriously, guys, how many times are you going to get played? Or maybe you just don’t care. Yeah, that has to be it. It’s all Kabuki, the media is dutifully playing their part, and we rubes in the sticks are supposed to eat it all up. Thanks for watching the previews, now get ready for the big show somewhere around 2015!

Americans have been played so many times by the endless deluge of political theater, I just don’t think it’s going to work. At least, it’s not going to work on me.

Look, the big problem every pundit and Republican “strategist” identified as sinking the Mitt Romney campaign was its failure to “define” their candidate early in the game. The big thing that sunk Romney, according to the experts, was that Obama “defined” Romney as an out-of-touch, super-wealthy, flip-flopping elitist. Hey, if the shoe fits, amiright?

So it’s just so obvious to me that the Republican establishment has identified Christie as their guy for 2016 and they’ve started “defining” him as the anti-Teanut, non-crazy Republican.

Look, Republicans figured out that the extremists that make up their base have hurt the party, so they’re tossing those folks under the bus, tricorn hat and all. Instead they’re going to offer up their straight-talking, outspoken, Real American, blue collar dude who will “reach across the aisle.” As proof that he’s not one of the foamy mouthed Neanderthals, look at how he’s been “snubbed” by CPAC! See!

Pfft. Except he wasn’t too liberal for CPAC last year, when he took to the podium and bragged to those same foamy-mouthed Neanderthals about what a dick he could be to Democrats, and how Obama is a scary big-government guy who is going to ruin the country for future generations. I found a copy of Christie’s 2012 CPAC speech on YouTube, it’s a bad video and you might want to just listen to the audio or else take some Dramamine capsules before you watch it:

Listen to him gloat about how he went in and made budget cuts by executive order, instead of negotiating with the Democratic legislature on a budget, because fuck yeah, that’s how Chris Christie rolls. That moment of non-compromise elicited vigorous cheers from the audience, because there’s nothing wingers don’t love like a fellow conservative bully. (And really, haven’t we already had one Little Napoleon in the White House in recent memory? Do we really need another?)

Christie is another union-hating, cheap labor, tax-cutting, de-regulating, pro-life, ex-Wall Street lobbyist, Reagan-worshipping Republican. Make no mistake, these people are all the same. Like our Bill Haslam, they may look reasonable, but they always revert to type. They’ll let the mouth-breathers and Bible-bangers have their way, if it suits their interests.

That’s why Christie vetoed New Jersey’s same-sex marriage bill last year. Noted Steven Goldstein, head of Garden State Equality:

“He won’t veto the bill because he’s anti-gay,” Goldstein said in a statement issued before the veto was issued Friday. “He’ll veto the bill because the 2016 South Carolina presidential primary electorate is anti-gay.”

Truer words were never spoken. But a funny thing happened between last February and this February: the American people overwhelmingly rejected the “legitimate rape” wing of the Republican Party and their “binders full of women.” The War On Women became a real thing, and nobody cares if a couple of gay guys get married anymore. So this CPAC “diss” is a carefully planned brand roll-out.

Remember when John McCain was all “mavericky”? And then quickly disintegrated into a flip-flopping Pander Bear? This is like that, but I don’t think Christie will pander. He’s too smart for that, plus he can bully his way into the Republican nomination, because did I mention how much Republicans love their pet bullies? I really don’t think he’ll have any problems with the Tea Party crowd, those guys are so over, and Christie will have all the Wall Street and Koch money he needs to buy the nomination.

This guy isn’t the people’s choice, he’s the establishment choice, the Wall Street choice, the choice of the plutocrats. And liberals better start mining the memory hole now before the thing is scrubbed clean.

Also, y’all have no idea how much it pisses me off that I had to add a “2016 Presidential Election” category with this post. Cripes, America. Get a new hobby.


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Kill Me Now

Todd Zwillich of Public Radio International covering Gov. Chris Christie’s announcement that he is not running for president, just now on Twitter:

There simply are no words.


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Hubris Trips Up Another Rising GOP Star

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is taking plenty of heat for the callous comments he made in a failed attempt to defend his Florida vacation in the middle of a blizzard — while his Lieutenant Governor was also out of state on a cruise.

One of the worst statements was this one:

“I would have been doing the same thing here as I would have been there,” Christie said. “I would have been in a room someplace. I would not have been out, like, driving a plow.”

It’s hard to imagine an elected official being more tone-deaf than this. Hell, even President Bush’s people reminded him to “roll up the shirt sleeves” for his Hurricane Katrina photo ops. Christie isn’t even pretending to try here.

Let me respond, on behalf of the people of New Jersey (a state I lived in for eight years):

No asshole, you would not have been doing the same thing at home that you were doing in Florida. If you were in New Jersey you would have been experiencing the snow, cold, winds, and sucky roads as everyone else. You’d be worrying about your neighbors and family members who had to abandon their cars in the mess. You’d be wondering how you’re going to get to work or to the grocery store or to the hospital to have your baby, what with the closed roads and abandoned vehicles. In short, you would have experienced what the people you are supposed to be serving had experienced.

But you didn’t. Because you were enjoying Florida’s 80 degree sunshine with your wife and kids. So the point is not whether you were reachable by phone; the point is that what the people of your state experienced last week will always be academic to you because you weren’t there. For the rest of your life, whenever people say: “Where were you in the great blizzard of 2010,” your answer will always be: I wasn’t there. I was in balmy, 80 degree sunshine.

And another Republican rising star goes down in a fiery wreck thanks to his colossal hubris. What the fuck is wrong with you people? I’m not going to say all conservatives lack empathy for their fellow citizens, I’m sure we all know plenty of caring people on the other side of the political aisle. But there’s something about the public statements of the current crop of conservative leaders that leans toward the sociopathic.

I used to think these folks were just reciting tired conservative talking points — I mean, no one could seriously believe that in the middle of the worst recession in 80 years that the nation’s high unemployment rate is due to people not wanting to work, right? Yet time and again we hear GOPers like Rick Scott claim the unemployed are simply “lazy” and don’t want to work. Well excuse me, asshole: we didn’t all get a $10 million golden parachute when forced to resign from our last company.

These are intelligent people, and it’s hard to believe they aren’t just playing political games and repeating conservative fairy tales for their low-information constituency. But then along comes a Chris Christie who goes off and abandons the people of his state in their time of need by saying his kid’s Christmas present was more important. Those actions speak a million times louder than words.

My mother, God rest her soul, always told me to “watch a man’s actions, don’t listen to his words.” She was talking about dating and finding a mate, but it’s perfectly good advice when looking for a governor, too. Sadly, New Jersey has a guy who will abandon them for the Florida sunshine in their time of need because he puts himself first. So much for the idea of a public servant.


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