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>Calling Bullshit

>Today I caught several morning news stenographers anchors breathlessly reporting the latest political “controversy,” which is President Obama’s statement about that mosque thingie in downtown Manhattan. I’ve already written about the mosque here, written about how there’s already a mosque near Ground Zero, it’s been there since before 9/11, blah blah. I’ve since learned there are also a bunch of synagogues and a bunch of churches in that area, plus porn shops and lord knows what else on this so-called “hallowed ground.” The entire thing is so blatantly manufactured in the Frank Luntz Little Shoppe Of Bullshit that you’d have to be truly braindead or a member of the American media to take any of it seriously.

Anyway, the GOP wants to make this an election issue, which is how you know it’s utter bullshit because everyone knows the only election issue worth paying attention to right now is the economy and jobs, jobs, jobs. But of course the GOP says “jump” and the media asks “how high?”

Seriously, I can’t take another election season dominated by silly, emotional, unimportant issues. The media needs to wake the fuck up and stop hurting America. No one gives a crap about a mosque in New York City. How do I know this? I know this because the GOP is trying to make it an election issue. If people really cared, they wouldn’t be flogging this dead horse all the way to the November finish line.

And why do they do this? Because they have absolutely no fucking clue what to do about jobs, the tanking economy, and the rest of the huge mess they left the nation in. If they had a fucking clue they wouldn’t be trying to distract your attention with the shiny-sparkly mosque thingie over there. They’d be presenting their bold plan to kickstart our economy and create jobs. Unfortunately, their sad little plan is more tax cuts for the wealthy and deregulation, plus another war in the Middle East for good measure — the same crap that got us into this mess.

So: different year, same old crap. But dear American media, just because the GOP is having one of its periodic hissy fits, that doesn’t mean you guys need to play along. Seriously, there’s something about having a Democrat in the White House that sets our media off. They’ve got “Democratic President Derangement Syndrome.” Suddenly perfectly ordinary things that presidents do and say — like, oh, I dunno, maybe defending the First Amendment and defending the rights of private property owners — are deemed very odd and “controversial.”

It’s very puzzling.

Pullitzer to the reporter with the cojones to point out that the GOP wouldn’t be making an election issue out of a stupid issue like this if they weren’t so desperately bereft of any real ideas on how to solve America’s problems.


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>Immigrant-Bashing Republicans

How embarrassing. According to this post over at Pith In The Wind, the Davidson County Republican Party has a bigot problem:

Jon Crisp, “chairman emeritus” of the Davidson County Republican Party, seems to be working from an aged playbook. In a recent mass email, he warned that Nashville is nefariously close to becoming a “Sanctuary City for illegal immigrants… such as San Francisco.” This, apparently, is bad. Very bad. Writes our crusader:

“Sadly in general, today’s immigrants are not the same as those of our past and seem to want to reap America’s bounty while not committing to our culture. Will we become a patchwork quilt of third world nations that have set up shop in Nashville?”

Wow. And then they turn around and complain about “anchor babies.” I guess by “committing to our culture” Crisp means, completely abandoning their own culture and assimilating into American life by eating native dishes like pizza and sushi and taking part in American traditions like St. Patrick’s Day and decorating Christmas trees.

And what’s this reference to San Francisco? Everyone knows that San Francisco is a sanctuary city for teh gai, not immigrants. Are we overrun with gay immigrants here in Nashville? Or is Crisp making a statement about the Chinese? Is he saying Nashville will have a Latinotown like San Francisco’s Chinatown? That would be way cool. We need a tourist attraction here, it just hasn’t been the same since Opryland theme park closed.

Don’t be scared, Mr. Crisp. Every immigrant group has brought something new to our culture, not taken anything away. If it weren’t for our immigrants from south of the border, I wouldn’t have burrito-and-margarita night every Friday.

Republicans need to quit being scared of everything all the time. It makes them look, and act, silly.

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